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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-10-09 21:59:00

We are back with another look at the spear heard around the Smackdown building.  

Paige is in the back and she mentions the need for medical attention for Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.  Becky and Charlotte will meet again at Evolution.  The match will take place in a Last Woman Standing Match.

Miz is in the ring for MizTV and he welcomes everyone.

Miz says that Paige warned him that he must be professional because of his two guests tonight.  In four weeks, at Crown Jewel, his two guests will be competing for the WWE Championship.  Miz brings out AJ Styles first.  

Miz asks AJ about his family.  Miz says he has a kid as well and Miz says that his heart went out to AJ after what Joe put him through.  Now AJ is defending his title against a different opponent.  An opponent who will not play psychological games, won't attack you from behind, and if he came to your house, he would tend your garden.  You are getting a by the book Boy Scout . . . Daniel Bryan.

They shake hands and Miz says that respect is the last thing people want to see for the biggest prize in Sports Entertainment.

Daniel asks Miz if he wants to talk about their match from Saturday.  Daniel says it won't take very long. 

Miz says he will remain professional.  Miz asks AJ about how Daniel ranks among his challengers over the last 11 months.  AJ says that Joe has been his greatest competitor.  He made it personal.  AJ says this match will be between the ropes in the House that AJ Styles Built.  Miz says that AJ says that he is better than everyone including Daniel Bryan.

Daniel is asked to respond and says that AJ did not say it.  Daniel says he is glad that AJ thinks he is better.  Daniel says he wants to beat a worthy opponent and nobody in the WWE has proven more worthy because he has defended the most coveted title in the WWE for more than 300 days.  Daniel says that AJ has earned the right to think he is better than Daniel.  Daniel says he has a lot to prove and he is glad that AJ thinks he can beat him.  Daniel says he knows he can beat AJ Styles.  

Miz says that Daniel says he knows he can beat AJ.

AJ says he means no disrespect but AJ says Daniel has not faced anyone who is phenomenal.  

Daniel says he likes that they are having fun at the expense of the two minute man, but the truth is that this WWE Championship match is the kind of thing why he fought so hard to come back.  Daniel talked about fighting for his dreams, but he never talked about his dream.  His dream was not to have psychological warfare, reform Team Hell No, or fight this jerk.  The dream he was fighting for was . . . The WWE Championship.

The only thing standing in the way between him and his dream is AJ Styles.

AJ gets up and stands face to face with Daniel while Miz sits back in his seat.  AJ says he is not moving.  Not for Daniel and not for anybody.

Miz says it took them long enough to do something interesting.

AJ has a question for Daniel, how good does it feel to punch Miz in the face.

Daniel says it feels great.  AJ says he knocked Miz' tooth out.

Miz says that it is obvious that they would be too bored with each other to talk about Miz.  Miz says that Daniel beat him with a fluke small package.  He went to Paige for a rematch but she said no.  Miz says he beat Daniel week after week and then you win with that rollup.  Miz says that he knocked Bryan out when he won.  Miz says that AJ is just like Daniel but with a southern accent.  He says the WWE Championship is less relevant than ever.  Look in the mirror to see why the WWE Championship is not the main event.  Regardless of who wins at Crown Jewel, he's got next.

Miz says you are not facing him tonight.  You are facing the man who beat Daniel Bryan last week.  Good luck champ.

Match Number Three:  Shelton Benjamin versus AJ Styles in a Non Title Match

AJ with a waist lock as the match is joined in progress.  Shelton blocks an arm drag and then sends AJ to the mat.  Shelton with a splash into the corner and he gets a near fall.  Shelton with a reverse chin lock.  Styles with a jaw breaker but Benjamin with a back body drop and Benjamin gets a near fall.  Shelton with shoulders in the corner.  AJ with forearms.  Shelton with an Irish whip but he misses a splash.  Benjamin misses a dragon whip but AJ connects with a Pele Kick.  Styles sets for the Styles Clash but Shelton blocks it and gets AJ on his shoulders and goes for a suplex but AJ lands on his feet.

