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By Brian Cannon on 2018-07-26 07:45:00

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 25, 2018. This episode can be seen on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area on Saturday at 11AM and 9PM, and online at In this episode, Billy O defends the TV Title against Randall Floyd, an improptu Heavyweight Title rematch is signed, DL3 promises a big production, plus more!


Without further ado:


Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:


Dimes defeats William Lutz. Dimes locks the arm, but Lutz gets in the ropes. He locks it up again, and again Lutz gets to the ropes. Lutz comes back and works the arm of Dimes, then hits a side slam off the ropes. He works over the arm some more. He goes for an elbow drop, but Dimes trips him and fires back. Lutz pokes the eyes and hits Dimes' arm. He goes for another side slam, but Dimes flips around and takes him down into an STF for the tapout.

SOCIAL MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Cali Young defeats Nutty Nancy (w/Hayley Shadows). Nancy kicks Cali, then Cali ducks a clothesline and back elbow, and rolls her up in a crucifix pin for 2. She tries some more quick roll-ups for 2 also. Nancy comes back with right hands and splashes her in the corner. Hayley chokes Cali behind the ref's back. Cali comes back and locks in the armbreaker for the submission win.

SOCIAL MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Big Zo defeats Chace Destiny. Chace attacks Zo as he tries to enter through the ropes, and Zo shoves him off repeatedly. Zo goes for a powerbomb, but Chace knocks him into the ropes. He goes to throw Zo into the corner, but Zo reverses and splashes him. He hits the cartwheel butt bump and back elbows. He finishes him off with the Zo bomb for the 3. Zo grabs a mic after the match and says that Jay Bradley is saying last week a fluke. He says Jay is big, bad, and tough, but the same things can be said about him. Anytime he wants a rematch, just know it will be like the last time, Zo time!

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 11AM and 9PM (check local listings) and on OVW's official website Mondays at

Gilbert Corsey, Ted McNaler, & Shannon the Dude are on commentary, and Brittany & Mercy are the ring announcers.


Amon comes out and says the title was for him. HE will be here soon! He's no longer worried about a sacrifice for the title, but a sacrifice of the title.

Justin Smooth comes out and says he just spoke to Dean Hill. Not only isRyan Howe banned from the ring for his actions last week, but he has signed a rematch for tonight for the title. He just needs Amon's approval. Amon says to bring it on!

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: "The Trinidad Titan" Justin Smooth defeats Amon (c) by DQ. Smooth hits Amon, and Amon jumps right back up. Amon pulls the rope down for Smooth to fly out. Smooth gets back in and throws Amon out. He goes after him and Amon grabs him and rams him back first into the ringpost. Smooth comes back and hits a spinebuster. He connects with the bicycle kick, but Amon kicks out at 2! Smooth sets up again, but music hits and out comes ABYSS!

Smooth fires away on him, and Abyss grabs him by the throat. The ref calls for the bell.

Smooth elbows out and goes off the ropes, but gets taken down with a Black Hole Slam! On the outside, Abyss clears off the announce desk and chokeslams Smooth through it!

The Void is out and looks at the damage and Houdini grabs a mic for Amon.

Amon says "Ladies and gentlemen, the sacrifice of the title for your NEWOVW Heavyweight Champion, Abyss!"


OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: "The Leading Man & Star of the Show" Billy O (c) defeats "The Real Deal" Randall Floyd. Floyd locks up the arm, then Billy reverses. Floyd reverses back. They continue to exchnage holds, then Floyd uppercuts Billy over the top rope. Back inside, Billy takes Floyd down and tries to lock in a Boston crab on Floyd. Floyd kicks him off, but Billy comes back with a dropkick. He has Floyd up for Oceans Eleven, but Floyd slides down and rolls him up. Floyd comes back and works over the leg. Billy catches him with a big boot. He goes for the running high knee, but Floyd drops him and locks in the Boston crab. Billy gets to the ropes. Floyd goes to grab him and Billy kicks him below the belt from behind where the ref doesn't see it. Billy then hits the running high knee for the 3.


