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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-08-19 19:00:00

Smackdown Women's Title Match: Carmella vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

Carmella moonwalks and cheapshots Becky, and Charlotte winds up on the outside as Carmella dodges a dancing legdrop thing from Becky.  Becky and Charlotte start arguing, and a shoving match helps Carmella roll Charlotte up for 2.  Back to arguing as Carmella smiles from the side and tries in vain to get another cheapshot in, as Becky and Charlotte take care of her and dispose of her to the floor.  Carmella grabs Charlotte's ankle from the floor, allowing Becky to roll Charlotte up for 2, than Becky easily escapes a couple of pin attempt from Charlotte.  Becky takes Charlotte to the mat and goes for the Disarmer, but Charlotte shuts that down and winds up getting dragged to the floor and posted by Carmella.  Becky tries to go after Becky, but Carmella moves out of the way and rams Becky into the ring steps.  She taunts Charlotte with a Flair strut before rolling Becky back inside, covers her for 2, then yells at her that she'll never be champion while slapping her in the face.  Carmella with a chinlock, then takes Becky out with a clothesline.  Charlotte is back in, and Carmella yanks her down by the hair and covers for 2, then starts ramming elbows into Charlotte's collarbones.  Carmella tosses Charlotte as Becky comes in and gets a rollup for 2, but Carmella takes Becky right back down with a dropkick and grinds Becky's face into the mat.  Beckty gets an O'Connor roll for 2, and Charlotte goes for a big boot on Carmella, but Carmella moves and Charlotte drills Becky.  Carmella loves that, but doesn't love the chops Charlotte gives her, followed by a pair of exploder suplexes and a belly to back.  Charlotte gets blindsided by Becky, who goes to the top and takes both opponents out with a double dropkick.  Becky with a flurry of clotheslines to Charlotte, spinkicks Carmella in the ribs, and dumps her with an exploder suplex of her own.  Carmella backdrops Becky to the apron, but Becky comes off the she doesn't, Carmella shakes the ropes and gets a Trishensteiner for 2.  Charlotte comes back in with a spear to both Becky and Carmella, and gets 2 counts off of each of them.  Carmella puts Charlotte on the top rope, but Charlotte counters a second Trishensteiner attempt to a Boston crab.  Charlotte has Carmella right in the middle of the ring, Carmella slips out, and Charlotte gets the figure eight.  Becky comes off the top rope with an elbowdrop on Charlotte to break that up, and covers Charlotte for 2.  Carmella dumps Charlotte and then Becky, then takes Becky out with a SWEET dive through the ropes.  Carmella picks Becky up as Charlotte comes off the top with a twisty moonsault thing that takes both of them out.  Charlotte tosses Becky in and goes for Natural Selection, but Becky counters to the Disarmer.  Nice!  Carmella breaks it up, Becky tosses Carmella to the floor, and hits a uranage on Charlotte for 2 when Carmella breaks that up again.  Carmella rams Becky into the corner and rolls her up with her feet on the ropes for 2, then a superkick to Becky gets 2 when Charlotte breaks it up.  Carmella superkicks Charlotte to the floor, superkicks Becky, but Becky gets Carmella in the Disarmer.  Carmella is getting closer and closer to the ropes...and makes it.  Becky releases, hits an exploder suplex, and goes right back to the Disarmer.  Carmella is about to tap when Charlotte comes in and hits Becky with Natural Selection for the win.

Winner and NEW Smackdown Women's Champion: Charlotte Flair

Great match and they told a great story, and Becky comes up short again after she had it in the can.  Becky looks MAD as Charlotte is all smiley and hugging the belt.  The fans are NOT happy with that outcome, and loudly cheering for Becky as she gets up, hugs Charlotte, then they hug again...AND BECKY DRILLS HER IN THE FACE!  The crowd goes NUTS for Becky as she puts the boots to Charlotte, tosses her to the floor, and takes the belt.  She tosses it down and goes out to the floor, standing over Charlotte as the crowd is LOSING IT cheering for Becky.  Becky rams her into the barricade, then skee balls her over the broadcast table.  Okay, we all knew this was coming, but it was still awesome when it happened.  The crowd chants "you deserve it" at Becky as she saunters to the back.  We pan in on Charlotte as she cries over what just happened, and the fans boo her.  I can't remember seeing many face pops this big for a heel turn.

