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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-07-03 21:59:00

Match Number Two:  James Ellsworth versus Asuka

Before the match starts, Carmella's music plays and she makes her way to the ring.  Carmella and Asuka have some words and then goes to the announce table for commentary.

The match finally starts and Asuka pushes Ellsworth down and James goes to the floor.  Carmella tells Ellsworth to get back into the ring.  Asuka with a side head lock and Ellsworth goes back to the floor.  Ellsworth appears to have injured his jaw. Ellsworth returns to the ring and Ellsworth with a waist lock but Asuka with elbows and strikes followed by an airplane spin.  Asuka with a slap and spinning back fist.  Ellsworth goes to the floor again and Asuka follows.  Ellsworth runs into the crowd and Asuka follows.

The referee makes the ten count.

Double Count Out

Ellsworth and Asuka return to ringside and Carmella hits Asuka from behind.

Kane is in the back and Daniel Bryan stops by and he wants Kane to apologize.  Kane wants to know what he needs to apologize for.  Daniel runs through all of the bad things that Kane has done.  Kane stops Daniel and he apologizes.  Daniel wants to know for which one and Kane says for all of them.  Kane says that Daniel is like a brother to him and Daniel points out that Kane set his brother on fire.  Kane says the Usos are at the top of their game and if they make a mistake, they lose.  If they are on the same page, no one can stop them.  They create a fire that no one can extinguish.  Then they will be tag team champions.  Kane asks Daniel if he is ready for the Usos and Daniel says yes.

AJ Styles gets ready for his match as we go to commercial.

We are back and Shinsuke Nakamura will face Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules for the United States Title.

AJ Styles has something to say before his match.  He says at Extreme Rules, he will defend his championship against someone bigger and stronger than him.  What else is new?  That is what makes this job fun.  AJ says he likes proving people wrong.  AJ says he heard what Rusev said he would do.  AJ says this the House that AJ Styles Built.  Don't get him wrong, Rusev is a super athlete, but he is not phenomenal.

Rusev says he does not care how phenomenal AJ thinks he is because he has never faced this Rusev.  Rusev who for the first time has a WWE Title opportunity.  And it will be happening on his holiday.  Rusev says he meant what he said and he will evict AJ from his house and he will move into the house that AJ built.  Rusev asks Aiden what day will they be moving in and Aiden reminds everyone it will be on RUSEV DAY.

Match Number Three:  AJ Styles versus Aiden English (with Rusev) in a Non Title Match

Rusev distracts AJ and that allows Aiden to attack AJ from behind.  Rusev tells him never mind.  English kicks AJ in the corner and the referee warns Aiden.  AJ and Aiden fight on the floor but they get back into the ring.  Aiden with punches and an Irish whip.  AJ hits the turnbuckles chest first.  Styles with chops and a forearm to the back.  AJ with a kick to the back.  AJ with a forearm and waist lock but Aiden with a standing switch.  Aiden with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall.

Aiden with a knee and forearm to the back.  Aiden with a second forearm to the lower back.  Aiden goes for a third one but AJ with an elbow.  AJ with forearms and kicks.  English with a back heel kick.  Aiden sends AJ to the apron but AJ with a shoulder and he slingshots back into the ring but Aiden with a Dragon Suplex for a near fall.  Aiden with a rear chin lock.  AJ with strikes and a clothesline to Aiden.  AJ with a sliding forearm.  AJ with a clothesline into the corner followed by an Ushigoroshi.  Styles sets for the Styles Clash but English escapes.  AJ with a Calf Crusher and Aiden has to tap out.

Winner:  AJ Styles 

After the match, Rusev pulls AJ out of the ring and he sends AJ into the ring post.  Rusev with a jumping thrust kick.  Rusev sends AJ back into the ring and stomps on the back and applies the Accolade.

We go to commercial.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are in the back and Peyton says she gets to expose Becky Lynch as a loser.  Billie says Becky is a side kick.  Peyton says that Becky is on a roll but she will win tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Carmella is yelling at James for running away from Asuka.

Paige stops by and she says that she is enjoying watching Carmella use James to fight her battles.  She tells James that he has a rematch next week and all of the women will surround the ring in a lumberjack match.

