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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-08-19 19:00:00

It's time for a performance with Elias, and he says he wrote the greatest album ever, and knowing everyone loves you is an incredible feeling, so he thought he'd kick his concert off with his greatest song yet, and as a man who exclusively puts out great songs, that's saying a lot.  He wants us all to shut our mouths and our cell phones, because the world is about to be blessed.  He starts to play, and his guitar breaks in half.  Elias just stares at it for a few moments before getting up, throwing it on the ground, kicking his stool over, and walking off.

The Miz is backstage and wanders past the B-Team.  He says that if Daniel Bryan had followed his lead, he'd be successful like they are.  He knows they came over to wish him luck, but he doesn't need it because he'll prove he's better than Daniel Bryan when he beats him, but if the B-Team wants to fetch his limo for old times' sake, feel free.  Axel says they're not here to wish him luck, and Dallas says they're not the Miztourage anymore, they're the B-Team, and the B is for Bryan.  They're starting their own reality show called Total Fellas, and they know Miz wants to B-Team B-Team GOGOGO.  They run off as Miz stares after them uncomprehendingly.

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

Slow start as Miz repeatedly backs off through the ropes before finally tying up and suckerpunching Bryan over the ref's head on the break, then hammers him in the corner.  Miz hits a corner dropkick, but Bryan catches him by the throat on a second attempt and unloads Yes kicks in the corner.  Miz with a side headlock and some punches to his skull, but Bryan with a kick to the chest and a bulldog for 2.  Bryan with a series of jabs in the corner, but Miz with a kitchen sink knee to the gut, and now he goes for the Mexican surfboard Bryan likes to use.  Bryan gets out and gets a surfboard of his own, then rolls Miz back onto his shoulders for 2.  Bryan with some Yes kicks, but Miz gets Bryan on the top rope and hits a Nigel lariat that drops Bryan on his hed.  Ouch.  Miz gets a three quarter nelson and goes "How's that for wrestling?"  Miz punches Bryan in the face and goes "How's that for a punch in the face?  All you wanna do, kid?"  Miz unloads more right hands but DANIEL BRYAN REFUSES TO STAY DOWN.  He reverses a whip, does his moonsault leapfrog thing, and drills Miz.  Bryan hits the repeated dropkicks in the corner, unloads Yes kicks, and puts Miz on top for a super Frankensteiner for 2.  Bryan with more kicks, backdrops Miz to the floor, and hits a baseball slide to the floor.  Bryan hits a dive to the floor, rolls Miz back inside, and goes to the top, but Miz knocks him onto the top turnbuckle and goes up to drill Bryan with more right hands.  Bryan slips out onder Miz, crotches him on the top rope, hangs him in the Tree of Woe, hits a dropkick, then puts Miz back on top and hits a belly to back superplex for 2.  Bryan with a flurry of Yes kicks,  but Miz blocks one and hits a snap DDT for 2.  Miz with It kicks until Bryan fires up, catches one of the kicks, slaps the spit out of Miz, and drills him in the skull with a knockout kick.  Bryan goes for the running kneestrike, Miz tries to counter to a figure four, Bryan tries to counter to a Yes lock, and Miz counters to a catapult and covers Bryan for a very close 2.  Miz sets up and does YES YES YES and charges in for a corner dropkick,  but Bryan drills ihm coming in with another kick to the skull, but that only gets 2 as well.  Miz tries to suplex Bryan to the floor, Bryan lands on the apron, he unloads kicks into Miz's ribs, but Miz dodges one last big kick, and Bryan kicks the post.  He's in a lot of pain now, and Miz quickly swoops in and gets the figure four.  Bryan desperately tries to reverse, but Miz locks it back, so Bryan punches Miz in the face four or five times and finally manages to reverse.  Miz fights and fights, and finally makes the ropes.  Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, Bryan counters to a rollup for 2, Miz tries again, Bryan reverses, Miz drops down, and Bryan gets a crucifix for 2.  Bryan gets Miz in the MMA elbows he used to use in ROH, then goes into the Yes Lock.  Miz fights it, fights it, and....almost taps, and...drags himself to the ropes, and Bryan rabbit punches him a bunch and gets the Yes lock back on, but Miz finally makes it to the ropes.  Miz rolls to the floor, Daniel drills him with a dropkick that runs him into the barricade right in front of Maryse.  She hands him a gimmick, and when Bryan goes for a dive through the ropes, he drills him in the face with the gimmick, "staggers" back over to Maryse and hands her the gimmick back, and quickly rolls into the ring and covers for the win.

Winner: The Miz
Great match and exactly the finish they should have done.  Miz rolls out to the floor and says to Bryan "I've always been better than you, and I always WILL be better than you."

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