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By Mike Johnson on 2018-07-20 20:15:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of "Honor For All" in Nashville, TN, streaming from the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN for Honorclub subscribers.  You can subscribe to by clicking here.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are the announcers.

ROH TV Champion Punishment Martinez vs. Scorpio Sky

It was Martinez’ power vs. Sky’s finesse early.  Martinez scored with a chokeslam for a two count then locked in a rear chinlock.   Sky avoided a move near the ropes and nailed a rana off the top for a two count.  Scorpio went for a springboard move but was grabbed for a chokeslam.  Martinez went for it but Sky turned it into a rana.  They topped through the ropes to the floor.  Sky nailed an Ace Crusher coming off the ropes for a two count. 

They battled back and forth until Martinez scored the pin with the chokeslam.

Your winner and still ROH TV Champion Punishment Martinez!

Good opener with Sky playing more of a babyface than usual, right down to getting the crowd to clap to rally him.  Martinez looked good here.

Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai vs. Karen Q

Q was rather aggressive early.   Sakai caught her with a bulldog, then went to the top for a missile dropkick.   Sakai was caught and whipped across the ring by her hair.  She smashed Sakai into the buckles and followed up with a big suplex for a two count.

Q continued working over Sakai, going for a Boston crab.  Sakai tried to kick her off, but Q cartwheeled away and went back to the attack.   Q hit a back elbow in the corner and followed up with a kick.  She drilled the champ with a big Uranage.

Q draped Sakai on the top rope, setting the stage for a superplex.  Sakai fought back and knocked Q into the ring below.  Sumie nailed a flying bodypress but bounced off, two tired to make the pin.  Q nailed several dropkicked and nailed a TJ Neckbreaker for another close fall.

Q locked her in a Boston Crab, but Sakai made it to the ropes.  Sakai went for an inverted DDT, but Q slips out and kicks up at her face.  Q nailed her with a bucklebomb and a Samoan Drop for a two count.   Q went to the floor and teased using the WOH title belt, then a chair.  Referee Paul Turner took it from her, but Q had grabbed the title belt and tossed it to Sumie.

The referee took it away from her.  Q attacked Sumie but was caught with a sunset flip and pinned.

Your winner, WHO Champion Sumie Sakai!

Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin vs. Shane Taylor vs. Jonathan Gresham to determine top contender for ROH TV Championship.

The competitors shake hands before the bell, except Taylor.

Sabin and Gresham started out, going back and forth with some nice action.  King and Taylor each tagged in.  They showed each other respect but Taylor rocked King with a big right that sent him to the floor.  King avoided some strikes and punches but nailed a kick hard.  Gresham tagged in and was nearly slammed, but King returned and nailed some big hits.  King lifted Taylor, but Sabin and Gresham attacked everyone.

Gresham went for a high cross body but was caught by Taylor.   He chopped away hard at Gresham in the corner.     Gresham fired back but was nailed in the mouth.  Gresham leapt on his back and locked on a sleeper.  Taylor slammed him, but Sabin broke up the pinfall.

Taylor battled Gresham and nailed a powerbomb.  Sabin and King tagged in and went back and forth.  King went for a sunset flip, but the former TNA Champion rolled through and nailed a kick to the face.  King nailed a spinebuster for a close two count.  He has a hell of a spinebuster.

King went for a springboard move but Taylor, who was outside, nailed him and tagged himself in.   Taylor attacked Sabin but was nailed with a step-up enziguiri.  Sabin nailed a tornado DDT for a close two count. 

Gresham tagged in and nailed an awesome dropkick into the corner on Taylor and scored a two count.   They all went back and forth with some great wrestling.  Gresham went back with a sleeper on Taylor and finally scored the win, which got a big reaction.

Your winner, Jonathan Gresham!

All action with some fun sequences and really good near falls.  They built up Gresham as the smaller star with a lot of zest for great wrestling and submissions and he became David taking out Goliath, which the crowd loved.  Really fun.

Bully Ray vs. Chuckie T

Bully came out with no music and began harassing everyone around ringside.

Ray took the mic after Taylor entered the ring.  He said there’s been a lot buzz on social media since this match has been announced.  Ray said that he has a problem with the young boys in the business but said Taylor has been wrestling for 16 years and is a veteran.  He said Taylor came up the right way and worked in PWG, which was a company like ECW where you worked in a small building and made your name.  He said that he’d be happy to have a wrestling match with him tonight.

Taylor said no one in the locker room wants Ray here, said he’s a bully and can shove everything he said up his a**.

Taylor took the fight right to Ray and worked him over in the corner with some fire.  Ray shoved him away but was nailed with a dropkick off the corner.  Ray was sent into the corner.  Taylor combed up but Ray shoved referee Todd Sinclair into the ropes, crotching Taylor, who crashed into the ring.

The ref warned Ray he would disqualify him if he kept it up.  Ray kicked Taylor low.  He was DQ’d.  Ray kicked the ref low.

Your winner, Chuck Taylor by DQ.

Ray began beating Taylor across the back with a chain.

Colt Cabana had enough and hit the ring, nailing Ray with a series of rights but was nailed with the chain.  Ray worked over Colt with the chain.  Trent Baretta hit the ring and attacked Bully, who ran off.  That was a nice surprise.  He and Taylor hugged to a nice pop.

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