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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-07-23 23:09:00

We are back with a look at what happened last week on Raw when, for the second night in a row, Ronda Rousey trespassed into the ringside area.  

Match Number Three:  Natalya versus Mickie James (with Alexa Bliss)

Natalya with a waist lock take down but Mickie with an elbow and punch.  Natalya with a forearm and snap mare.  Natalya runs across Mickie's back and Alexa gets on the apron to stop Natalya.  Mickie hits Natalya from behind.  Mickie with a front face lock.  Mickie gets a near fall.  Mickie with a sleeper.  Natalya with an arm drag and kick to Mickie.  Natalya with a side Russian leg sweep and forearm.  Natalya with a suplex.  Natalya with shoulders in the corner.  Natalya counters a head scissors into an electric chair drop.  

Natalya runs over Mickie's back and hits a drop kick for a near fall.  Mickie kicks Natalya to the apron and then Alexa pulls Natalya to the floor.  Natalya with a discus clothesline to Alexa.  Mickie with a thrust kick for the three count.

Winner:  MIckie James

We take a look at some of the events that WWE Superstars appeared at last week.

Roman Reigns is in the interview area.  He is reminded that he lost the only time he faced Lashley.  Roman says tonight is a night of firsts.  Tonight, he will beat Bobby Lashley.  He will have that loss on his resume.  He says that if you look at the list of things he has done in WWE, he is a workhorse and he is the most decorated superstar.  Tonight his resume will say that he defeated Bobby Lashley and he will go to SummerSlam.  You can boo him, but you will learn to like it or you can shut your mouth.  

Elias is introduced again and he is interrupted by The Authors of Pain.

Akam says they will not wait for everyone.  They want anyone.  Rezar says anyone but Titus Worldwide because they are done with them.

Titus O'Neil, Apollo Crews, and Dana Brooke come out and says that the Authors of Pain are tough but they have a lot to learn.  

Akam asks if Titus wants to teach them how to fall over themselves. 

Titus says everyone falls down, but not in the same way he did in Saudi Arabia.

Apollo says that Titus has made him a better person and how to be an asset to your community.  Apollo says you need to show Titus respect.  He has been here a while and that means he knows something.  Apollo says that the Authors of Pain could be champions if they had someone like Titus.

Akam says that Titus can go and retire.

Titus and Apollo attack Akam and Rezar.  Akam is sent to the floor and Rezar is clotheslined over the top rope to the floor.

Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon are in the garage.  Kurt says that he was worried about her being on Raw, but the announcement from earlier today made him proud.

Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens stop by and ask about how to handle his situation with Braun Strowman.

Kevin is asked how he is doing.  Kevin says he is getting treatment.  Kevin says that being thrown twenty feet from the cage was wrong and dangerous.  It could have ended his career.  Kevin says he wants to take everything from Braun.

Kevin says he wants to face Braun at SummerSlam, but when he beats Braun, he gets the briefcase.  It does not matter how Braun loses, he gets the briefcase.

Kurt says that is absurd, but Stephanie says she likes it and Kevin has his match.

Kevin hugs Baron as Kurt opens the door for Stephanie.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Tyler Breeze versus Mojo Rawley

Breeze with a leap frog and drop kick but Rawley with a punch and he sends Breeze over the top rope.  Breeze with a shoulder and he flips into the ring.  Rawley with a shoulder tackle and he applies a half nelson and chin lock.

Bobby Roode is in the back and he is asked about comments made by Mojo.  Bobby says Mojo has an issue with him and he says he is comfortable in his skin while Mojo can hide behind his keyboard all he wants.

Breeze lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and hits an enzuigiri.  Breeze is catapulted into the turnbuckles.  Mojo misses the running forearm and Breeze gets a near fall.  Mojo catches Breeze and sends him into the turnbuckles and hits a sit out Alabama Slam for the three count.

Winner:  Mojo Rawley

Dolph Ziggler says they came to Raw with a plan.  A plan to take it over.  It is sophisticated and strategic.  It appears to be working.  Just ask Seth Rollins.  He tried to interfere and he ran into the true Iron Man.  Drew says he had a chance to get closer to the Universal title.  He will wipe the smile off Finn Balor's face.

We go to commercial.

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