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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-05-06 23:47:00

Welcome to the Backlash Post Show.  Your hosts are Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg.

Renee and Peter talk about the main event and what the win means for Roman Reigns.

Renee mentions that Daniel Bryan was supposed to be on the show but he will not be on due to an injury suffered after the match.

The first guest is Elias.

Elias says that everyone wants him to finish the song he wanted to play during the pay per view.  

Renee asks if people are jealous of Elias.  Elias says they do not have talent.  Elias mentions that he is friends with Bruce Springsteen.  

Renee asks if Elias saw Bobby Roode's dance and Elias refuses to answer.

Peter says that people were disappointed that Elias could not perform tonight.  

Elias asks for the proper introduction and Renee volunteers.

Elias sings about being surrounded by pollution and a rotten garbage smell.   He sings about wanting to vomit and that he knows why the Devils play here because it is a living hell.

Renee talks about the WWE Championship match.  Peter gives a male perspective on the feeling of being hit in the groin.

Carmella storms in and yells about beating Charlotte Flair.

Carmella asks Peter and Renee if they know who beat Charlotte Flair.  She asks them how many times did she beat Charlotte.  Carmella comments on the internet people who said she could not win and she says she is money.  Carmella demands some water and gets it.  Renee asks Carmella about the victory.  Carmella mentions who Charlotte has beaten but Carmella mentions that she took out her knee to win.

Renee asks Carmella want is needed and she says she needs some time to Mellabrate.

The next guest is The Miz.   Miz talks about coming back to the show he built.  Miz points out that he is on Smackdown and it is a post show so it is Talking Smack.  Miz wants Renee to choose which show she likes more and Renee mentions she was on Talking Smack.  Miz asks Peter to choose which brand he likes more and Peter says Raw.  Miz asks if it was because Miz was on there for a year.

Miz asks Peter if he is a fan of Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan.  Miz comments on Peter's jacket and says he is nothing like Bobby Heenan.

Miz says he wants to talk about the future.  He mentions Money in the Bank and he points out that he won the match in 2010 and became the WWE Champion.  Tonight, he went for the most coveted title in WWE because he made it relevant.  He says he makes titles relevant.  The title he holds over his shoulder is the title people want.  When he wins the WWE Title, it will become the most relevant title in the company.

Miz says he cannot figure out how Seth Rollins kicked out of two Skull Crushing Finale.  He weakened Seth's knee during the match.

Renee asks about taking the Black Out and Miz says it does hurt.

Miz mentions how he brought the IC title from the dumps to make it important because all of his heroes had it when he was growing up.  He says Seth's way of winning was cheap.  Miz says he is looking at the WWE Championship and he will make it the most important title. 

Renee asks Miz how does he know that he is in the Money in the Bank match.  Miz says he is in a qualifying match on Smackdown.  When he wins, he will go on to Money in the Bank.  That briefcase is all about the power to choose the situation to cash in.  Miz says he is on top of his game.  He says it does not matter if he won because he moves the needle on whatever show he is on.  

Miz talks about how Seth Rollins talks about how much he traveled with WWE.  Miz mentions all of the other projects he has in addition to the wrestling tours.  Miz comments on the shows Peter is on and how his name is not on either of them.

Miz mentions that he is also doing tummy time with Monroe Sky so he can be the best father there is.

We go to credits.

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