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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-07-31 21:59:00

We are back and Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring.

Jeff says the US Championship is more than a title to him.  It is part of his lifeforce.  It is his fifth eye.  It deepens his connection to the WWE Universe.  When he lost the title, a piece of him was severed away.  It means nothing more to him than to beat Nakamura and take it back.  There is one thing almost as important and that is beating the hell out of Randy Orton.  That is what he is out here to do now.  Jeff calls out Randy Orton.

Randy's music plays and he makes his way to the ring as only Randy can.

Orton is on the apron and Nakamura with a kick to the back of the head.  Nakamura with knees and then he sets for Kinshasa but Orton stands between Nakamura and Hardy.  Orton and Nakamura stare each other down.  Orton moves out of the way and Nakamura gives Hardy Kinshasa.  Orton and Nakamura look at each other and Nakamura leaves the ring to allow Orton to turn into the mat and set for the RKO and Orton decides to give Hardy a double leg take down.   Orton with the Garvin Stomp.  Orton hangs Hardy in the ropes and hits the IEDDT.  Orton hangs Hardy on the apron and hits an IEDDT to the floor.  Orton puts Hardy on the announce table and Orton punches Hardy.  Orton removes Hardy's arm wraps and shirt.  Orton takes some water and a paper towel.  Orton pours the water on Hardy's face and then he wipes off the makeup.

Officials point to where they would like Orton to go once he is done with Hardy.  Orton walks away with Hardy's chain.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Renee Young is outside Becky Lynch's locker room with Becky.  Renee asks about Charlotte potentially being added to the match.  Becky says she is happy to be back and that Charlotte has a chance to get into the title match.  Becky says she relies on instincts more than the mathematics.  She says she is happy that Charlotte is back but not at the possibility of a triple threat match.  Becky says she can beat anyone in a one on one match.  Renee asks if Becky is rooting against Charlotte and Becky says she never roots against her friend.

Match Number Two:  Lana versus Zelina Vega (with Andrade Almas)

Vega rolls past Lana and goes Tranquilo on the mat.  Lana does something to show that she can try to be tranquilo.  They push each other and then Lana with a take down and she punches Vega.  

Vega returns to the ring and they lock up.  Lana with a wrist lock but Vega with an Irish whip.  Lana with a kick to the head and then she hits a bulldog for a near fall.  Vega sends Lana face first into the ropes.  Vega chokes Lana in the ropes.  Vega with a Dragon Sleeper and Lana tries to escape but Vega holds on and keeps Lana on the mat.   Vega sends Lana to the mat and then returns to the Dragon sleeper.   Vega with a reverse chin lock.  Lana with forearms but Vega sends Lana to the mat again.  Vega jumps on Lana's back and applies a reverse chin lock.  Lana backs Vega into the turnbuckles to try to get out of the hold.

Vega sends Lana into the turnbuckles and Vega follows with a knee to the head.  Vega with the running double knee strike for a near fall.  Vega sets for the hammer lock DDT but Lana with a back drop..  Lana with clotheslines and a kick to the midsection followed by a neck breaker.  Lana with a double knee strike to the back for a near fall.  Lana with an Irish whip and elbow into the corner.  Vega with an Irish whip but Lana with a back elbow.  Lana goes to the turnbuckles and Almas distracts Lana.  Aiden comes out and pulls Almas off the apron.

Lana is distracted and Vega with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Zelina Vega

The Bludgeon Brothers are in a boiler room.  Harper says if Sheamus and Cesaro want to set the bar, they will break it.  Rowan says they will positively destroy the New Day.  They say that no one can escape the bludgeoning.

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Aiden English is in the back and he wants to know if Lana is okay.  Aiden says he wanted to help even if Rusev wanted him to give her some space.  Aiden says it is an accident as he hears Rusev screaming.  Rusev asks Lana if she is okay.  He says that wouldn't have happened if he was out there.  Lana says that she could have used Rusev's help out there.

We go back to the ring and Daniel Bryan mentions Evolution.  Daniel says he felt proud of his wife Brie because Brie was in a ring for a 30 second match when the hashtag Give Divas a Chance trended worldwide.  This announcement was a huge step forward.  Every time they take two steps forward, they take one step back.  We see what happened last week.

