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By Mike Johnson on 2018-05-12 18:50:00

So Cal Uncensored vs. Jushin Liger & Cheeseburger & Flip Gordon.

Cheeseburger came out holding his arm with the idea that he can't even lift the arm.

Cheeseburger surprisingly started the match.  Daniels backed him into the corner.  Flip and Scorpio tagged in and Gordon was able to stand tall against him.   Kazarian tagged in and called for Liger.  The crowd loved that and chanted for the legend.

Liger tagged in and went back and forth with Kazarian.  Liger locked him in the bow and arrow.  So Cal Uncensored cut off Liger and began working over his arm, including Liger being trapped in a pump handle in their corner.   Liger eventually tricked them into doing it to Daniels.  When they realized it, Uncensored all argued amongst themselves until Gordon nailed a missile dropkick.

Cheeseburger worked over Daniels until being nailed in the ribs.  Daniels ripped his shirt off to reveal that Burger had his ribs taped up.  Daniels began stomping them.  So Cal Uncensored trapped Burger in their corner, working him over as they tagged in and out.  Burger finally fought them off and tagged to Gordon.

Gordon began tearing across the ring with all his big moves including a Slingblade and a Spanish Fly.  Gordon nailed a slingshot cutter for a two count.  Gordon cleaned house and tagged in Liger, who began nailing chops.  He nailed a double clothesline on Daniels and Kazarian, then whipped out the palm strikes.  He ascended to the top but was cut off by Daniels.  Kazarian went for a superplex but Liger slipped under.  Liger hit the running Ligerbomb but Kazarian kicked out.  Burger nailed a knee off the ropes.

So Cal Uncensored cut off Burger and hit the Best Moonsault Ever into a tombstone.  The announcers called it the Best Meltzer Ever.

Your winners, Socal Uncensored!

Liger showed respect to Burger after the match.  Liger went to the ropes to play to the crowd but Bully Ray hit the ring and low blowed Liger.  The idea was that Ray always calls out the young guys for being disrespectful and now he’s disrespecting a legend to show he’s a piece of crap.   He then grabbed Burger and powerbombed him.  Ray bowed over Liger, then nailed him and Burger with his chain.

Flip Gordon returned from backstage and took Ray down, raining down punches and then superkicked him out of the ring. 

Cody vs. Hiromi Takahashi.

This is the first-ever meeting between the two in the ring.

Lot of playing to the crowd early.  They did a comedy bit where Bernard the Business Bear and Darryl Jr. the stuffed cat wanted to fight each other.  This led to Bernard being thrown out of the ringside area.   Takahashi nailed a clothesline and shoulderblocked Cody off the apron to the floor.  He followed up with a dropkick to the floor.

Rhodes cut him off as they returned to the ring and drilled him into the mat.  Rhodes peppered Takahashi with punches to the side of the head.     He worked over Takahashi’s lower back.  He mocked Kenny Omega by signaling for the knee trigger but instead kicked him in the head.  This started “We want Kenny” chants.

Cody locked in a figure four leglock.   He controlled Takahashi even after he made it to the ropes.  Cody continued the assault until Takahashi nailed a rana.  He nailed a shotgun dropkick for a two count.     Rhodes came back with the Disaster Kick for a two count.  Rhodes nailed a snap powerslam for another two count.

Cody set up for the CrossRhodes but it was countered and Takahashi actually nailed it on Cody, scoring a two count.  Cody called for his ring but before he could use it, Takahashi nailed him and went for the powerbomb to the floor. 

Cody made a comeback and hit the CrossRhodes but Takahashi kicked out.  The crowd came alive for that.   Rhodes followed up with a Vertebreaker for the pin.

Your winner, Cody!

Good match.

ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs. Tetsuya Naito & BUSHI.

The announcers noted it was a year about that BUSHI and Naito challenged unsuccessfully for the belts.

Jay and Naito started out.  Very physical back and forth.  Naito teased a dive, but instead laid on the mat.  Mark Briscoe tossed a chair in the ring at him.  Mark and BUSHI had some nice back and forth wrestling.  Mark nailed a gut wrench suplex.  The Briscoes controlled BUSHI for some time.  He almost was able to make a tag out to Naito, but Jay drilled him.  Later, BUSHI almost had the opportunity again but this time, Mark hit the ring and started stomping him.

Naito finally got the tag and drilled Mark with a running rana and hit a dropkick to the head.  Mark tried to nail a Razor’s Edge but BUSHI attacked.  They worked over Mark, and then Jay.  Naito nailed a rana off the top on Jay for a two count.

The battle went back and forth.  The Briscoes wiped out Naito.  BUSHI spewed mist but Jay ducked and caught him with the Jay-Driller.  Mark hit the Froggy Elbow and scored the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes!

Another good, solid main event.

As a house show, it was an entertaining show.

Scott D. sent word that after the show went off the air, a couple got engaged with the help of Bullet Club.  Hope they invite Bernard the Business Bear to the wedding.

The ROH War of the Worlds tour will commence with a TV taping tomorrow in Villa Park, IL at the Odeum.  We are seeking live reports.

I'll be back tomorrow with an audio looking at the highlights of the three tour dates that aired on Honorclub, thoughts on the matches and standout performers, where ROH could improve and more for Elite subscribers.

That's all for tonight.  Thanks so much for your support of!


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