AJ goes to the apron and he sets for a springboard move and Benjamin with a knee to knock AJ to the floor.  Benjamin sends AJ into the ringside barrier and matrix board.  Shelton Irish whips AJ into the ringside barrier and returns to the ring to stop the referee's count.  They return to the ring and Benjamin gets a near fall.  Benjamin with a reverse chin lock and body scissors.  AJ with elbows but Shelton sends AJ to the mat.

Shelton puts AJ on the turnbuckles and sets for a superplex but AJ ducks under and hits an Electric Chair Drop and both men are down.  AJ with clotheslines and strikes before hitting a third clothesline.  Styles with a sliding forearm.  Styles with a flying clothesline into the corner.  Benjamin goes for a suplex but Styles lands on his feet.  Styles with a Calf Crusher but Benjamin gets to the ropes.  Benjamin with knees to the midsection but AJ kicks Benjamin in the leg.  Benjamin sends AJ to the apron and AJ with a forearm.  Styles with a Phenomenal Forearm for the three count.

Winner:  AJ Styles

We have a video package for Big Show.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Aiden English is in the ring for the rest of the video he showed us last week.  Aiden says he gave us a glimpse of One Night in Milwaukee and he got six figure offers to sell it.  Aiden has the Director's Cut of One Night in MIlwaukee.

We see Lana enter Aiden's hotel room.  She says that she wants to tell him something that she has been thinking about for a long time.  She says she needs to say it out loud.  She wants Aiden to know . . . how much he means to Rusev.  They think Aiden is so awesome and they appreciate Aiden for everything that he has done for his career.  

Aiden says that means a lot to him.  Aiden says they both mean the world to him.  Aiden grabs Lana's arm and the video stops.

Aiden says he has a proposition for Rusev.  

Aiden says he does not want to show the rest of the video but we know what happens next.  Aiden says he will destroy the video if Rusev kicks Lana to the curb and reunite Rusev Day.

Lana comes out to stand by Rusev's side as Rusev thinks about the offer.  

Aiden tells Lana that Rusev has already made his choice. 

Rusev tells Aiden that this is something real serious.  Why not play the full tape?

Aiden tells Rusev this is a family show and no man should ever have to see that.

Lana says if he won't she will.

Aiden asks Lana how will she do it.

Rusev says that Aiden was hacked.

Lana says that when your password is IHeartRusev anyone could have done it.

The video continues and Lana tells Aiden that he misunderstood what she was saying.  Lana says she has to go and she leaves the room.  Aiden turns off the video.

Aiden says the offer is still on the table.  When you get tired of those boring Rusev Days, you can come to him for an Aiden Night.

Rusev comes to the ring and he keeps Aiden from going into the crowd.  Rusev tries for a Machka Kick but Aiden avoids it and goes up the ramp.

Tom mentions that Rey Mysterio will be back next week on Smackdown.

We have a video package.

We are told that Rey Mysterio will face Shinsuke Nakamura in a World Cup Qualifying Match.

Big Show walks in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Big Show versus Randy Orton in a Crown Jewel World Cup Qualifying Match

Show backs Orton into the corner but misses with a forearm.  Show sends Orton to the floor.  Orton returns to the ring but Show sees him slither in and he goes back to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Show has Orton by the throat but Orton escapes and hits a DDT.  Orton gets a near fall.  Orton with the Garvin Stomp to Show and then he applies a reverse chin lock.  Show with a belly-to-back suplex to escape.  Show with a clothesline followed by a second one and a hip strike into the corner.  Show with a shoulder tackle.  Orton goes to the floor and Show follows.  Show grabs Orton and sends him back into the ring.

Orton with a drop kick as Show tries to get back into the ring and Orton hits an IEDDT for a near fall.  Orton sets for the running kick but Show with a spear and he gets a near fall.  Show sets for the knockout punch but Orton goes to the floor.  Show tries to bring Orton back into the ring and he pulls Orton to the apron and back into the ring.  Show goes for a choke slam and hits it for a near fall.  

Show winds up for the punch but Orton goes to the floor again.  The referee warns Show but Show grabs Orton again.  Orton with a thumb to the eye and then he hits an RKO for the three count.

Winner:  Randy Orton

We go to credits.

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