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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-07-31 21:59:00

We are in Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, and Tom Phillips.

Renee Young is in the ring and she brings out the woman who will face the Smackdown Women's Champion at SummerSlam, Becky Lynch.

Renee asks Becky how does it feel to be back in the title picture.  Becky says that when you wait so long, you doubt it may happen.  She says she has fought hard to get here.  She says she has not been the champion since 2016.  She has not had a title match since Wrestlemania 33.  She has not been able to sleep because she is thinking about being the Women's Champion again.  Becky says it is the excitement and pressure knowing you have a target on your back.  Becky says she was not born to be a champion, she fought to be a champion.  She says it will be honored to walk into Evolution as the Smackdown Women's Champion.

Carmella makes her way to the ring.  She says it is not what Becky thinks.  Normally she would make some excuse for why she lost last week.  That is not the case.  Last week, you beat me fair and square and earned your opportunity at SummerSlam.  Carmella says she did not think about the importance of Stephanie's announcement.  Carmella says they are going to be part of the first women's pay per view.  They are not representing Smackdown or Raw, they are representing every woman who has ever been in the ring.  Carmella says she felt like she failed.  Carmella says she has been jealous because Becky was always ahead of her.

Carmella says she was always told she would only be a manager but you were there to give her advice.  Then you go on to WWE and you are the first woman drafted to Smackdown.  Carmella reminds everyone was the last pick.  Becky was the centerpiece while Carmella was an afterthought.  Everyone has always loved Becky.  Carmella starts to tear up and she says that people do not think she should be the champion.  She tries so hard to block out the haters who say that she sucks and is unworthy of the title.  People say that she should just go away.  She says she has to put on a brave face and act like she belongs here.   She is looking forward to tearing the house down.

She wishes Becky good luck and she offers her hand.  

James Ellsworth's music plays and Carmella hits Becky from behind and then she gets a chair.  

Charlotte Flair comes out and hits an Exploder on Carmella.

Samoa Joe is in the back.

Jeff Hardy is in the locker room.

The Usos are in the back and they say that everyone has to come through them.  They say it is the Usos versus the Bar.  Jimmy starts to quote the Rock but Jey tells him it is PG-13.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Paige is in her office.  Carmella enters and she is freaking out over what Charlotte did to her.  Paige tells Carmella that she believed Carmella but she should be ashamed of herself.  Carmella says that she might not be a role model like Paige, baby girl, but Paige will never be champion.  Paige says that she will show Carmella what it is like to be a real champion and she has to deal with adversity.  Carmella will face Charlotte tonight and if Charlotte wins, the match will be a triple threat.

Match Number One:  Sheamus and Cesaro versus Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso in a Smackdown Tag Team Number Contender Tournament Match

Before the match starts, the team that will face the winners in the finals of the tournament, the New Day make their way to the ring.  The New Day have their own announce table.

Sheamus and Jey start things off and Sheamus with punches.  Jey slides into the corner and connects with uppercuts.  Sheamus is sent to the floor and Cesaro keeps Sheamus from doing anything crazy.

Sheamus returns to the ring and tags in Cesaro.  They lock up and Cesaro with a side head lock.  Jey with a back elbow and then he backs Cesaro into the corner to tag in Jimmy.  Jimmy with a forearm and arm bar.  Jey tags back in and he goes up top and connects with a double sledge to the arm.  Sheamus knocks down Jey while the referee deals with Cesaro.  Sheamus tags in and he hits a knee drop on the apron.  Sheamus with a punch and European uppercut before tagging in Cesaro.  Cesaro gets a near fall and then he applies a reverse chin lock.  

Sheamus tags in and they kick Jey in the corner.  Sheamus with forearms across the chest and then he pushes Jey to the floor.  Jimmy tries to check on Jey but he is sent back.  Cesaro goes to the turnbuckles and hits a double sledge for a near fall.  Cesaro with a reverse chin lock.  Jey with punches but Cesaro keeps Jey from making the tag.  Sheamus tags in and he kicks Jey in the ribs.  They hit a double clothesline and Sheamus gets a near fall.  Sheamus with a knee drop and then he hits a second one.  Sheamus with a top wrist lock.  

Sheamus with knees to the ribs to continue to wear down Jey.  Sheamus pulls Jey to the mat and holds on to the top wrist lock.  Jey with punches and uppercuts.  Sheamus with a knee to the midsection and then he goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Jey lands on his feet.  Sheamus hits the ring post with his shoulder when Jey moves.  Both men are down.  Cesaro and Jimmy tag in and Jimmy with clotheslines and a thrust kick.  Jimmy with an uppercut and Samoan drop for a near fall.  Jimmy with a dragon whip and then he sets for the running hip strike but Cesaro goes to the floor.  Jimmy with a plancha but Sheamus pushes Cesaro out of the way.  Jimmy with a super kick and then he hits a cross body for a near fall.

Cesaro pushes Jimmy into the corner and Jimmy with a back elbow.  Cesaro pushes Jimmy off the turnbuckles into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus and Cesaro go for a double superplex but Jey pulls Sheamus to the floor.  Jimmy sends Cesaro to the mat and Jimmy with a corkscrew moonsault and both men are down.  Cesaro and Jimmy with punches and chops.  Cesaro with a European uppercut and then he tags in Sheamus.  They set for a European uppercut White Noise combination but Cesaro is met with a super kick.  Jimmy with a splash and Cesaro makes the save.

Jimmy hip tosses Cesaro over the top rope.  Jey tags in and Jimmy and Jey go up top for a double splash but Cesaro with a European uppercut to Jimmy.  Sheamus gets his knees up and then gets the three count on Jey.

Winners:  Sheamus and Cesaro (Advance to Finals)

After the match, Sheamus and Cesaro point at the New Day.  The New Day get up from their table and they have some words before the New Day enter the ring.

Charlotte is in the back and she is welcomed back by Renee and then she is asked about being added to the title match at SummerSlam.  Charlotte says she was here to support Becky and she did not expect to have a chance to get into a title match at SummerSlam.  Charlotte says the Queen is back and she is ready to reclaim her throne.

We take a look at what happened last week when Samoa Joe was revealed as AJ Styles' opponent at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring and he has something to say.

Joe tells AJ that what he did to him last week was sending him a message.  Joe says AJ is used to his favorite form of communication.  The truth be told, Joe respects AJ.  He respects the House that AJ Built and he respects that AJ has made the WWE Championship the most important title in WWE.  Joe says he respects what AJ has done.  He has put champion in front of friends and his vices.  You put champion in front of being a member of your own family.  Joe says he finds that funny because you told a marvelous story about how you can tell your lovely daughter that she can be anything she puts her mind to.

Joe says that he knows that AJ is barely home long enough to hug her, let alone look in her loving eye.  That is part of the sacrifice.  The truth is that you feel more comfortable being on the road, living out of a suitcase than being a husband to your wife.  It is a sacrifice AJ.  Joe says he gets it.  You have put being a champion above all else even if it means you being a failure as a father.  For all of your sacrifices, he will take it all from AJ.  The truth is that come SummerSlam, when the world is cheering you on to victory, your family will be cheering for Joe.  When Joe is done tearing down your house and putting you to sleep, your kids will have their daddy back and Joe will be WWE Champion.

We take a look back at Jeff Hardy's rematch against Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship and Randy Orton's attack on Hardy.

Jeff Hardy is getting ready to come to the ring as we go to commercial.

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