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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-09-08 17:05:00

Today at Shine 53, in New York, Allysin Kay won the Shine Championship by defeating Mercedes Martinez in the finals of an eight woman tournament to crown a new champion after LuFisto relinquished the title.


Kay became the seventh woman to win the title and is the eighth Shine Champion.  This was Kay's fifth shot at the Shine Women's championship (Martinez was trying to win in her fourth shot at the title [thanks to Lenny Leonard on commentary for those tidbits]).


Here are the results from Shine 53:


Ivelisse defeated SHINE Nova Champion Candy Cartwright with an Exploder suplex.

Allysin Kay defeated Brandi Lauren with a discus clothesline.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Stormie Lee with a Dragon Sleeper.

Santana defeated Priscilla Kelly with an inside cradle.



Mercedes Martinez defeated Ivelisse with a rollup.

Allysin Kay defeated Santana with a leg submission



Allysin Kay defeated Mercedes Martinez with leg submission.  After the match, they shook hands and did a pinkie handshake.  Ivelisse refused a pinkie hand shake amd left the ring.


In a non-tournament match before the Finals, Holidead and Thunder Rosa defeated Keira Hogan and Dementia D'Rose to retain the titles when Thunder Rosa pinned Hogan after a double stomp to the back.


WWN announced that they will return to La Boom on December 8th.

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