Match Number Four:  Becky Lynch versus Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay)

Peyton runs Becky into the corner and connects with shoulders.  Becky with a snap mare and Billie distracts Becky but Becky with a rollup for a near fall.  Becky with an Irish whip and Peyton sends Becky to the apron.  Becky with a shoulder and then she goes up top but Peyton hits the ropes and kicks Becky.  Peyton with a slam for a near fall.  Peyton with knees to Becky followed by a kick to the midsection.  Peyton with an abdominal stretch.  Becky with a hip toss but Peyton sends Becky into the ropes and Peyton chokes Becky.

Peyton with a snap mare and seated abdominal stretch.  Becky with a rollup for a near fall.  Becky with head butts.  Peyton misses a spinning back heel kick and Becky with an exploder followed by a back heel kick.  Peyton with a kick but Becky with a leg lariat.  Becky runs into boots from Peyton and Peyton with a knee.  Becky with a crucifix into DisArmHer and Peyton taps out.

Winner:  Becky Lynch

Tom Phillips mentions that Shinsuke Nakamura has responded to the announcement of a US Title Match.  He asks why does Jeff Hardy paint his face.  Is he a clown?  Is he ashamed?  He will take Jeff's pride, honor, and then he will take his United States Championship.

Match Number Five:  Daniel Bryan and Kane versus Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso in an If the Usos Win This Match, They are Added to the Smackdown Tag Title Match at Extreme Rules Match

Jimmy and Bryan start things iff and Jimmy with a side head lock.  Jimmy with a shoulder tackle but Bryan with a drop toe hold and then he applies a surfboard.  Bryan tags in Kane and Kane kicks Jimmy in the head.  Kane with an uppercut and kicks.  Daniel tags back in and Bryan with a drop kick into the corner but Jimmy backs Bryan into the corner.  Jey tags in and hits a forearm in the corner.  Bryan with a drop kick and Kane tags in.  Kane with a slam and he misses an elbow drop.  JImmy tags in and he comes off the turnbuckles but Kane grabs him by the throat.  Kane grabs Jey as well and sends them over the top rope.  Jimmy with an uppercut to Bryan.

Jey with a suicide dive but he is met with a forearm from Kane.  Jimmy with a suicide dive and we go to commercial.

We are back and Bryan punches Jimmy and he flips out of the corner and hits a flying clothesline.  Bryan with kicks in the corner and he puts Jimmy on the turnbuckles and sets for a Frankensteiner and hits it.  Bryan with kicks to the chest.  Bryan misses a round kick and Jimmy hits an enzuigiri that knocks Bryan off the apron.  Jey tags in and he clotheslines Bryan on the floor.  Jey with a chop and Bryan returns to the ring.  Jey with a slam to Bryan and he stomps on Bryan's chest.  

Jimmy tags in and Jey kicks Bryan.  Jimmy with a running hip into the corner for a near fall.  Jimmy with a reverse chin lock.  Jimmy tries to keep Bryan from making the tag and he sends Bryan to the mat.  Jey tags in and he goes up top.  Jimmy with a back breaker and Jey with a chop to the head.  Jimmy tags back in and they make a wish with Daniel.  Bryan and Jimmy go for cross body blocks and both men are down.  Kane and Jey tag in and Kane with a punch and boot to Jey.  Kane with a clothesline into the corner followed by a side slam and he gets a near fall.

Kane with an uppercut to Jimmy and Jey with a drop kick and he goes for a suicide dive but Kane stops him.  Kane with a punch to JImmy when he goes for a suicide dive but Jey with a super kick.  Bryan comes off the turnbuckles and is met with a double super kick.  Jimmy and Jey with a double super kick to Kane and Jimmy gets a near fall.  Jey tags in and they both go up top for the double splash and Kane grabs both by the throat.  Bryan with a flying knee to Jimmy and Kane choke slams Jey for the three count.

Winners:  Kane and Daniel Bryan

After the match, Kane and Daniel celebrate in the ring.

The music for the Bludgeon Brothers plays and they make their way onto the stage.

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