WWE Title Match: AJ Styles vs Samoa JoeJoe gets the announcer's mic before the match and points out Wendy Styles and their daughter in the crowd and tells them that daddy's coming home, and AJ gets the mic and says they're only here to watch him kick Joe's ass. Unbelievably, the fans start a TNA chant.  Joe throws a huge kick at AJ's head that he just barely manages to avoid.  They tie up and Joe takes AJ to the corner and shoves him on the break.  AJ gets a side headlock and uses it to take Joe to the mat.  Joe gets out and runs AJ over with a shoulderblock.  Joe catches AJ with a kick that drives him backward into the corner, and Joe keeps up the offense, but AJ fires back with chops and kicks of his own.  Joe hammers AJ with hard chops, but AJ with the big dropkick, and Joe is down and down hard.  Styles with a sliding forearm and Joe rolls out to the floor.  AJ hits a baseball slide, but an apron kneestrike attempt is blocked by Joe, who sweeps AJ's legs out from under him and quickly covers in the ring for 1.  AJ fires back and tries a vertical suplex, but Joe easily blocks and counters to a gourdbuster.  AJ tries to stand up, but crumples out to the floor where Joe drills him with the diving forearm.  Joe covers back in the ring for 2, then goes to a neck vice.  Joe turns AJ inside out with a hard clothesline for 2.  Joe with a side headlock, AJ gets out and they trade shows, and AJ drills Joe with a shot that knocks him silly, and sends him rolling to the floor.  AJ quickly follows up with a slingshot diving forearm, and the tide appears ot have turned.  Joe is back in the ring first, and he drills AJ with a haymaker of his own when he climbs on the apron.  Joe goes for another diving forearm, but AJ with a shot as he comes through the ropes, and comes back in with the Phenomenal flurry and another diving forearm.  AJ with the moonsault deathdrop for 2. AJ puts Joe on top and goes for a suplerplex, but Joe shoves him off and dives off the top with a flying kneestrike for 2.  Joe hits an inverted atomic drop, running boot, and senton for 2.  They're both up and trading shots, AJ goes for a fireman's carry, gets it on the second attempt, and hits a death valley driver over the knee, and that seems to have hurt AJ's knee.  AJ is visibly hobbling as he regains his feet, and the fans chant for him as he goes for the Phenomenal forearm, but Joe avoids it and hits a snap powerslam for 2.  AJ ducks a clothesline and gets a crucifix, Joe rolls through, and AJ superkicks Joe and hoists him up for the Styles Clash, but Joe is out at 2.  Wow, that was pretty impressive, though AJ seems to have trouble moving Joe around quite the way he'd like.  AJ hammers Joe with a flurry of punches in the corner, but Joe responds with hard, open-hand strikes, and AJ returns fire with the Pelle kick.  AJ charges in the corner, but gets dumped with the STJoe.  AJ rolls Joe into the Calf Crusher, but Joe reaches back, grabs AJ's head, and rams it repeatedly into the mat before hooking him into the Kokina Clutch out of nowhere.  AJ barely gets his foot on the bottom rope, so Joe motions for the Muscle Buster and sits AJ on the top rope.  AJ fights him off, but Joe drills AJ with a leaping enziguiri that sends him tumbling off the top rope to the floor, and Joe quickly goes out and rams him into the ring steps.  Joe climbs on the broadcast table, gets the mic and tells Wendy that he made a promise that daddy is coming home, but it looks like he won't so he'll be Wendy's new daddy.  That does it for AJ, who has blood streaking across his head, and he jumps on the other broadcast table and spears Joe off his table and through a barricade.  AJ gets a chair and repeatedly batters Joe with it to cause a DQ.

Winner by DQ: Samoa Joe

The fans chant "who's your daddy?" as AJ unloads on Joe with the chair, and he stops to check on his family before taking another wild swing at Joe.  Wendy tells AJ to stop it, and AJ's daughter goes "Daddy's bleeding." and AJ tells her he's sorry, gives her a hug, and the three of them wallk to the back through the crowd.  So Joe wins, but AJ keeps the title.

The show continues on Page 3!

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