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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-28 15:18:00

As we reported yesterday on, Jeff Jarrett and his company Global Wrestling Entertainment had sought an order from the United States District Court of Tennessee regarding the Global Force Wrestling master copies, requesting an expedited discovery regarding the masters while also requesting ruling requiring Impact Wrestling's parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment to allow them access to the masters so they can be copied as Jarrett's side has filed a copyright on each hour of the 16 hours worth of footage.

Yesterday, the court denied that order, ruling that it has not even been confirmed that Anthem has even been officially served with the lawsuit, noting that the motion wasn't even sent to Anthem's attorney, but "only a registered agent" for Anthem.  The court noted that even if they ruled in Jarrett's favor, they would "have no idea" who to send the order to, since there are not attorneys attached to the Anthem side as of 8/27.

Jarrett's 8/10 motion noted that GFE needed access to the master copies of the tapes because of a "Copyright Office imposed deadline of September 8, 2018, to submit copies of the episodes to the Copyright Office." The court ruled that Jarrett had not shown they could not receive an extension from the copyright office, therefore there was no rush on access to the tapes.

The court also ruled that the original motion featured no "memorandum of law" attached that would prove GFE and Jarrett's arguments, per local court rules.

The GFW masters were originally filmed as a potential TV series titled GFW Amped! which never found a broadcast home.  The footage was re-purposed as PPV content by Anthem during their ill-fated relationship with Jarrett, which included an announced merger between Impact and GFW that was never completed after Jarrett was released by the company in the wake of personal issues.  Despite that agreement never being seen through to completion,, Impact went forward with using the GFW content and were selling it on DVD until Jarrett's lawsuit was filed on 8/10.

Court records still do not indicate Anthem has been officially served with the lawsuit,  There has been no response from Anthem filed before the court.  Impact Wrestling officials have  also not responded to requests for comment on the situation. 

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