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By Mike Johnson on 2018-04-27 16:56:00

Greatest Royal Rumble (continued)

Roode began cleaning house, looking good against everyone.  Goldust was knocked over the top to the floor.   Roode nailed an inverted atomic drop on Dawson and eliminated him after sending him hard into the corner.

Number 26 was Fandango.  He went right at it with Tucker Knight.  Poor Tucker Knight.  I can't think of a less impactful debut appearance on the main roster. Elias and Bryan tossed Roode over the top but he slipped back under the ropes.  Elias was also almost sent over the top but saved himself.

Number 27 was Chad Gable.   Bryan and Gable battled.

Number 28 was Rey Mysterio.  Big pop for him.  Pyro for his entrance as well.    He hit a bunch of trademark spots,

Number 29 was Mojo Rawley.    Fandango was eliminated.

Number 30 was Tyler Breeze, who came out to his old NXT theme.  Breeze got tossed over the top and onto the apron immediately by Mojo.  Mojo shoved Breeze off but Fandango caught him in his arms.  Fandango put him back on the apron but Rawley then kicked him off to the floor.  That was funny.  Everyone battled.

Number 31 was New Day's Big E, who offered Tucker Knight pancakes.  Knight had no interest, so E tossed them at him. They battled.  E hit the Big Ending and tossed him out.  Everyone battled.

Number 32 was Karl Anderson.  He and Bryan battled, with Anderson nailing a big boot to the face.  E and Anderson battled.  

Number 33 was Apollo Crews.  Gable was eliminated.  

Number 34 was NXT Tag Team Champion Roderick Strong.  This is easily the biggest crowd he ever worked in front of.  He looked great whipping out backbreakers and hit a Gutbuster on E before tossing out Rhyno.

Number 35 was Randy Orton.  Big pop for Orton.  Orton nailed a RKO on Apollo in mid-air, which looked badly mistimed.  Apollo and Anderson were tossed.

Number 36 was Heath Slater.   Orton worked over Bryan and tossed him over the top but Bryan landed on the apron.  Elias was tossed over the top by Slater but pulled himself back in.  Orton and Mysterio battled in the corner.  Roode tried to eliminate Bryan.

Number 37 was NXT star Babatunde. He is TALL.  He wiped out Roode with a big shoulderblock.  Bryan was dwarfed by him and worked over in the corner.

Number 38 was Baron Corbin.  He cleaned house but Rey nailed him with kicks to the legs.  Corbin wiped him out with an awesome looking Deep Six.  He then wiped out Roderick Strong.  Corbin dumped Strong and Roode.

Number 39 was Titus O'Neil.  He charged down to the ring, tripped and crashed through the ring skirt, landing over the ring.  This was a legit tripping and everyone on commentary lost their mind.  WOW.  That was bad.

Number 40 was Dan Matha from NXT.  He was helping out at the tryouts this week.

Number 41 was Braun Strowman.  That's probably why they were adding so many people intothis, so Braun can toss them.  He faced off with Babatunde. Strowman tossed him, Big E and Slater.  Everyone else jumped on Strowman to try and take him down.

Number 42 was Tye Dillinger who helped with the pile-on.  Strowman powered out, sending Titus over the top to the floor.  Braun tossed out Tye.  Orton and Randy teamed up to work over Strowman, who was hit with an RKO and a 619.  Elias tossed out Orton.  Strowman chokeslammed him.  Elias and Bryan were nailed and went to the floor, but are still under the ropes.

Number 43 was Curt Hawkins.  He saw Strowman and tried to run back up the aisle.  Braun chased him down and dragged him back to the ring.  He tossed Hawkins in and then out, rudely.  Poor Hawkins.  Elias nailed Braun into the ringpost.  Elias began stomping away at him.

Number 44 was Bobby Lashley.  He got pyro for his entrance.  He clotheslined Elias and slammed him.  Elias avoided a charge in the corner but was caught with another clothesline.  Lashley nailed a spear into the corner.  They went back and forth (including Lashley dropping him by accident) before Lashley dumped Elias.  Elias had a good showing tonight overall.

Lashley and Strowman faced off but before anything could happen, Bryan returned and killed them with running dropkicks in the corner.

Number 45 was The Great Khali.  Yay.  Everyone rejoice.  It's Khali.  Khali wiped out everyone with the chops to the head.  Yeah, I missed that.  Lashley and Strowman teamed to toss him over the top.  Whew!  That could have been MUCH worse.

Number 46 is Kevin Owens.  He nailed cannonballs on Strowman and Lashley, who had wiped each other out.  Owens and Bryan battled.  Owens was tossed over the top but Owens saved himself.  He was nailed with a pop-up powerbomb.

They announced Bryan has broken the record for the longest time ever in a Rumble match.

Number 47 is Shane McMahon.  He worked over Owens.  Bryan and Shane faced off.  They teased fighting but then took turns hitting Yes Kicks to Owens.  

Number 48 is Shelton Benjamin.  He hit the ring and hit a double leg takedown on McMahon.   He then tackled Bryan down.  He looked really good.  He nailed a big knee lift to Lashley in the corner.  Strowman wards off Benjamin and sent him down.  Owens tried to direct traffic, saying they have to get Strowman out of the ring.  Several of them began working on Strowman.

Number 49 is Big Cass, which means number 50 is Jericho.  Cass went right after Bryan and worked him over.  Everyone else was focusing on Strowman.  McMahon hit Coast to Coast on Strowman, knocking him under the ropes to the floor.  Cass nailed Lashley with a fall away slam.   

Number 50 is Chris Jericho.  Owens began challenging him and they began brawling, picking up where their old feud left off.    Jericho nailed him with the Lionsault.   He dropkicked Cass, who almost went off the apron but saved himself.  Jericho nailed the Codebreaker on Benjamin, eliminating him.  Owens was trapped in the Walls of Jericho.  Big Cass drilled Jericho with a big boot to the face.  Lashley went to suplex Cass, almost lost him, picked him up again and almost lost him again before dropping him down for a brainbuster.

Bryan began whipping out dropkicks on Owens.  Shane went to the top for a Coast to Coast but Strowman grabbed Shane's throat and chokeslammed him off the top, sending him crashing through the announcers' table below.   Strowman chucked Lashley over the top to the floor, then tossed out Owens and Jericho.  Bryan took the fight to Strowman and almost eliminated him but was hit with a big boot by Cass.  Cass tossed out Bryan.  He began trash talking Bryan, who was down on the floor, and turned around to face Strowman.

Cass nailed several clotheslines but missed a big boot and was crotched on the top rope.  Strowman charged him and knocked Cass over the ropes to the floor below.

Your winner, Braun Strowman!

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and Vince McMahon awarded Strowman with a championship belt and a trophy.  LOTS of pyro to close the show.

They closed out with a music video featuring the highlights of the show.

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