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By Mike Johnson on 2018-04-27 16:56:00

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs. Roman Reigns - Steel Cage Match

Heyman did the big ring introduction for Brock.

It's pinfall, submission or escape.

They circled each other and Brock caught Roman and snapped him with a series of German suplexes.  The storyline the announcers were telling, especially Corey Graves, was that Brock had Roman's number.  Lesnar nailed another one, then snapped Roman with a F5.    Roman made a comeback with a series of Superman punches and went for a spear.  Brock caught him but Reigns grabbed the cage and almost scaled over the cage but Lesnar grabbed his chest protector and pulled him out.  Lesnar scaled the cage but was pulled down by Roman.  Brock did not look like he was confident being up there.  Roman pulled him down into a powerbomb out of the corner.

Roman and Brock struggled to get to their feet as they showed Samoa Joe watching from backstage.  Roman rammed Brock into the cage.  He did it again and Lesnar bounced off the steel.  Reigns nailed a spear and set up for another.  He nailed another spear.  Roman hit the trifecta, but Lesnar kicked up at two.

Roman called for the door to be opened and went to walk out of the cage, but Heyman did his best Terry Gordy and slammed it on Roman.  Lesnar slammed Reigns and scored a two count.  Heyman opened the cage door and slid a steel chair into the ring for Lesnar.  Brock grabbed it but before he could utilize it, Reigns speared him again for another two count.

Roman smashed Lesnar across the back and then across the side.  Reigns continued beating the Universal Champion down.   Reigns drilled another Superman Punch.  Reigns speared Lesnar into the cage.  The cage broke.  Lesnar crashed down with Roman atop of him.  The referee ruled that Lesnar hit the floor first.

Your winner and still WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar!

Pretty damn creative finish.  They obviously did this to build to yet another rematch as Reigns' feet touched the floor first as Brock's feet were still leaning against the cage and the announcers pushed the controversy.

Good match with the idea that these two monsters were lobbing big moves at each other.

The Greatest Royal Rumble Match

They amended the entrances to every 90 seconds.  The winner gets a championship belt and trophy.

Number One is Daniel Bryan.

Number Two is Dolph Ziggler.

They locked up and tried to throw each other out of the ring early.  Ziggler nailed a big dropkick and muscled Bryan over, but Bryan hit the apron and slide back under the bottom rope.

Number three was Sin Cara who nailed an Asai moonsault off the ropes on Bryan and Ziggler.  He looked good hitting some offensive moves off the ropes.  He nailed a senton off the top on Bryan and tried to toss him over.  Ziggler went to attack but was caught in a backbreaker.  Ziggler went for the Zig Zag but was tossed off.  Ziggler tossed Sin Cara.  Cara looked really good for the short period he was in.

Number four was Curtis Axel, who came out to his old Mr. Perfect-esque music.   He hit the ring and went right after Bryan.  Axel worked over Bryan and Ziggler.

Number five was WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry.  Axel worked over Bryan, who he had tried to the tree of woe.  He confronted Henry, who grabbed him and tossed Axel over the top.  Axel landed on the apron but was hit with a big headbutt.  Axel went to the floor and was eliminated.

Ziggler and Bryan tried to muscle over Henry to no avail.

Number six was Mike Kanellis.  He hit the ring and was eliminated by Mark.  That was quick!

Ziggler tried to work over Henry.

Number seven was Sumo wrestler Hiroki Sumi. He and Henry faced off.  Henry tossed Sumi.  Bryan and Ziggler dumped Henry.  Booo!  Ziggler and Bryan battled.

Number eight was Viktor of The Ascension.  Bryan used his arm to force him over the ropes and eliminate him.  Bryan and Ziggler battled.

Number nine was Kofi Kingston.  He took control and nailed the Boom Drop on Ziggler.  He tried to force Bryan over the ropes.  Bryan fired back with a series of of Yes Kicks.  

Number ten was Tony Nese.  He battled with Bryan while Ziggler battled Kofi in the ring.

Number eleven was Dash Wilder.  He drilled a big elbow on Bryan then battered him in the corner with shots.  Nese and Kingston battled in the corner.  

Number twelve was the returning Hornswoggle.  He got a huge pop.  He helped pull Wilder out of the ring.  He hit the ring and embraced Kofi, then kicked his leg.  Swoggle picked up Kingston and hit a Samoan Drop.  He went to the top but was nailed with a superkick.  Swoggle bit Ziggler's hand but Nese kicked him off the apron, eliminating him.

Number 13 was Primo Colon.  Nese sent him into the ropes.  Colon went for a move off the ropes but slipped.  Nese tried to grab him for a suplex but Colon blocked and dropped down with a jawbreaker.  Nese was tossed over the top but held on and pulled himself back through the ropes.  Everyone battled.

Number 14 was New Day's Xavier Woods.  New Day teamed up and worked over Nese.   Primo backdropped Xavier over the top but he landed on the apron.  He then did the same to Kofi, who landed on his shoulders.  He nailed and they teased going off the apron but saved themselves and climbed to the top. They came off and took everyone out.  They danced.  Nese tried to join them.  They danced with him and put him on their shoulders, then dumped him over the top.  That was pretty funny.  Nese is eliminated.

Number 15 is Bo Dallas, back to his old theme.  He took the fight to New Day.  Bryan nailed a suplex on Kingston.

Number 16 is Kurt Angle, which means he and Bryan Danielson are in the same ring together for the first time!

Angle cleaned house, tossing Ziggler and everyone except Bryan and New Day.

Number 17 is Scott Dawson.  He went right after Xavier.   Everyone battles.

Number 18 is Goldust.  He snapped Woods with a great powerslam.  

Number 19 is Konor from The Ascension.  Everyone battled.  No interaction with Angle and Bryan yet.  Goldust tossed Bryan over but he pulled himself back through the ropes.

Number 20 is Elias, who came out strumming his guitar.  He was acting like he was stalling, but then hit the ring and pushed over Konor and New Day as they were fighting against theD ropes.

Number 21 is Luke Gallows.  Finally, Bryan nailed a big back suplex on Angle and whipped out some Yes Kicks.  Angle grabbed his leg and snapped on the anklelock.  He nailed the Olympic Slam but he was snatched and tossed over the top by Elias.  Booo!  That was fun while it lasted.

Bryan has been in for 30 minutes.

Number 22 is Rhyno, who hit the ring.  Everyone battled.  

Number 23 is Drew Gulak.  He went right after Bryan Danielson, stomping away at him.  Dawson and Gulak chopped at each other and battled against the ropes.  Goldust and Elias battled.  

Number 24 is NXT star Tucker Knight.  Gulak locked on a sleeper but was flipped over to the floor.  Bye Bye Gulak.  

Number 25 is Bobby Roode.

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