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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-08-21 21:59:00

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring.

Becky says she deserves to be standing here as the champion, but since it was stolen from her, Charlotte got what she deserved.  Becky says that SummerSlam was supposed to be about one woman, her.  It was about her time.  She says she fought her way for months to earn a singles match against Carmella.  Becky says she got over the fact that Charlotte got added to the match.  Becky says it was her opportunity to silence the people who said she was just Charlotte's friend.  She wanted the chance to hold the title over her head. 

You act like you are with her, but were you the whole time?  There was no hashtag 'Give Becky a Chance'.  When Charlotte weaseled her way into the match, she got some tweets, but there was no boycott.  When Charlotte stole the title from her, you cheered the new champion.  Whenever anyone asks who the greatest of all time is, Becky Lynch is not the first name out of your mouths.  Becky says she has been made an afterthought.  After a few nights, that is not going to change.

You are a generation of all talk and no actions.  Becky says she had enough of the opinions and tried to take things into her own hands.  The referee making the three count waked her up from a trance.  She knew that her so called best friend had been holding her back.  At that moment, she knew that Charlotte stole her spotlight for the last time.  She knew she would raise Charlotte's hand and rip her head off.  Becky says it was her time to be champion, but not because any of you think she deserves it.  It is because she says she deserves it.  There is no one on this roster or anyone in this arena or watching at home can tell her any different.

The New Smackdown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair comes out to steal Becky's spotlight one more time.

Charlotte comes to the ring and she attacks Becky.  Charlotte with forearms and punches.  Becky with punches.  They fight to the floor.   They almost fight into the crowd but they return to the ring.  Becky with a kick and punches.  

Paige comes out and she directs for the other women to make their way to the ring to break things up.  That does not work too well as the women try to hold them apart but they are not apart for long.  Charlotte with a shoulder that sends Becky to the floor and then she comes off the apron with a cross body.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Zelina Vega wants to know why Rusev and Lana want to face them again.  Almas says Rusev and Lana always lose on Rusev Day.  Vega says it is about Almas.

Match Number Three;  Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega versus Rusev and Lana

Almas and Rusev start things off and Almas with chops and Rusev with a clothesline and elbow drops.  Almas with a jaw breaker and kicks and knees in the corner.  Rusev with an Irish whip but Almas with an uppercut.  Almas goes for the reverse tornado DDT from the turnbuckles but Rusev avoids it.  Almas with a triangle in the ropes.  Rusev with a kick as Almas comes off the ropes.  Lana tags in and she hits a clothesline off Almas' back.

Lana with shoulders in the corner.  Vega with a chop and Irish whip.  Lana with a kick to the head and a bulldog for a near fall.  Vega with a shot to the back of the leg and Lana falls onto the apron.  Vega with a kick to the back.  They return to the ring and Vega gets a near fall.  Vega with a reverse chin lock.  Vega gets on Lana's back and Lana backs Vega into the turnbuckles to get out of the hold.  Vega sends Lana into the turnbuckles and kicks Lana.  Vega chokes Lana in the ropes and then she sends Lana face first into the mat and gets a near fall.  Vega with an Octopus and she goes for a sunset flip but Lana drops down and gets a near fall.

Vega sends Lana to the mat again.  Vega runs into a kick and Lana slaps Almas on the apron.  Lana crawls to try to make the tag but Vega grabs the leg.  Vega pulls Lana to the corner but Lana is able to make the tag.  Rusev with a clothesline and hip strike into the corner.  Rusev with a spinning heel kick and then he misses a Machka Kick.  Almas with a back fist followed by the running double knee strike but he can only get a near fall.

Rusev escapes the hammerlock DDT and Rusev is clotheslined over the top rope to the floor.  Lana with a spear and Aiden English keeps Almas from using a chair.  Rusev with a Machka Kick and then he applies the Accolade to force Almas to tap out.

Winners:  Rusev and Lana

Aiden tells Rusev and Lana he always has their backs.

We go to Shinsuke Nakamura and he says now that he has disposed of the clown Jeff Hardy and retained his championship, he deserves to be treated like a hero.  He welcomes everyone to the United States of Nakamerica.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look back at what happened during the WWE Championship Match at SummerSlam.

