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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-05-01 21:58:00

We are back and Renee Young is in the ring and she brings out AJ Styles.

Renee asks AJ about the match on Sunday being no disqualification and whether it will help him on Sunday.

AJ says Nakamura can play his games because that is the benefit of a No Disqualification match.  His goal is to defend the gold while Nakamura seems to be going after the wrong jewels. 

Renee asks AJ about the apology that Nakamura wants from him for the attack after the match.

AJ says Nakamura should be sucking sand in the Saudi Arabian desert.  Nakamura ruined his Wrestlemania, then he took away a match against Daniel Bryan.  Nakamura then went after his friend and tried to injure him.  On Sunday, you can throw the rules the window because he can break them too.  AJ says low blows will be the least of Nakamura's worries.  You will find pieces of Shinsuke in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  The look on Nakamura's face will be the look of torture.

Renee asks about an apology.

Samoa Joe interjects himself into the segment and he appears on the stage.

Joe says AJ is making a spectacle out of himself filled with rage and anger.  He has lost focus on what is dangerous around him.  You are not focused on the right match.  The match you should be focused on is the one when his hand is raised in victory after proving that Roman Reigns is a failure.  The same Roman who lost in Saudi Arabia.  Brock was the first out of that cage and Brock is still Universal Champion.

Joe turns his attention to AJ.  You need to make peace with one destiny that is coming your way.  After he is done putting the Big Dog to sleep, whether it is you or Shinsuke Nakamura who is victorious on Sunday, he is coming after the winner for the title.  Believe That.

Shinsuke Nakamura's music plays and he waits for Nakamura to come out from the back, but we cut to the ring and Nakamura is in the ring with his forearm in the general area of AJ's genitals.

Nakamura slaps AJ in the back of the head and then kicks him in the head.  Nakamura sets for Kinshasa but he runs past AJ and then he hits it as he goes back the other way.

Becky Lynch is in the locker room and she is talking to herself.  She says she needs to make some adjustments.  She apologizes to Asuka for costing her the first match she had on Smackdown.  Asuka tells Becky to forget about last week because they get to hit back three times as hard.  Charlotte says Billie, Peyton, and Carmella think they are invincible, but they are annoying.  Charlotte says she is going to win back her title on Sunday and she is going to show Carmella about respect.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  Sheamus (with Cesaro) versus Xavier Woods (with Big E and Kofi Kingston)

They lock up and Sheamus sends Woods to the mat and he does it a second time.  Sheamus runs Woods into the turnbuckles and then Irish whips him.  Woods with a knee and chops.  Sheamus with an Irish whip and Woods floats over and hits a drop kick to the knee.  Sheamus catches Woods and pushes him away.  Woods with a rolling elbow and drop kick to send Sheamus to the floor.

Woods with a plancha onto Sheamus.  Cesaro distracts Woods on the floor and Sheamus with a knee to Woods on the apron.  Sheamus gets a near fall.  Sheamus with forearms across the chest and then he sends Woods throat first into the bottom rope.  Sheamus chokes Woods with his boot and then he hits a short arm clothesline.  Sheamus with a knee drop to the back and he applies a top wrist lock.  

Woods with a jaw breaker and then he is sent to the apron.  Sheamus with forearms and then he hits forearms across the chest.  Woods drops Sheamus on the top rope but Sheamus with a punch and knee drop.  Sheamus returns to the top wrist lock.  Woods with punches but Sheamus with a uranage back breaker.  Woods with punches and chops but Sheamus with a punch.  Woods lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt.  Woods with a knee to the head.  Woods is sent into the corner but Sheamus misses a charge into the corner and hits the ring post.  Woods with a leg drop for a near fall.

Woods goes up top and leaps over Sheamus.  Sheamus with a near fall.  Woods with a Shining Wizard and then he goes up top but Cesaro distracts Woods.  Cesaro sends Big E into the ring post.  Woods with a baseball slide to Cesaro but Sheamus sends him into the ringside barrier.  Woods with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner:  Xavier Woods

We take a look at Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose talking about Becky being Charlotte's side kick.  