Daniel says watching that bothers him.  For two years, Miz taunted him and baited him.  He antagonized him because Miz knew that Daniel was not cleared to compete.  Miz thought he was safe, but then Daniel got cleared.  That protective wall came crumbling down.  What did Miz do?  He brought his wife out to the ring.  Miz brought out what Daniel thought was his daughter to the ring.  He did it to build the wall because Miz knows in a fair fight that Daniel would destroy him.  If you think he is wrong, he tells Miz to come out and prove it.  He would love nothing more than to punch Miz in the face right now.

Miz is in the back and he is on the TitanTron.  Miz says he thought he would have known that Daniel is not on the indies any more.  He won't be able to call him out in some gym.  Miz tells Daniel to contact his agent.  Miz says he is on the set of Miz and Mrs.  Miz talks about this week's episode.  Miz says he has security because fans are trying to sneak on set.  Miz says he does not want security but they gave it to him.

Daniel says he came out to fight.  Daniel says that Miz is hiding and it proves that Miz is nothing more than a coward.

Miz asks if everyone thinks he is a coward.  Miz asks Daniel if he remembers the last time Daniel called him a coward.  Miz reminds Daniel that when he was called a coward on Talking Smack, you did nothing.  Miz says that Daniel has been riding on Miz' back since NXT.  

Daniel says this is about passion while for Miz this is about fame.  Your dream of being sports entertainer turned into Hollywood star has been done before and by better people.  The reality is you are not going to be The Rock.  You aren't even going to be John Cena.  Nobody will remember you as a great superstar because you are too soft.  If you want a big stage to come out and fight, why don't you talk to you agent and come fight him at SummerSlam.

Miz says the cycle keeps repeating.  You create sympathy, mention your wife, get beat, and repeat.  The Yes Movement is over.  Team Hell No is over.  Miz tells Daniel he is over.  Miz tells Daniel to let his contract run out and entertain dozens of people in gyms.  People are annoyed with you.  Why don't you go away.  People look at you and see one thing.  

Miz puts photos of crying babies on the TitanTron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Carmella is asked about having her fate in her own hands.  Carmella says she knows if Charlotte wins, it hurts her chance to win at SummerSlam.  Carmella wants a singles match because she knows that she can beat Becky.  Carmella says she knows Becky is rooting against Charlotte.

Match Number Three:  Charlotte Flair versus Carmella in a Non Title Match but if Charlotte wins the Smackdown Women's Title Match at SummerSlam will be a Triple Threat Match with Charlotte Added Match

They lock up and Charlotte backs Carmella into the corner.  Charlotte misses a chop and Carmella moonwalks.  We see Becky watching in the back.  They lock up again and Carmella with a side head lock.  Charlotte sets for the figure four leg lock but Carmella escapes.  They lock up and Charlotte with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall.  Charlotte with a fallaway slam and Carmella goes to the floor.  Charlotte with a pescado but she misses and lands awkwardly on the floor.  Carmella sends Charlotte into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Charlotte with a double sledge off the turnbuckles followed by a series of chops.  Charlotte avoids a clothesline and hits a belly-to-back suplex.  Charlotte walks across Carmella and goes up top for a moonsault but Carmella gets her boots up and hits Charlotte in the face.  Carmella sends Charlotte to the floor.  The referee starts his count.  Charlotte gets on the apron and Carmella kicks her off.  Carmella goes to the floor.  Both women miss kicks and Carmella with a head scissors into the ringside barrier.  Carmella sends Charlotte into Yeatonville and then Carmella returns to the ring.

The referee starts his count.  Charlotte gets back into the ring but Carmella with forearms and she gets a near fall.   Becky is still watching in the back as Carmella applies a reverse chin lock.  Charlotte backs Carmella into the turnbuckles to get out of the hold.  Carmella sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles a few times.  Carmella with a kick but Charlotte bounces off the ropes with a boot to the chest for a near fall.  

Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall and then she goes for the figure four leg lock but Carmella gets to the floor.  Charlotte kicks Carmella and then she goes to the ringside barrier for a moonsault.  They return to the ring.  Charlotte with Natural Selection for a near fall.  Charlotte sets for a spear but Carmella with a kick.  Charlotte goes for a figure four leg lock and Carmella with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Carmella with a kick and she can only get a near fall.  

Carmella sets for a figure four leg lock but Charlotte rolls through and applies the figure four and bridges.  Carmella taps out.

Winner:  Charlotte Flair

After the match, we see Becky not happy at the result of the match.





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