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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-07-09 23:03:00

We are back and Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Seth says over the years, you have given him some sweet nicknames.  Mr. Money in the Bank since he won it in Boston.  The Kingslayer, the Architect, Monday Night Rollins.  The only moniker that matters now is Former Intercontinental Champion.  Seth says he has an opportunity to change that.  At Extreme Rules, he goes one on one against Dolph Ziggler for thirty minutes.  The man with the most wins in that period is the Iron Man and leaves Extreme Rules as the Intercontinental Champion.  Dolph is no joke.  He is a veteran and he is savvy.  Seth says that Dolph will bring that overgrown Scottish Wookiee, Drew McIntyre.

Dolph's music interrupts and he makes his way to the stage with Drew McIntyre.

Dolph thanks Seth for the kind words.  He tells everyone not to be fooled because he will not only bring his good looks and this giant psychopath with him.  He is also bringing the title.  Don't think for one second that he is not walking out of Extreme Rules as your champion.  

Drew says it is not all bad.  At least you will have your nicknames and you will get a glimpse at the future of this place. 

Dolph says you are still Seth 'Freaking' Rollins.  You are one of the best wrestlers to set foot in that ring.  Dolph says you are no Dolph Ziggler.  When it comes to that Iron Man match, he might win 5-0, 10-0, 100-0, or 1000-0.

Seth says the peroxide might be getting to Dolph's brain.  

Dolph says you lost that one shred.  Everything you poured into this title made it sweeter when he pried it from Seth's hands.  You don't win an Iron Man Match by swinging a sledgehammer or flipping over tires.  It is nothing you do in a Crossfit gym.  You win by racking up victory after victory.  Dolph says he is not one to brag, but at Kent State, he wrapped up enough victories he walked out the winningest wrestler.

Seth congratulates Dolph on 121 wins in college.  He asks Drew if he graduated from Kent State.

Drew says it does not matter where he has been, it is where he is going.  He is going straight to the top.

Seth says that Drew will be going wherever Dolph tells him to go.  Seth wants to know why Drew is taking orders from that pipsqueak.  Seth says Dolph knows your secrets.  Seth asks that there are no photographs.  It gets lonely in Scotland and there are only so many sheep to go around.  

Dolph says it won't be so funny after Extreme Rules when they roll over Seth on Sunday.

Drew tells Seth to prove how much of a man he really is.  Drew challenges Seth to a match tonight.

Seth accepts the challenge and he tells Drew to be careful because he is a baaaaaaaaad man.

Drew goes into the ring and so does Dolph but Seth gets out of the ring before they can get their hands on Seth.

Curtis Axel is putting on his Matt Hardy wig and Bo Dallas appears as Bray Wyatt.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are in the ring.  Curtis says on Sunday at Rules of Extreme, the B Team will dethrone the delusional Deleters of the World and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions. 

Bo says they will devour their souls with a side of rice and beans.  Maybe a side of avocado if it is in season.  A little salt and pepper.  It is going to be a buffet.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt appear on the TitanTron to interrupt.

Matt says enough of the mendacious monkeys.  The time for fun and games is over.

Bray says laughter is contagious, but you know what else is contagious . . . fear.  You have been infected.  Bray says they have the cure. 

Matt says they will eat you and delete you. 

Bray says why wait for Sunday when they're here.

Matt and Bray appear behind Bo and Curtis and Bo and Curtis leave the ring.

Match Number Three:  Matt Hardy (with Bray Wyatt) versus Bo Dallas (with Curtis Axel)

Matt runs Bo into the corner and connects with shoulders.  Matt with forearms and he sends Bo into the turnbuckles for the shots of deletion.  We see The Revival watching in the back.  Matt works on the shoulder and he applies a hammer lock.  Bo with a back elbow and punch to Matt.  Matt with more punches and a back elbow that sends Bo to the floor.  Matt follows Bo and he suplexes Bo on the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Matt with elbows to the back of the neck.  Matt with a snap mare into a cravate.  Bo with punches but Matt punches back.  Matt with a punch to Bo against the ropes and then he punches Bo in the midsection.  Matt Irish whips Bo's throat into the bottom rope.  Bo falls to the floor and Matt teases going to the floor.  Matt goes to the floor and he clotheslines Bo when Bo gets back to his feet.  Matt Irish whips Bo into the ringside barrier.  Bo escapes a Side Effect on the ring steps but he cannot avoid it in the ring.  

Matt with another Side Effect and then he goes to the apron to try to suplex Bo to the floor.  Bo holds on and Bray hits Axel from behind when Axel distracts Hardy.  Bo with a hanging swinging neck breaker for the three count.

Winner:  Bo Dallas

After the match, the lights go out and Bray and Matt are on the floor outside the ring.  Wyatt with a uranage to Axel while Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Dallas.  

Michael Cole announces that the match between Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins will take place tonight.

We take a look back at what happened at the start of Raw between Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley is asked about his mindset for Sunday.

Bobby says he has respect for everyone he stepped in the ring with, but he has zero respect for Roman Reigns.  He does not like the way that he walks and talks.  He does not llike how Roman thinks he is the sheriff of Raw.  He is tired of Roman bringing up what happened ten years ago.  At least Roman wants to fight and he knows that Roman will show up.  Roman will walk into Extreme Rules, but he will not walk out.


Tyler Breeze says that he knows they need help because he knows something about fashion.  We see that he is talking to Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.  They say they don't do fashion, they riot.  Liv hops on Sarah's back and they walk away.

We go to commercial.

We are back with more from Sasha Banks and Bayley during the counseling session.

We see coverage of Ronda Rousey being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

We go to comments from Alexa Bliss.  She says that she thought being Raw Women's Champion was the biggest joy of her life, but hearing the kendo stick connect with Nia Jax over and over again was great.  Now she gets to see that rookie in the front row.  Nia can say whatever she wants about her, but Nia will have to call her the Raw Extreme Women's Champion.

Match Number Four:  Ember Moon versus Liv Morgan (with Sarah Logan)

They lock up and Liv with a waist lock and Ember with a standing switch.  Liv misses an elbow and Ember pushes her away.  Ember lands on her feet on a hip toss attempt and Liv avoid a kick and backs into the corner.  Liv gets to the ropes but Ember pulls her into the center of the ring.  Liv goes to the floor.  Ember goes to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Liv with elbows followed by a bulldog for a near fall.  Liv with a Japanese Stranglehold.  Ember falls back to escape the hold.  Liv misses a kick and Liv with a matrix and then she takes Ember to the mat.  Ember with a head scissors to send Liv into the turnbuckles.  Ember with knees to the head and chest followed by a knee lift.  Ember with a fallaway slam.  

Logan gets on the apron and Ember with a springboard punch to knock Logan off the apron.  Morgan with a rollup but Ember with a jackknife cover for the three count.

Winner:  Ember Moon

Finn Balor is asked about his tag match tonight and comments from Baron Corbin.  Bobby Roode shows up and he says that they are cut from the same cloth.  Both are great looking men, have great hair, and great abs.  They are unstoppable in the ring.  When it comes to performing in the ring, there is no one better than Finn Balor.  When they are done tonight, they will be . . . 

Renee says GLORIOUS, but Bobby says they will be victorious.  They will also be Glorious.

Finn says he loves it when Bobby does it.  It is funny for Baron to think that he is in control.  Tonight, Baron will find out that he is not half of anything.   He is twice as good.  They prefer to do their talking in the ring.

We go to commercial.

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