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By Jose Perez on 2018-06-12 13:05:00

World Wrestling Council will be celebrating their 45th anniversary with their biggest event of the year, “Aniversario 45”. They’re going to give it an old school WWC feel to the event as they have announced that there will be a 3-day weekend tour around the island. The dates and locations have been announced as:

-          Friday July 13th at the Juan “Aubin” Cruz Coliseum in Manati, PR

-          Saturday July 14th at the Mario “Quijote” Morales Coliseum in Guaynabo, PR

-          Sunday July 15th at the Juan “Pachin” Vicens Auditorium in Ponce, PR

During this past weekend’s TV show’s they announced 3 matches for their main show on Saturday July 14th in Guaynabo:

*WWC Univeral Champion The Mighty Ursus (c), managed by Ray Gonzalez vs. WWE’s Primo Colon vs

*Carlito Caribbean Cool vs Jack Hager (fka. Swagger), managed by Dutch Mantell (aka. Zeb Coulter)

*Special Tag Team Challenge Match – WWC vs ROH: WWC’s “La Artilleria Pesada” Thunder & Lightning vs ROH’s World Tag Team champions – The Briscoe Brothers

So far, it is shaping to be a very interesting night of wrestling. There is more announcements that are expected in the coming weeks and we will bring them to you.  We’ll also have full cards for each night as soon as they make them available.

This past Saturday evening, WWC presented their latest event “La Hora de la Verdad” at the Mario Jimenez Arena in Guaynabo, PR.  Here are few of the highlights from the event:

·         Bellito became the new WWC Television champion after he defeated OT Fernandez. After the match, a masked man came in and attacked Bellito.

·         “La Revolucion”, managed by Orlando Toledo, became the new WWC Tag Team champions having defeated Khaos & Abbadon. After the match, members of “El Sindicato”, led by Ray Gonzalez came into the ring and attacked Toledo and “La Revolucion”, Khaos & Abbadon joined in on the beatdown.

WWC Universal champion, Mighty Ursus, retained his title. However, Lightning, managed by Juan Manuel Ortega, came up with the victory although via DQ as Ray Gonzalez and “El Sindicato” interfered in the match. While they attacked Lightning, “La Revolucion” came in for the save, but the strength was in the numbers and they met the same fate that Lightning had faced. After a couple of minutes of “El Sindicato” having the upper hand, “El Ilegal” Chicano, after several weeks of not being in action, came out to make the big save at the end, thus sending the crowd home happy, and at the same time, setting the stage for a possible program going into Aniversaio 45. 

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