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By Mike Johnson on 2018-09-28 21:04:00

ROH TV Champion Punishment Martinez vs. Chris Sabin.

Sabin was billed as the Warrior Poet and ring announcer Bobby Cruise introduced him with all sorts of ridiculous superlatives.  

Sabin caught Martinez with a victory roll at the bell and almost scored the pin right out the gate.  Sabin sent to the floor.  Sabin went for a dive but Martinez ducked.  Sabin faked him out and nailed a dropkick.  Sabin hit a dive off the buckles into a bodypress to the floor.    Sabin went for a tope but was caught and chokeslammed on the apron.

Sabin was whipped hard into the ringpost.  They battled back to the ring where Sabin took the fight to Martinez.  Martinez fired back.  Martinez was sent to the floor, where Sabin hit a flying bodypress off the top.  Sabin went for Futureshock off his shoulders but Martinez escaped.  Paul Turner ended up in between them and Martinez kicked Sabin, who knocked Turner down.

Martinez naiked a big kick and went to the floor, where he grabbed a chair.  Martinez went to use it but was drilled by Sabin, who then hit a tornado DDT onto the chair for a close near fall.  The referee took the chair away, distracting Sabin, who was scooped up into the Psycho Driver and chokeslammed for the pin.

Your winner and still ROH TV Champion, Punishment Martinez!

Martinez was going to hit a curb stomp into a chair on Sabin when Jeff Cobb came out and confronted him.    They faced off.  The crowd was into this, chanting for Cobb.  Martinez acted like he was walking out but grabbed the chair and drill Cobb.  It didn't phase him.  Martinez went for a kick but Cobb caught him and gave him The Tour of the Islands.  Cobb stood over the laid out Martinez and held up the TV title.  You can pretty much expect them to face off at the TV taping tomorrow.

Bully Ray & Silas Young vs. Colt Cabana & Flip Gordon in a Tables Match

The story is that both men on a team must be put through a table, which was actually the original rules from back when ECW created the match in February 1995.  Man, I feel old.   They said when someone is put through a table, they are eliminated, so this could end up being a handicap match at some point.

Flip Gordon hit the ring during the annoucements and took it to Bully Ray.  Cabana took Young out.  They double teamed Ray.  Everyone battled on the floor.  Young sent Gordon into the barricade.  Buly and Young set up for the Wazzup headbutt on Cabana, who reversed it.  Gordon kicked Young off the top and hit a springboard headbutt on Ray.

Gordon and Cabana went and grabbed a table but were unable to put anyone through it.  Cabana missed a pescado to the floor.  Ray drilled him across the back with a chair, then began screaming at announcer Ian Riccaboni.  Riccaboni left the announcing position to check on Cabana.  When Ray saw this, he teased hitting Riccaboni with a chair but was nailed by Gordon with a dive to the floor.  Riccaboni grabbed the chair and presented it to Cabana, who nailed Ray several times.

Cabana teased putting Bully through a table but was backdropped over.    Bully shoved Ian down, then powerbombed Cabana through a table on the floor.  Cabana was eliminated from the bout.  Ray began verbally accosting Riccaboni, mocking him.  

Ray and Silas worked over Gordon with each holding him as they chopped him.  Gordon finally ducked as Young charged, leading to him nailing Ray.  Young was whipped into the table but Ray shoulderblocked him to prevent it.  They began arguing over striking each other.  Ray drilled him and they began fighting back and forth amongst themselves.   They finally calmed down and agreed to take out Gordon.  They whipped him towards a table in the corner but he flipped off of it and sidestepped Bully, who charged him, with Ray running through the table.  Ray was eliminated.

Gordon and Young continued battling back and forth. Young nailed a crazy slingboard clothesline, flipping Gordon upside down as he crashed to the floor.   Young set up a table in the ring.  He attempted to hit Misery to put Gordon through it but Gordon avoided and hit a springboard into a spear.  Gordon placed him on the top and ascended to the top rope.  Gordon nailed a 450 splash through the table and scored the win, but the referee missed it as he had been bumped.

Ray helped Young up and nailed Gordon, placing him in the remnants of the table.  When Todd Sinclair recovered, he declared Ray and Young the winners.

Ray began beating Gordon with a chain after the match.  He then smashed him with a big piece of broken table.

Backstage, Tenille Dashwood was being checked on by ROH officials, including BJ Whitmer, with the idea that someone attacked her and went after her bad shoulder.  The announcers wondered what had happened and why someone would have attacked Dashwood, especially after her match had already taken place.  I bet Nikki Cross saw who did it.

CHAOS - Kazuchika Okada & Trent Baretta & Tomohiro Ishii & Rocky Romero & Chucky T vs. BULLET CLUB - ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks & Cody & Marty Scurll and Adam "Hangman" Page.

Nick Aldis joined the announcers.  The crowd was clearly more into this than anything else thus far on the show.

Hangman and Ishii started out.  Ishii threw some big suplexes.  Okada tagged in and faced off with Hangman, but Marty tagged in.  They faced off but Okada faked him out tagged out to Rocky Romero.  They did a sequence where CHAOS all screwed with Mart so he finally tagged out to Nick Jackson.    All sorts of shenanigans going on here.  The Best Friends and Roppongi Vice all hugged.

