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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-05-29 21:59:00

We are in Raleigh, North Carolina and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring and he pulls out a ladder.

Joe enters the ring and he sets up the ladder in the center of the ring.  Joe climbs the ladder and he takes the briefcase.

Joe says it is said in biblical texts that the ladder is the connection between the Earth and the heavens.  It is said when Jacob looked upon his ladder, angels descended and gave him salvation.  Joe says his version is very different.  There is no salvation.  There are no smiling angels.  After Money in the Bank, he will be smiling like he is now.   Joe says he will have secured his championship opportunity and secured his title match.  He will unleash a reign of terror over the Smackdown champion.

Tonight, he proves to your beloved Daniel Bryan there are things far worse than forced retirement.  Joe tells Bryan if your eco-friendly tree hugging sensibilities allow it, he tells Daniel to call Brie to tell her daughter a story.  She needs to be told that daddy will be home for Money in the Bank, but he won't be the same man.  He will have the eyes of someone who is drenched in regret, failure, and missed opportunity.  When she looks up, Joe says he hopes she is told it was a very bad man by the name of Samoa Joe.

Daniel Bryan comes out and he says there are certain lines that you do not cross.  Daniel says he has his own vision.  You mention his wife or daughter again and he will break Joe's leg.  We all know where this goes.  We don't have to wait.  We can fight right now.

Before they can start their match, Big Cass comes out on his crutch.

Cass asks what is happening here.  Are we children on the playground making fun of each other.  What else would you expect from the shrimp and the blimp.  The fact of the matter is that should be his Money in the Bank opportunity, not yours Daniel.  This crap has to stop.  It will, because he spoke to Paige and this match will not happen.  What will happen is Samoa Joe will take on yours truly for the final spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, when he is cleared.

Cass asks rhetorically, when will he be cleared and he says he is cleared.

Cass tries to hit Bryan with the crutch but he misses and hits Joe.  Bryan with kicks but Cass Irish whips Bryan into the ladder.  Cass hits Joe and Bryan with the briefcase.

Shinsuke Nakamura walks in the back and he has cards with the numbers one through ten and he drops them as he walks.

We go to commercial.

Paige is in the back and she wants to know if there are any issues.  

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose stop Paige.  Mandy and Sonya talk about the pressure she must be under.  Sonya says they are giving opportunities to people who don't deserve it.  Sonya asks what has Asuka done lately.  Mandy says that Charlotte beat her at Wrestlemania and then lost her first Smackdown match.

Paige says that Mandy gets to face Asuka tonight to see why she is a contender for the title.

Renee Young asks Paige about Big Cass' comments earlier tonight.  Paige says she did not know that Big Cass was going to talk for her.  She did like the fire from the roster.  She says that Big Cass is medically cleared.  Daniel Bryan earned his second chance.  That means the only fair way to do it is to make it a Triple Threat Match.

Match Number One:  Shinsuke Nakamura versus Tye Dillinger

Dillinger pushes Nakamura but Nakamura with a knee and forearm.  Dillinger avoids a round kick and chops Nakamura and then sends Shinsuke into the turnbuckles.  Dillinger with chops and he punches Nakamura in the corner.  Nakamura with kicks and knees on the floor.  Dillinger drop kicks Nakamura off the apron and then he goes for a suicide dive, but he is met with a kick from Nakamura.

Nakamura kicks Dillinger in front of the announce table but Dillinger with a kick.  Nakamura with a punch and then he sends Dillinger into the ringside barrier.  They return to the ring and Nakamura with a slam and he gets a near fall.   Nakamura chokes Dillinger in the corner.  Nakamura with a knee drop.  Nakamura with a chin lock and he takes Dillinger down to the mat.  Dillinger with elbows and chops to Nakamura once he gets back to his feet.  Nakamura with a hard Irish whip. 

Nakamura returns to the chin lock.  Dillinger with a jaw breaker but Nakamura with a knee to the midsection.  Nakamura starts his own count while Dillinger is down.  Dillinger with a chop followed by a knee to the midsection and an axe kick.  Nakamura starts to make his count.  Nakamura with knees in the corner and then he puts Dillinger on the turnbuckles and connects with a running knee to the midsection.  Nakamura counts again but Dillinger gets back to his feet before the unofficial count gets to ten.  Dillinger shows Nakamura what ten is and Dillinger mocks Nakamura.

Dillinger with punches and a chop.  Nakamura with a knee to the midsection but Dillinger with a clothesline.  Dillinger with a knee to the head and Nakamura goes to the apron.  Nakamura with a kick and then he hits a jumping boot off the turnbuckles.  Nakamura with Kinshasa for the three count.

Winner:  Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Nakamura with a knee to the back of the head and he gets on the mic and starts to count to ten.

AJ Styles is in the interview area and he is asked about Nakamura's match and the Last Man Standing Stipulation.  AJ says he saw what Nakamura did to Tye and he did not forget what happened last week to him.  Something has snapped inside Shinsuke and there is some twisted reason for it.  He says he thinks Shinsuke is more dangerous than ever.  AJ says this is the story of his life.  His opponent thinks he has the advantage and he underestimates AJ.  That is why he is the WWE Champion.  He fights smarter than the guy who is stronger and bigger than him.  He is the last man to back down from a challenge.  Nakamura will try to tear down everything that he has tried to build, but in the end he will be the last man standing.

Rusev and Aiden English are trying to give Lana dance tips for her dance off against Naomi.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Aiden English and Rusev are on the stage to do the introduction for Lana.

Naomi comes to the ring but she is eventually joined by The Usos.

Lana dances first.  She is followed by Naomi.

It is time for Round Two and there is some Kid N Play action.

Lana attacks Naomi with a neck breaker.  Rusev has to pull Lana off.  Lana slaps Jimmy but Naomi hits Lana.  Jimmy and Jey super kick Aiden and Rusev off the apron.  Naomi with Rear View to Lana.

The New Day are in the back and they have their pancakes delivered.

Miz is in the locker room with Sheamus and Cesaro as he swats away pancakes.

Match Number Two:  Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro versus Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston

Big E and Miz start things off but Cesaro tags in and he tries to kick Big E but Big E blocks it and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and he gets a near fall.  Woods tags in and he htis a sliding clothesline.  Kofi with a kick and then Woods with a kick and Kofi with a splash for a near fall.  Cesaro punches Kofi and Kofi fights his way out of the corner for a moment but Miz pulls Kofi over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

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