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By Mike Johnson on 2018-09-20 10:00:00

What do you think the biggest change within WWE will be now that they have locked in all those new TV deals?

I think it's impossible to predict what the biggest will be, but I do know that one of the most recent edicts is to try and lock talents into long-term deals.  A number of names have signed five year deals of late and those with deals that are shorter are being approached to lock themselves in for additional time.   If I was WWE, I'd really take some of that money and invest in content they produce for the WWE Network and potentially, look into ways to expand the Wellness Policy to assist former talents who are having medical and mental issues.  

If you could only hire one member of the Bullet Club, past or present for your company, who would it be?

I think all those guys are great, but if I am only hiring one, today, at this point in 2018, I am going with Adam Page.  His improvement the last few years has been remarkable, his in-ring work is great and he is absolutely believeable as a gritty, throwback, tough pro wrestler.   He has tons of upward mobility in my mind.  If I can only pick one, I go with him (especially since you can't just have one Young Buck!)

Can you please explain to me how Pierre Oulette the Quebecer is now acting like the Frankenstein Monster?

It's just a new gimmick.  The idea is that 50 year old PCO is such an incredible fighter that nothing can stop him as he's basically inhuman.   His career resurgence has really been something to watch over the last year and it's been really fun.  It's nice to see a characer come to the forefront of fans' imagination as well as the types of rampaging monsters like Abdullah the Butcher, etc. have really faded away in recent years.  I get a big kick out of what he does as PCO and it's nice to see someone who was always a great performer but never found a consistent role nationally find something that clicks for him.

Is Becky Lynch a heel?

Hasn't that been obvious?  I don't see how it isn't, even if the audience wants to cheer her on.

Do you think there will be another Starrcast event?

A huge event that made tons of money and has pretty much positive reviews across the board?  Of course there will be another one.  What sort of promoter makes money and then taps out?  Just a matter of time.


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