It descended into Okada and Cody facing off.  They turned into a series of big spots and big offensive maneuevers in rapid fire succession.  It led to everyone battling in the aisle.  Chuckie T hit a running flip dive off the stage, taking everyone down.  They all battled back to ringside, where Ishii, of all people, hit a dive off the top down onto everyone.

Brandi got involved, allowing Cody to kick Beretta low while the referee was distracted.  This allowed the Bucks to start whipping out all of their big double team maneuvers.   Scurll nailed a superplex on Beretta for a two count.   Romero began hitting ranas on all the members of Bullet Club.   He then began whipping out clotheslines on all of the above.  The crowd loved all this.  Big Rocky chant.

They all went into superspeed mode with tons of big maneuvers back and forth on each other.  The Bucks went for the Meltzer Driver but were attacked.  Chucky T and Okada nailed a spike piledriver on Matt Jackson.  Rhodes nailed CrossRhodes on Okada.   Cody pulled him up for another but was nailed with a Rainmaker on Okada.

Cody was tossed into the barricade by Ishii.  Romero and Scurll battled.  All the madness continues until Scurll forced Romero to tap to Bullet Club.

Your winners, Bullet Club!

A frenzied, crazy match with too much going on for any human brain to comprehend in one sitting, but live, the audiece loved all of this.  Everyone was busting their butts here.

Cody cut a promo after with the announcers accepting the two out of three falls match against Nick Aldis at the NWA 70th event.

ROH Champion Jay Lethal vs. Will Ospreay.

Some nice back and forth wrestling early on.  Ospreay got annoyed and finally drilled Lethal.  Lethal was shocked and avoided several moves before nailing several chops.  Ospreay battled back with chops of his own and they finally faced off.

Ospreay nailed several shots in the corner and measured and drilled Lethal with chops.  Ospreay went to come off the ropes but Lethal nailed another chop, sending him over the top to the floor.  Lethal nailed a series of tope suicidas. Lethal sent Ospreay over the railing with the final one.  He brought Ospreay back into the ring and snapped him with an over the knee backbreaker.

Lethal locked on a chinlock while driving a knee into Ospreay's lower back.  They went back and forth until Lethal a cartwheel into a dropkick.  Back and forth chants for each man.  Ospreay mounted a comeback, including a great dropkick in the corner.  Lethal fired back with chops and Ospreay began daring Lethal to keep bringing it, putting his hands behind his back and letting Lethal chop him.   He attacked Lethal, blasting him when Lethal was preparing another chop.  He sent Lethal flying to the floor, then blasted him again with a dive, sending the champion crashing back into the barricade.

Ospreay beat on Lethal, who fired back with more chops.   Ospreay pulled a ladder out from under the ring but Lethal prefvened him from using it.  Ospreay drilled Lethal and nailed a springboard elbow for a two count.    They battled back and forth with some hard strikes and chops.  Lethal rebounded off the ropes and charged but Ospreay leapt up and nailed a rana over the tpop the the floor.  Ospreay went for a Space Flying Tiger Drop but Lethal avoided it.  They battled near the announcing table and Bobby Cruise ended up laid out.  Ospreay teased using the belt as a weapon but dropped it.  Lethal and Ospreay brawled around ringside.  Ospreay charged but was sent into the barricade.

Lethal placed a ladder against one of the barricade but Ospreay drilled him and sent the champion back into the ring.   Lethal nailed him and went to the top for a flying elbow.  Ospreay went to kick him as he came down but Lethal caught it.  Lethal went for a figure four leglock but was kicked off.  Ospreay nailed a step up enziguiri and caught Lethal with a big powerbomb for a two count.    The crowd chanted "This is awesome."

Ospreay went for a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside onto the ladder and nailed it, drilling Lethal down into the ladder.  The crowd chanted "ROH."  Lethal was almost counted out but Ospreay broke the count and brought Lethal back into the ring.  Ospreay nailed a nasty superkick to the face.  He ducked a Lethal clothesline and came off the ropes for the Ozcutter but Lethal caught him with an Ace Cutter.  Ospreay came back to rock him with yet another big superkick.

Ospreay grabbed the ROH title belt and teased using it but stopped and nailed a nasty reverse kick and an OzCutter for a close, close, close two count.   He went for an over the shoulder move but Lethal was able to pull himself onto the buckles.  Ospreay followed and they battled on the top rope.  Lethal nailed Splash Mountain offf the top and scored the pin.

Your winner and still ROH Champion, Jay Lethal!

A very, very good, hard hitting main event worthy battle.

Ospreay and Lethal shook hands after the match but red balloons rose up from under the ring.  TK O'Ryan and Vinnie Marseglia attacked both and laid them out.  Jonathan Gresham tried to make the save but was laid out as well.   Lethal began to mount a comeback but was laid out by someone, who revealed himself to be Matt Taven.  Taven then revealed he was carrying his own ROH Championship belt and declared himself the real ROH World Champion, playing off of the months-long story that there's been a conspiracy in the company to prevent him from being the champ.

That's all from ROH tonight.  They return tomorrow to Vegas with a TV taping.

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