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By Richard Trionfo & Mike Johnson on 2018-07-02 23:06:00

We are back and we see Kevin Owens arriving at the building at 7:55 PM Central (while my clock says 8:54 Eastern).  Kevin backs in and the valet asks for his keys and says he cannot park his car there.  Kevin refuses to give him the keys and he enters the building as he notices a port-a-potty next to his car.

Match Number Three:  Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns versus Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler

Dolph and Seth start things off.  They lock up and Seth with a waist lock.  Ziggler escapes but Rollins with a key lock into a front face lock.  Ziggler escapes and he applies a front face lock and gets a near fall.  They lock up and Seth with a hammer lock. Ziggler blocks a hip toss and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Rollins with a drop kick and Ziggler retreats into the corner.  McIntyre tags in. 

They lock up and McIntyre with a side head lock.  Drew with a shoulder tackle and then he blocks a hip toss and Drew sends Seth to the mat.  Seth gets to his corner and Roman wants to tag in.  Seth allows it and Roman enters the match.  They lock up and Drew backs Roman into the corner and connects with a knee and follows with punches and kicks.  Roman sends Drew into the turnbuckles and Roman with punches.  Roman goes to the turnbuckles and he punches Drew.  Roman tries for a Samoan drop but Drew gets to his feet.  Roman with an uppercut and Dolph goes to the floor and distracts Roman to allow Drew to hit a head butt.

We see Bob watching from the back.

Drew with punches to Roman.  Ziggler tags in and hits a super kick for a near fall.  Ziggler chokes Roman in the ropes while the referee warns Dolph.  We get Coach's word of the hour and it is Payback.  Drew tags in and he chops Roman followed by a neck breaker.  Dolph tags back in and he kicks Roman.  Dolph sends Roman into the turnbuckles and he punches Roman.  Roman with an uppercut as Ziggler goes for a splash in the corner.  Rollins tags in and hits a springboard clothesline.  Seth with a boot to Ziggler and he leaps over Dolph and hits Slingblade.  Rollins with a baseball slide to Drew and then he hits a suicide dive.  Roman with the Drive By and Rollins hits a frog splash for a near fall.  

Drew clotheslines Roman over the top and Ziggler with a rollup for a near fall.  Rollins with a rollup for a near fall.  Ziggler has a super kick blocked and Seth catapults Dolph over the top rope to the floor.  Rollins goes up top and he hits a cross body onto Drew and Dolph.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with a sleeper on Rollins but Seth tries to get to his corner to make the tag.  Rollins falls to his knees and Rollins is unable to make the tag.  Ziggler with a body scissors as he takes Rollins to the mat.  Rollins backs Ziggler into the turnbuckles to break the hold.  Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall.  Drew tags back in and he stomps on Rollins.  Drew with a chop and he applies a chin lock in the ropes.  Rollins with chops but Drew with a chop.  Rollins lands on his feet on a suplex attempt.  Drew is sent to the floor and he pulls Roman off the apron to prevent the tag.

Ziggler tags back in and Drew sends Rollins to the floor.  Dolph tries to Irish whip Rollins, but Rollins reverses and sends Ziggler into the ringside barrier.  Drew tags in and he Irish whips Rollins but Rollins with a super kick.  Ziggler goes for a Fameasser but Rollins counters into a Buckle Bomb.  Seth crawls across the ring and Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder come through the crowd to pull Roman off the apron.

The referee calls for the bell.

Winners:  Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (by disqualification)

After the match, Dawson and Wilder continue the attack on Roman while Dolph and Drew work over Rollins in the ring.  Roman is sent into the ringside barrier and ring steps while Dolph and Drew punch and kick Rollins.  Drew and Dolph hit the Claymore and Zig Zag combination on Rollins.

Dolph and Drew leave the ring while Dawson and Wilder bring Roman into the ring.  Dawson punches Roman and then Wilder kicks Rollins.  They hit Shatter Machine on Roman.

