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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-10-08 23:03:00

We are back and Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring.

Trish says in just three weeks, we will be making history in the first all women's pay per view, Evolution.  Trish wants to talk about her opponent on that night, Alexa Bliss.  Last week's Moment of Bliss sounded like a Moment of BS.  Trish says she has a Moment of Stratusfaction.

Before she can speak, Alexa Bliss makes her way to the stage and she is joined by Mickie James.

Alexa says Moment of Stratusfaction is original.  She says that only the dullards want to hear Trish.

Trish says that Alexa came up a little short in the math department and that isn't the only place she comes up short.

Alexa says she has never heard a short joke before.  You are a legend and she gets it.  Alexa says she wants to put the insults aside because she has goosebumps being out here with Trish.  Alexa says that Trish is a seven time champion and a Hall of Famer.  Alexa says she has cheered Trish's victories and she can finally say to Trish . . . YOU SUCKED.  You should be lucky that Alexa was not around when Trish was in the ring because she would not have been a seven time champion.  She would have been an afterthought living in her shadow.

Trish says there is a ring right here so why not do it in Chicago.  

Alexa walks to the ring and Mickie gets between them.  Mickie tells Alexa they are not doing this now.  The people don't deserve this.  Mickie tells Trish that we know nothing good happens in Chicago.

Trish tells Mickie to protect her bestie and she can also tell Alexa what it is like to be in the ring with a seven time champion.  You will both feel what a Hall of Fame beat down feels like.  

Mickie says she would love to know what that feels like.  Mickie says maybe they should team up.  

Trish thinks about a tag match.  She says that is a heck of an idea.  Maybe she can think of a partner.  Trish says it is a hard decision to make so why not this person . . . 

Lita makes her way to the ring.

Mickie and Alexa attack Lita and Trish but Alexa leaves the ring while Mickie punches Trish.  Lita stops Mickie and Trish hits a round kick.  Lita goes up top for a moonsault but Mickie is pulled to safety.

We go to the back halls and it is time for an Old School Shield Promo.  Seth says you tried to break us.  Dean says you cannot break us.  Roman says they are not an alliance, they are a brotherhood.  Dean says you think you are vicious and have done some ruthless things.  You are not the bad guys.  Seth says they are the bad guys.  Roman says it does not matter where they are, the score remains the same.  Seth says they don't bend, break, or stop.  They are the one true constant.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Konnor asks if it was glorious when he beat both of you in this ring?  Tonight, he is not going to just beat you both again, we are going to beat both of you and end your charade and send you to the Wasteland for good.

Match Number Six:  Bobby Roode and Chad Gable versus Konnor and Viktor

Roode and Konnor start things off.  They lock up and Konnor sends Roode into the corner.  They lock up and Roode with a side head lock.  Gable makes the tag but Konnor with a shoulder tackle.  Gable with a missile drop kick for a near fall and he is sent to the floor on the kick out.  Gable punches Konnor on the floor but runs into a running Canadian Lifter from Viktor.  Viktor with more Canadian Lifters in the corner.  Viktor with more kicks and he gets a near fall.  Konnor tags in and he connects with a forearm.  Viktor tags in and hits a suplex for a near fall.  Viktor with a top wrist lock.

Viktor pulls Gable to the mat by the hair and gets a near fall.  Viktor with an arm drag and fist drop for a near fall.  Viktor with a top wrist lock.  Gable goes to the apron and he connects with a forearm and slides through Viktor's legs to try to make the tag but Viktor stops him.  Roode is tagged in and he connects with clotheslines and he knocks Konnor off the apron.  Roode with a reverse atomic drop and chops followed by a boot and Blockbuster.  Konnor is sent to the floor when Gable pulls down the ropes.  Roode with boots to Viktor and Gable tags in and hits Chaos Theory for the three count.

Winners:  Chad Gable and Bobby Roode

After the match, The Authors of Pain make their way to the ring and they attack Konnor of the floor.  Akam and Rezar work over Gable and Roode.  They hit a neck breaker and power bomb combination on Roode.  They work over Viktor and Gable and set for Super Collider.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that Ronda Rousey will be defending the Raw Women's Championship against Nikki Bella at Evolution.

We have a video package for Degeneration X

Paul Heyman makes his way to the stage and he introduces himself.  Paul says he is here with the same reason you are.  He is here to see a fight.  He is here to see legalized thuggery when the Shield faces Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, and Dolph Ziggler.  Paul says it is ironic that 72 hours ago, Braun and Roman beat the holy high crap out of each other in Australia.  Then they had to take a 20 hour flight to appear here to beat the high holy hell out of each all over again.

That is what we do in the WWE, seven days a week and twice on Sunday.  They travel all over the world to put smiles on the faces of the WWE Universe.  Paul says that his client is in Suplex City, sleeping in his bed, not even watching this promo.  He will wake up in his own home and walk one mile to his Death Clutch Gymn to become the first two sport concurrent champion in UFC and WWE.