Renee Young is on the Okerlund Stage and she brings out the WWE Champion AJ Styles.  

Renee asks AJ what happened at SummerSlam.  AJ tries to find the right words to explain himself.  AJ says SummerSlam didn't end the way he wanted it to, but he does not regret what he did to Samoa Joe.  AJ says he lost the match because of his actions, but Samoa Joe crossed a line that a real man does not cross.  AJ says he broke a promise but he wants to make a promise to the WWE Universe.  The next time Samoa Joe mentions his family, he will rip Joe's heart out and . . . 

Samoa Joe attacks AJ and applies the Kokina Clutch.

Joe calls for Wendy and he says it seems like they are making a lot of promises to tuck the children in, but daddy has already gone night night.

We return to the start of Smackdown when Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella confronted Miz and Maryse.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Paige is talking to some officials and Carmella enters.  Paige says Carmella looks different and she says Carmella lost ten pounds . . . of gold.  Carmella tells Paige not to title shame her.  Carmella demands her rematch and it better be a singles match.

R Truth enters and he tells Carmella that she has been ducking her for too long and he wants his title match so he has to pin Carmella.  Paige tells Truth that he does not have to do that and Truth says Carmella got lucky.

Paige gives Carmella her rematch and Carmella moonwalks off camera into Truth and Paige tells Truth to put her down.

Match Number Four:  Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston (with Big E) versus Erick Rowan and Luke Harper for the WWE Smackdown Tag Championships in a No Disqualification Match

All four men square off as the bell rings.  Harper goes after Kofi while Rowan deals with Woods on the floor.  Rowan with a knee while Kofi connects with an uppercut on Harper.  Harper goes for a suplex onto the table but Kofi lands on the table and then he kicks Harper.  Woods with a drop kick that sends Harper over the table.  Rowan sends Woods into the ringside barrier.  Kofi is snap mared to the floor and then Harper throws one of the announcer's chairs at Kofi as we go to commercial.

We are back and Rowan with forearms to Kofi in the ring while Harper rakes Woods' face on the floor.  Rowan with a head butt to Kofi.  Woods with a rolling elbow to Harper and then he sends Harper into the announce table with a drop toe hold.  Kofi with a pendulum kick to Rowan and Rowan goes over the top rope to the floor.  Kofi with a kick to take care of Rowan.  Kofi and Xavier get a ladder from under the ring and bring it into the ring.  Rowan pulls Kofi and Woods off the apron and Harper with a suicide dive onto Woods and Kofi.

Harper and Rowan bring out some chairs and some drinks but they only want to use the chairs because they put the beverages under the ring.  Kofi is sent into the announce table while Woods is sent into the ring steps.  Harper chokes Kofi and then Rowan with a front face lock and he hangs Kofi over the apron.  Harper with a forearm to the chest.  Rowan with a boot to the head.  Rowan with a splash against the ringside barrier to Kofi and Harper with a boot before they return to the ring and Harper gets a near fall.

Woods with an enzuigiri to Rowan but Rowan with a running shoulder tackle to Woods.  Harper has a chair but Kofi kicks it away.  Kofi with a tornado DDT onto the chair but Rowan pulls Kofi out of the ring. Rowan kicks Kofi and then Woods goes for a pescado but lands on his feet when Rowan moves.  Rowan with a cross body to Woods on the floor.   Harper removes the padding from the top of the matrix board on the apron and they drive Woods into the apron with a gourdbuster.  Rowan and Harper put the ladder across two chairs.  Harper and Rowan set for the T Gimmick onto the chair but Kofi comes off the turnbuckles.  They give the T Gimmick to Kofi onto the ladder but Kofi kicks out at two.  

Rowan goes under the ring and he gets a table.  Harper sets up the table in the ring.  Rowan with head butts to Kofi against the ring post.  Harper picks up his Bludgeoning Hammer and gives it to Rowan.  Harper slaps Rowan a few times to get him motivated but it might have been too much because Rowan misses and goes through the ringside barrier.  Harper with a super kick to Woods.  Harper sets for a power bomb through the table but Kofi hits Harper with the hammer and Kofi with Trouble in Paradise.  

Kofi puts Harper on the table and Woods goes up top and hits an elbow drop through the table for the three count.

Winners:  Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (New Champions)

We go to credits.

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