We take a look at what happened last week with Kevin Owens and his car and the incompetent valet.

Kurt Angle is in his office and Kevin Owens enters.  He tells Kurt that he to do something about Braun Strowman and what he did last week.  Kurt says they settle things in the ring and it sounds like Kevin wants a match.  Kevin says that Braun is a perfect candidate for therapy.  Or Kurt could suspend or fire Braun.

Kurt says there is only one way to settle this.   Kevin will face Braun Strowman tonight.

Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring and he will have something to say when we get back from commercial.

We take a look at some of the counseling between Bayley and Sasha Banks with Dr. Shelby but we cannot hear what Bayley and Shelby are talking about.

Baron says that he is here to help as Constable.  Everyone needs help to get to their full potential.  If your boss chews you out in a team meeting, he is trying to help.  If a teacher sends you to detention, they are trying to make you a better student.  If you get a speeding ticket, the cop is trying to make you a better driver.  Baron says that he was appointed to this position to make Kurt Angle a better General Manager.  There are some people who do not listen to the advise.  Baron talks about what happened last week in his tag match with Finn Balor.

Baron says that he is inviting Finn to come to the ring to offer him an apology.

Finn Balor makes his way to the ring and Baron thanks Finn for coming out here.  He says it doesn't have to be hard.  Say you were sorry, admit that you were wrong, and say that you will never do it again.

Baron says he will apologize first.  He says he wanted to talk when he hit Finn with a forearm.  He says he forgot that he was so much bigger, stronger, and tougher that he is sorry he might have hurt Finn.

Finn says he is sorry.  He is sorry that his comments about his vest got him fired from his job at TGI Fridays. 

Baron says he knows that Finn is still angry about being pinned two weeks ago.  Baron says he will be the bigger man and let Finn say he is sorry.

Finn says that Baron deserves an apology . . . from the person who gave him that haircut.  

Baron calls Finn a little twerp and he says he is trying to help Finn out.  You don't get the opportunities that he gets.  You don't get paid like he does.  Stephanie hand picked him for this job.  He tells Finn to show him respect and apologize.

Finn says he is sorry.  He is sorry but you stopped deserving any respect when you became Stephanie McMahon's stooge.

Baron punches Finn but Finn with Slingblade and a baseball slide.  Finn goes up top and Baron goes up the ramp.

Elias is in the back and he sees Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.  Liv asks Elias if he is performing tonight.  Elias says he will not perform for the crowd, but he has something for Liv and Sarah.  Elias starts playing and Liv and Sarah push things over.

Match Number Four:  Liv Morgan (with Sarah Logan) versus Ember Moon

They lock up and Moon with a waist lock.  Liv with a side head lock.  Moon lands on her feet on a hip toss and connects with an arm drag and a leg sweep.  Ember with a front face lock.  Liv with a forearm and side head lock.  Liv with a noogie while holding on to the side head lock.  Liv with a take down but Moon escapes.  Moon with a springboard cross body for a near fall.  Liv rolls to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Liv with a full nelson on Ember.  Ember gets to her feet and escapes the hold and drops down and goes for an ankle lock.  Liv rolls through and sends Ember into the ropes.  Liv with an enzuigiri for a near fall.  Moon scored the pin with the Eclipse!

Your winner, Ember Moon!

NOTE: Richard's cable went out, so Mike Johnson is tagging in!

We go back to Dr. Shelby's office where he is getting nowhere with Sasha Banks and Bayley.  He wants them to play a game where they act how they believe the other honestly feels.  Sasha acted out as Bayley, pretending she was a child.  Bayley then acted out as Sasha, saying she is the boss and stabs people in the back.  She made a crack about Snoop Dogg (Banks' cousin) and Banks got offended.  They got in each other's face and argued, then yelled as Dr. Shelby when he tried to intervene.  He finally yelled, "Enough!" and a graphic noted this was to be continued............

The announcers said that the counseling was going to take "plenty of time."

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