Brock Lesnar enters Crown Jewel as the only person with the goal of being the Universal Champion by himself.  Roman is part of the Shield while Braun is part of a team that is letting him down.  Brock has not once said the word 'we'.   Brock stands before you and he says 'me'.  Which is why on November 2nd, he can tell you the end result.  Your winner and REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED UNIVERSAL CHAMPION . . . BROCK LESNAR.

The Shield make their way to the ring through the crowd.

Match Number Seven:  Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose versus Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Braun Strowman

Rollins and McIntyre start things off.  They lock up and Rollins with a side head lock and Drew with a short arm clothesline.  Drew slaps Seth in the face.  Drew goes for a slam but Rollins lands on his feet and he kicks Drew.  Dean tags in and they hit a double suplex for a near fall.  Dean with crossfaces to Drew but Drew with a kick.  Strowman tags in and hits a running shoulder tackle.  Braun with an Irish whip and he misses a splash into the corner.  Roman tags in and they lock up.  Braun sends Roman to the mat and then hits a splash into the corner.  Roman with an uppercut and Roman tries to get Strowman on his shoulders but he cannot get Braun up.

Braun with a shoulder tackle and then he punches Roman in the back.  Ziggler tags in and punches Roman in the lower back.  Drew tags i and they go for a double suplex but Seth and Dean make the save and they clothesline Drew and Dolph over the top rope to the floor.  Braun goes over to argue with Dolph and Drew.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Strowman with a splash to Roman in the corner.  Ziggler tags in and we see footage of Roman being choke slammed on the apron when Braun blocked a Drive By.  Ziggler with a punch to the head.  Roman with an uppercut to Dolph.  Braun goes for a shoulder into the turnbuckles but Roman moves and Braun hits the ring post shoulder first.  Roman gets Braun up for a Samoan drop.

Ziggler and Rollins tag in and Rollins with Slingblade and then he hits a suicide dive on Drew.  Rollins with a punch and springboard forearm for a near fall.  Rollins sets for a super kick but he misses Black OUt.  Rollins blocks a Fameasser and tries for a buckle bomb but Ziggler counters into a sunset flip.  Rollins with a one arm buckle bomb.  Dean tackles Drew and sends him to the floor.  Braun grabs Dean and Seth and Roman with a Superman punch.  Dean with a drop kick and Rollins with a kick to send Braun to the floor.  Dean and Seth with a suicide dive to Drew and Dolph.  Braun grabs Dean and Seth but Roman with a plancha onto everyone.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Strowman and Rollins are the legal men in the match.  Strowman with a punch to Rollins and then he works on the neck.  Strowman sends Rollins into the corner and he punches Seth.  Drew tags in and he hits a short arm clothesline and gets a near fall.  Rollins with punches but Drew stops Seth from making the tag.  Drew with a kick for a near fall.  Dolph tags in and he taunts Seth.  Dolph with a kick.  Ziggler goes for a drop kick but Rollins catches him and catapults Ziggler into the turnbuckles.  Drew tags in and goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Rollins lands on his feet.  Drew with a chop but Rollins with an enzuigiri.

Braun knocks Roman and Dean off the apron to prevent a tag and then he sends Dean into the ringside barrier.  He sends Roman into the ring steps.  Braun pulls Seth into the corner and he yells at Ziggler.  Ziggler yells at Strowman and Strowman grabs Ziggler.  Drew stops Braun and has something to say to Braun.  Rollins pushes Drew into Braun and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Rollins tries to crawl across the ring to make the tag.  Dean tags in and he hits a suicide dive onto Braun and Drew.  Dean punches and kicks Drew.  Dean with a clothesline out of the corner.

Drew catches Dean on a cross body attempt.  Dean gets to his feet and he gets a near fall with a rollup.  Dean with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall.  Dean puts Drew on the turnbuckles and then goes for a superplex.  Drew blocks it and head butts Dean to the mat.  Dean kicks Drew off the turnbuckles and goes for the double underhook DDT.  Drew with a spinebuster and jackknife cover but Roman makes the save.

Dolph with a super kick to Roman.  Ziggler with an elbow to Rollins.  Rollins suplexes himself and Ziggler over the top rope to the floor.  Dean and Drew with punches and then they both go for clotheslines at the same time and both men are down.  Braun stops Roman from hitting a Superman punch on the floor and Roman is sent into the ring post.  Braun catches Dean on a suicide dive but Dean counters with a DDT on the floor.

Roman spears Braun on the floor.  Rollins clotheslines himself and Dolph over the top rope to the floor.  Drew with a Claymore for the three count.

Winners:  Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre

After the match, Dean leaves the ring while Seth and Roman are still in there.

We go to credits.


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