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By Mike Johnson on 2018-09-28 21:04:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ring of Honor's 2018 Death Before Dishohonor PPV from The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman are the announcers.

Jushin Liger vs. Kenny King

Liger controlled King early on the mat, but King was able to escape and face off with him.  They locked up and Liger grabbed a side headlock.  King was sent into the ropes but nailed a shoulerblock.  Liger responded with one of his own.  King nailed one, sending him to the mat.  Liger backdropped King over the top to the floor.  Liger nailed a running flip off the apron to the floor.

Liger brought King back to the ring and attempted to suplex him out of the ring to the floor.  King prevented that and nailed several rights.  King knocked Liger off the apron and drilled him on the floor.  King brought him back into the ring, scoring several two counts.  Liger was whipped hard into the buckles for a two count.  King continued working over Liger's back, nailing several backbreakers before cinching in a lucha style submission.  Liger made it to the ropes as the fans chanted for Liger.

King turned Liger over into a Boston Crab in the center of the ring, trying to force a submission but Liger made it to the ropes.  King missed a big leaping elbow in the corner.  Liger nailed a big boot and several clotheslines before drilling him with the palm strike.  Liger nailed a rolling heel kick for a two count.

King came back with a chin kick and drilled him for a two count.  Liger lit him up with several chops.   King caught him with a swinging backbreaker for another near fall.  King went to the top but was cut off by Liger.  Liger set up and went for a superplex.  He connected it but his back was hurting from the earlier attack and Liger sold the damage.  King recovered first with Liger taking a long time to recover as the referee kept checking on him.

Liger finally got to his feet, where King offered him a handshake.  Liger accepted it and King snapped him into a spinebuster, scoring the pin.  The idea was King was battling between doing the right thing by going easy on Liger or attacking him and getting the win.

Your winner, Kenny King!

King said he wanted to thank Austin Aries because he finally gets the big picture.

ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs. The Addiction.

Lots of physical brawling throughout with the Briscoes attempting to toss chairs at the challengers.  Good intensity right out of the gate.  The crowd was really into SCU, even with Scorpio Sky knocking the crowd on the mic before the match.  Jay attempted to suplex Daniels on the floor through two chairs but he reversed.

The Addiction worked over Jay Briscoe after Daniels hit a flip over the ropes to the floor on Mark.  Jay was hit with a slingshot cutter for a two count.  Mark tossed a chair in the ring but Daniels shot Jay out through the ropes.  Kazarian was nailed with a Uranage on the floor and smacked his head hard on a chair.  He was bleeding from his head hardway.  The Briscoes worked over Daniels, scoring several two counts.

They worked over Daniels for a long time, hitting a double team neckbreaker for another two count.  You could see officially on the floor checking over Kazarian.   Daniels fought his way out of the two on one and nailed a clothesline on the Briscoes.  He went for a tag but there was no one there.  They went for the Doomsday Device but Daniels ducked.  Daniels caught Mark with a big uranage and hit the Best Moonsault Ever for a two count.  Jay Briscoe nailed the J-Driller on the floor on Daniels and tossed him back in, but Daniels kicked out at the last second.  They nailed another Jay-Driller on Daniels and scored the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes!

Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai vs. Tenille Dashwood

They started out strong, going right after each other.  Tenille, who had her shoulder taped up, ook control and attempted to hit a double underhook suplex.  Sakai blocked it and nailed a nice missile dropkick off the top.   Sakai drilled him her in the corner with kicks and forced Dashwood out of the ring.  Sakai went to the top and nailed a big bodypress to the floor.  

Back in the ring, Sakai scored a near fall before trying to lock her in an armbar on the mat.    She finally extended the arm but Dashwood rushed to get to the ropes to break the hold.  Sakai continued to control the match until Dashwood nailed several clotheslines and a neckbreaker.  Dashwood was grabbing at her shoulder, selling the damage.  They battled on the top, where Dashwood nailed a double underhook superplex.   Dashwood missed a kick but took down Sakai, locking her in an upside down surfboard.   Sakai fought back and scored a two count after a rana.

Sakai nailed a TJ neckbreaker for another two count.  She nailed a running knee for another near fall.   Sakai went back to the armbar, trying to force the submission.  Dashwood made it to the ropes to break the hold.    Dashwood drilled with a kick and nailed another double underhook suplex, this time into the buckles.  Dashwood locked on the Tarantula.  

Dashwood slid under Sakai, who was on the apron and powerbombed her off to the floor.  She tossed the Champion in but only scored a two count.   Dashwood nailed a German suplex but didn't get all of it.  She scored a two count.  They battled back and forth with strikes and forearms.   Sakai went for a rana but was caught with a powerbomb.  She still grabbed the armbar and executed it, hyperextended the arm.  Dashwood passed out from the pain and the referee stopped the match.  The crowd seemed surprised by that.

Your winner and still WOH Champion, Sumie Sakai!

Really well worked match in every regard.

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