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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-07-15 23:00:00

Welcome to the Extreme Rules Post Show.

Your hosts are Sam Roberts and Renee Young.

They talk about the roll that Dolph Ziggler is on.  Sam talks about the strategy Ziggler used.

Sam and Renee talk about the US Title Match and the return of Randy Orton.

The first guest is Bobby Lashley.

Sam mentions when Bobby was thrown over the top rope to the floor and he thought the match was over.  Bobby says when you are a champion, you fight to the end.  Renee mentions Bobby's comments from Raw and she asks about how much he respects Roman.  He says Roman is a beast.  He has beaten everyone but he never faced anyone like Bobby.  

Bobby says he is here to show what he did during his ten years away from WWE.  Sam mentions Bobby appearing on his podcast and how he wanted to face Roman Reigns.  Bobby wants to go after Roman because he is a competitor.  Bobby says he was not trying to disrespect Roman.  He was expecting Roman to bring his A Game and he is a competitor and warrior.

Bobby is asked about Brock.  He does not know where Brock is, but when he comes back, Bobby is ready to face him.  

Renee asks Bobby about what Kurt Angle said about Brock earlier tonight.  Bobby says that is the way to get the title back.  Bobby says he figures that Brock will be there on Monday.  Sam asks if Bobby wants Brock or a title match if Brock is not champion.  Bobby says he wants to face Brock and beat him for the title.  If Roman beats Brock for the title before he gets to Brock, he wants both.

Bobby says he has earned a shot at the title now.  Bobby says that he showed that he is different from everyone else.  He tells Brock if he needs a competitor, Bobby is here and he is ready to fight.

Sam and Renee talk about how Bobby showed that it is no longer Bobby's legacy.

Carmella enters and sings about how she beat Asuka twice.  Carmella says she wants to play a game.  She asks how many times has she won the Money in the Bank ladder match.  Sam says twice.  She asks Sam how many times has she beaten Charlotte and Sam says two.  Carmella points out that she beat Asuka twice.  Sam mentions the asterisks next to her victories because of Ellsworth.

Renee asks about Ellsworth's condition and Carmella says that Paige is abusing her authority.  Carmella talks about how she is the one who beat Asuka, it wasn't Ellsworth who pinned her.

Carmella asks Sam to fill in the blank.

Carmella calls Sam a troll and she walks away but comes back to remind us that she is the champion.

Renee brings up the Raw Women's Title match.   Renee mentions that Alexa is able to get through anything.  Sam points out that it looked like Nia, Ronda, and Asuka did not look happy after what happened in the two women's title matches.

The B Team come into the area and they are still celebrating.  Bo says they made history.  Renee asks how are they going to celebrate.  Bo says they are unstoppable.  Curtis says they have been busting their asses for ten years and they are at the top of the hill.  Bo says the Miz gave them their opportunity and they ran with it.  Miz left them alone and they got their title match and became champions.

Renee asks if they are surprised they won.  Curtis says they are undefeated.  Bo says they had a game plan.  They mocked them and made fun of them.  That showed that they were not afraid.  

Curtis wants to go to a water park.  Bo wants some Buffalo Wings too, but not too hot.

Bo leaps onto the table as we go to credits.


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