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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-09-03 23:06:00

We are in Columbus, Ohio and your announcers are Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Corey Graves.

Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring and he is joined by Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Braun says he has something for all of you to see before he speaks and we see what happened last week when Braun found two new friends.

Braun says that is what he calls justice.  He says he tried to do this face to face, monster to man.  He told Roman Reigns he would look him in the eyes when he cashed in his briefcase.  All Roman had to do was accept his beating and accept his fate. 

Roman had to get his brothers to put up a shield around Roman.  Braun says that without Dean and Seth, the Universal Title would be his.  With them, it would not happen.  Braun says he does not care if you like it or not.  Roman says he has a pack of his own now and he will show you that this is his yard.

When they are locked in a place no one can get in or get out, he will dismantle you.  He will break you down and he will take what is his, the Universal Championship.

Drew says he wants everyone to take a moment and look at them.  Drew says the Shield has had their time, but now it is over.  You are looking at the new Kings of the Jungle and they are going to feast on their bloody carcasses. 

Dolph says they will be the most dominant force in WWE history.  More dominant than the Nation of Domination.  More dominant than Degeneration X.  They will be more dominant than the Shield.  They are going to leave you laying, embarrassed, and decimated.  You started this but we are going end it.

The Shield's music interrupts and they make their way through the Classic concourse entrance.

Baron Corbin sends the roster to the ring to go after The Shield and since they attack one at a time, The Shield takes care of all of them.

The Shield get on the apron and then Baron sends the rest of the roster to stop The Shield and they have the same result. 

All six men get in the ring and they pair off.

Even more people come to the ring as the brawl continues in the ring.

They are finally separated but Rollins and Reigns get free to show that even wrestlers are as ineffective as security and referees.

Braun, Dolph, and Drew are outside the ring and held but Roman, Dean, and Seth have nothing in their way. 

Dean, Seth, and Roman, after seeing a wall of wrestlers, break through and head for the endzone.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of the brawl involving the roster trying to stop Braun and his Friends from attacking The Shield.

We are in the back and the Shield are being arrested and put into a police vehicle while Baron tries to talk to them and say he will fix this.

Match Number One:  NIkki Bella and Brie Bella versus Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan (with Ruby Riott)

Nikki and Liv start things off and Liv mocks Nikki with a You Can't See Me.  Liv goes into the ropes and then she tags Sarah in.  They lock up.  Nikki with a waist lock and a double leg take down for a near fall.  Nikki with an arm wringer and arm bar.  Nikki with another arm wringer and she gets a near fall.  Nikki gets Sarah on her shoulders but Sarah gets to her feet and she pulls Nikki to the mat by the hair.  Sarah with an arm bar.

Nikki escapes the hold and misses a splash into the corner.  Nikki with an elbow and tornado divorce court for a near fall.  Brie tags in and they kick Sarah and hit a double Codebreaker for a near fall.  Brie with a wrist lock.  Sarah picks up Brie and Brie with a sunset flip but Liv is tagged in and she kicks Brie and gets a near fall.  Liv with a reverse chin lock.   Brie with forearms to Liv but Liv with a matrix and a handful of hair for a near fall.  Sarah tags in and connects with forearms.  Brie with a drop kick.  Brie sets for kicks to Sarah.

Brie drop kicks Liv and then she sets for running knees to Sarah and Liv but Ruby gets on the apron to try to distract Brie.  Brie goes for a suicide dive and Sarah with a punch.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sarah with a Cobra Clutch on Brie.  Brie with punches and an escape.  Sarah keeps Brie from making the tag and puts Brie in her corner.  Sarah screams and Brie kicks her away and hits a missile drop kick.  Liv tags in and stops Brie but Brie kicks Liv away and Nikki tags in.  NIkki with clotheslines and a drop kick followed by a facebuster.  Nikki with a running clothesline into the corner followed by a springboard round kick for a near fall.  Sarah breaks up the cover but Nikki sends Sarah to teh floor.  Nikki with a forearm to Ruby.  

Brie with a suicide dive.  Liv gets a near fall with a rollup.  Nikki with a TKO for the three count.

Winners:  Nikki Bella and Brie Bella

We are told that the Bellas will team with Ronda Rousey to face the Riott Squad in Australia.

Baron Corbin is on the phone and he is getting instructions from Stephanie. 

Finn Balor is in the office and he is smiling.  Finn says he wants a rematch tonight.

Baron asks if Finn thinks he has times to hear Finn's demands.  Baron says he makes the matches.

Finn says that Baron makes the matches but changes the rules.   Finn says that he thinks Baron is compensating for something with all of his power plays.  Finn wants to see who the better man is tonight.

Baron says that Finn talks a big game for a little guy.  Baron tells Finn he has his rematch and it will be in two hours in the main event.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bobby Roode and Chad Gable are in the back.  They are asked about their debut as a tag team. 

Chad says he keeps a close eye on everything and he has been captivated by the way Bobby Roode carries himself in the spotlight.  Chad says being in a tag team is what he does best.

Bobby appreciates the comments from a former champion and he says it is time to show them.

Konnor takes the mic and he says a flash in the pan who couldn't make it in the singles division and a sawed off duck butt.

Match Number Two:  Bobby Roode and Chad Gable versus Konnor and Viktor

Gable and Viktor start things off and Gable with two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes.  Gable with a German suplex to Konnor and then to Viktor.  Gable with a German suplex to Viktor.  Roode tags in and he sends Viktor into the turnbuckles.  Roode with a suplex for a near fall.  Konnor tags in and he kicks Roode in the corner.  Viktor tags in and they double team Roode and get a near fall.  Viktor with a reverse chin lock.  Roode with a punch but Viktor with a forearm and leaping fist drop for a near fall.

Konnor tags in and hits an elbow drop for a near fall.  Konnor with a reverse chin lock.  Konnor with a knee and forearm before tagging Viktor back in.  Viktor with kicks and he gets a near fall.  Viktor with a reverse chin lock.  Roode with punches and elbows but Viktor with a forearm and punches.  Gable makes the tag and he connects with forearms.  Gable with a cross body and then he drop kicks Konnor to the floor.  Gable with an exploder to Viktor and then Gable is sent to the apron but he hits a cannonball onto Konnor.

Gable with a missile drop kick to Viktor.  Gable with Chaos Theory to Viktor for the three count.

Winners:  Chad Gable and Bobby Roode

Elias is in the back and he is talking to someone about his album.  

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