Paige is in her office and Mandy and Sonya enter.  They hug.  Mandy says it is awesome that she is the General Manager.  Sonya says she knows why Paige called her in.  Sonya asks who is it going to be.

Paige says they already know.  She says Mandy gets the match and Mandy thinks she is getting a title match.  Paige tells Mandy she has to earn it.  Next week, Mandy will face Becky Lynch.  Mandy asks why aren't they getting special treatment.  Paige says Absolution is dead.

We go to commercial.

We are back with comments from Zelina Vega.  She says everyone is asking when will Andrade Almas appear on Smackdown.  Zelina says you will know when she tells you.  Soon, Smackdown will change forever.  Andrade tells everyone to stay tranquillo.

We run through the card for Backlash on Sunday.

Match Number Three:  Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Asuka versus Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, and Carmella

Charlotte and Carmella start things off but Carmella tags in Peyton before locking up.  Becky wants to tag in and Charlotte obliges.  They lock up and Becky with a hip lock take down into a waist lock.  Peyton with a back elbow and she sends Becky to the mat and gets a near fall.  Becky with a drop kick and Billie distracts her and Becky misses a leg drop.  Peyton wit a kick and Billie tags in.  Becky with an Irish whip and forearm for a near fall.  

Asuka tags in and she keeps Billie from getting to her corner.  Billie has a kick blocked and then she slaps Asuka.  Asuka with strikes and a back heel kick and a hip attack.  Charlotte tags in and she goes up top and hits a double sledge to the arm.  Charlotte with a rollup and a near fall.  Charlotte with a chop but Billie sends her into the corner and Carmella tags in.  Carmella misses a thrust kick and Charlotte with a take down but Carmella gets to the ropes and screams.  Charlotte with a pescado onto Billie and Peyton but Carmella gets out of the way.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Peyton with a reverse chin lock on Becky.  Carmella tags in and Becky with kicks and forearms to get close to her corner.  Carmella knocks Charlotte off the apron.  Becky with a drop kick.  Billie and Peyton pull Asuka off the apron and send her into the ringside barrier and ring steps.  Becky kicks Carmella away and Charlotte tags in and chops Carmella.  Charlotte with a kick to Billie followed by an exploder.  Charlotte kicks Peyton and hits a fallaway slam.  Charlotte with a belly-to-back suplex to Carmella and Charlotte misses a boot in the corner.

Charlotte kicks Peyton and Billie away but Carmella drops Charlotte on the ring post.  Billie drops Charlotte on the top rope and Peyton with a spin kick.  Peyton tags in and kicks Charlotte.  Charlotte is put on the turnbuckles and Carmella with a handstandcanrana for a near fall.  Carmella gets another near fall and she screams in frustration.  Carmella slams Charlotte's face into the mat.  Peyton tags back in and she connects with elbows to the upper chest and she applies a reverse chin lock.

Charlotte backs Peyton into the corner and snap mares her out of the ring.  Charlotte with a rollup but she tries for the figure four.  Peyton kicks her into the corner and Asuka tags in.  Asuka with a pop up knee and back fist to Peyton followed by a running boot.  Asuka with a waist lock and Billie holds on and so does Carmella.  Asuka lets bo and then she knocks Carmella and Billie off the apron with a hip attack.  Peyton with a rollup for a near fall followed by a thrust kick for a near fall.

Peyton misses a round kick but Asuka does not miss.  Billie kicks Asuka off.  Becky with a missile drop kick to Billie.  Charlotte with a spear to Carmella and then she hits a moonsault onto Billie and Carmella on the floor.  Asuka with a waist lock and Peyton with an O'Connor Roll but Asuka with an Asuka Lock and Peyton taps out.

Winners:  Asuka, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair

We go to credits.


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