DARK SEGMENT: Tony Gunn comes out and says that hardcore wrestling is garbage wrestling. He is the best wrestler here and this is the Gunn show. He says Dapper Dan is not a real champion and he will beat him and throw the title into the Ohio River. He says after intermission, he faces Sam Thompson in the main event. It will be Duck, click, boom!


Valerie Vermin defeats Jaylee. Jaylee fires away on Val and hits her with a suplex. Val fires back, but misses a double knee strike in the corner. Jaylee works her over, but Val comes back with a backslide and gets the 3 for the upset victory!


DARK SEGMENT: Sam Thompson comes out and says last week he lost everything he worked for, losing the OVW Television Title. He says Tony Gunn wants to come out and say it's Duck Season? Tonight, he will just be one step closer to getting back his TV Title!


DL3 comes out with Shiloh Jonze and says he has a script he has been working on all summer long. It's called "Bro-back Mountain" and it's a bio-pic about how the War Kings destroyed the Bro Godz. He has Shiloh act out the parts of Jax Dane & Crimson, then brings out Dre Blitz & BGB, who play the parts of Dustin Jackson & Colton Cage. Shiloh destroys them both with clotheslines and this brings out the real Bros who want a match now...

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions "The Bro Godz": Dustin Jackson & Colton Cage defeat "The Entourage 2.0"DL3 & Shiloh Jonze. The Bros throw DL3 & Shiloh into each other. Colton with arm drags and a slam for 2. Dustin tags in and they deliver a double bro-plex. DL3 hits Dustin with a chinbuster. DL3 throws him in the corner. Dustin jumps up top and kicks Shiloh away, but DL3 knocks him down. He charges him, but Dustin hits him with a spinebuster. Colton tags in and works over Shiloh. Dustin tags back in and hits a running dropkick to a seated Shiloh. DL3 tags in and kicks Dustin. He throws him down and goes for a pin for 2. DL3 locks in a reverse headlock. Dustin gets to the corner and the Bros hit the splash/back elbow. They then connect with Bro 69. Shiloh causes a distraction and DL3 hits Colton from behind. Colton fights out of the corner, but DL3 hits the knee. Dustin gets a hot tag and he fires away on Shiloh and hits a running powerslam. DL3 tags in and Dustin fires away on him and he tags Colton. They hit the Snapshot for the 3.


This ended the TV taping.


DARK MATCH: "The Void": Nigel & Houdini (w/Chace Destiny) defeat "The Vet" Apollo & "Livewire" KTDNigel takes it to KTD and Apollo tags in. He is going to show KTD how it's done. Nigel hits him in the gut then the throat. Houdini tags in and Apollo tags back out to KTD. Houdini hits him into the corner and double teams him with Nigel. Nigel tags back and KTD fires back. He locks in a side headlock and Apollo wants back in. Apollo hits him and locks in a side headlock. He knocks Nigel down and tags KTD in. Nigel tags out to Houdini. Apollo leaves ringside. Houdini hits KTD with an armbreaker and Nigel locks in a submission for the tapout win.

After the match, Cardinal comes out and grabs KTD. He delivers a spinning cutter and tells KTD he got "carded".


DARK MATCH: "The Boy Wonder" Sam Thompson defeats"Shotgun" Tony Gunn. A lot of holds exchanged early. Gunn goes for the sharpshooter, but Sam kicks him off. Gunn knocks Sam to the outside. Gunn continues to work Sam over. Sam tries to fire up, but Gunn takes him back down. Sam catches him with a kick to the face and fires back again. He goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for 2. Sam hits him in the corner, but Gunn powerbombs him down. He tries to pin, but the ref sees his feet on the ropes. Gunn goes for a reverse DDT, but Sam slides out and super kicks him for 2. Gunn hits a DDT for 2. Gunn pulls him up by his hair and goes for the reverse DDT, but Sam slides around and rolls him up for the 3!

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