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By Mike Johnson on 2018-04-27 16:56:00

They pushed that Backlash would see Raw and Smackdown come together for one night...uh, just like they are tonight?  

WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. The Miz

Miz and Balor battled, while Joe and Rollins faced off.  Balor dropkicked Miz down and took the fight to Joe with a chop.  Joe nailed a step up enziguiri in the corner on Balor.  Rollins came off the ropes with a double blockbuster on Joe and Miz.  Rollins and Balor fought.  Rollins sent him to the floor and nailed a tope to the floor, then hit the ring and hit one on the opposite side of the ring on Miz.  Seth went to grab a ladder.  Joe tried to take it.  Miz joined in and he and Rollins drilled it into Joe on the floor, smashing him into the ring apron.  Balor hit a flip dive to the outside on everyone.

Joe recovered and brought the ladder into play.  He went to set it up in the ring but Rollins cut him off and nailed several chops.  He rebounded off the ropes but was nailed by Joe.  Joe caught Balor returning to the ring and struck him with a hard chop.  Balor used a double leg takedown to snap Joe back onto a ladder, then hit a double stomp.  They allowed Balor to set up the ladder and begin to ascend, but Miz pulled him down and nailed a big kick.

Miz began climinbing up but Rollins stopped him.  Miz tried to grab him for the Skull Crushing Finale, but was shoved into the ladder face-first.  Rollins set up the ladder but Balor and Rollins kept thwarting the others' attempts to make it to the top.  They battled on the ladder but Miz and Joe tipped it over, sending them crashing.  Miz was all happy until he realized he was going to have to battle Joe.  He attempted to create an alliance between the two.  Joe shook his hand, then attacked him.

Joe slammed Balor atop a ladder.  He placed the ladder against the buckles and hiptossed Seth into it.  Miz got the same treatment.  Balor caught Joe with Slingblade and sent him into the corner.  The ladder crashed down atop of Joe.  Balor ascended to the heavens, looking to double stomp Joe to hell.  Rollins caught him and went for a powerbomb but Miz got involved.  Joe nailed Miz with the ladder and slipped underneath for a Tower of Doom, powerbombing Rollins as he superplexed Balor.

Joe brought another ladder into the ring from under the ring.  Miz attacked him from behind and nailed the Skull Crushing Finale onto the ladder.   Everyone battled.  Finn made it to the top but couldn't get the belt.  Miz pulled him down and nailed the Finale.  Seth scrambled up the ladder but Miz tipped it.  Rollins landed on his feet but Miz attacked and laid him out.  A "This is awesome" chant began.   Miz used the ladder to knock Rollins off the apron, sending him sailing into the Arabic announcing table.

Balor (bleeding from around his eye) attacked Miz and placed him on a ladder, drilling him from the top with the coup de grace.  Balor tried to ascend the ladder but Joe pulled him down.  They fired back and forth on each other.  Balor nailed a big kick.  Joe caught Finn with an impactful uranage in the corner.  Joe began climbing to the top of the ladder but Balor tipped it, with Joe snapped down across the top rope.  Balor ascended to the top but Rollins springboarded off the ropes to the ladder and snatched the belt out of Finn's grasp, crashing down with the belt.

Your winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins!

They aired a video feature on the WWE tryouts that took place over the past week in Saudi Arabia.

Hard-hitting match where everyone earned their pay and took some crazy punishment.  The finish here with Rollins stealing the belt was great.

Inside the ring, Mike Rome introduced four prospects from the tryouts - Nassar, Hussein, Monsoour and Fisal (who was from Jeddah and received the biggest reaction.)  Hussein said it was never expected for WWE to come to Saudi Arabia.  They have been waiting 20 years for this and now they have four potential WWE Saudi Arabian Superstars.  He spoke in English then translated to Arabic.  Monsoour said they were kids who had a dream and now they stand here hoping to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Out came...Ariya Daivari and his brother Shawn Daivari (the latter making his WWE return after many, many years).  The announcers acted like they were a regular act for the company.  Ariya took the mic and asked i this is what they called athletes in Saudi Arabia.  He said they were wannabes and trainees, not real athletes like the Daivari Brothers.  He said real athletes come from the strongest nation in the world, like them, Iran.  That got them some heat.  Shawn Daivari cut a promo in Farsi. 

Monsoour got in Ariya's face and they shoved him.  Monsoour had some good facial reactions.  He wiped out Ariya, sending him to the floor.  Fisal kicked Shawn Daivari.  Nassar picked up and slammed Shawn.  Hussein tossed him out of the ring.

Segment was perfect to get over the trainees in their home country.  The Daivaris did a nice job at getting heat and then selling for them.

WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

They locked up.  Nakamura stalled on the floor.  They locked up again.  Styles worked him over with a side headlock.   Nakamura gained control and beat down Styles.  The heel turn has really served to freshen up Nakamura.  The crowd was loving being there for this.  Styles made a comeback and nailed a big forearm in the corner.  Styles nailed a DVDR over his knee, bringing Nakamura's neck down atop of the knee.  Styles was setting up for the Styles Clash but Nakamura grabbed the ropes.  Styles nailed several knees but was caught with a leg lariat.

Nakamura began using knee strikes to the face and jaw.  He nailed a gourd buster and set up for the Kinshasa.  He went for it, but Styles rolled him up for a two count, then locked on the calf crusher.  Nakamura escaped but was favoring his leg.  He nailed a knee strike on Styles, who was set up across the top turnbuckle.  Nakamura went for a superplex but Styles was able to slide down through the legs, snapping Nakamura's leg in the process.  Styles was caught with a forearm and they battled back and forth with the audience cheering and booing depending on who was executing the strike.  Nakamura unloaded with kicks. Styles fired back with strikes but Styles took him down and attempted a cross armbreaker, finally cinching it.  Styles positioned himself into a pinfall in order to stop the move and followed up with a Pele Kick.

Styles went for a Phenomenal Forearm but Nakamura dropped down and Styles almost took out the referee.  AJ checked on him, allowing Nakamura to nail a low blow.  He covered Styles, who was near the ropes and broke the pinfall.  Nakamura went for the Kinshasa, but Styles knew he was coming and nailed a kick out of desperation.  A stunned Nakamura rolled to the floor.  Styles, hurting, followed and they brawled on the floor.  Nakamura was sent over the announcing table.    Styles ran him into the barricade as the referee counted them both out.

Double countout.

Styles nailed him with a bodypress.  They crashed over the barricade into the timekeeper's area.  Styles nailed him with a steel chair.  He tossed Nakamura into the ring but Shinsuke rolled out of the ring to the floor.

Casket Match: The Undertaker vs. Rusev.


Huge production for the Undertaker's entrance.  That thing never gets old.

They noted this is his first Casket Match since Survivor Series 2008.

Rusev tried to stall and went to the floor but Taker followed and attacked.  They battled into the ring where Rusev stomped away at him.  Taker nailed a series of rights and began working over Rusev's arm.  Undertaker went to the ropes for Old School, which the crowd loved.  Undertaker brought him to the outside, where he sent Rusev into the barricade and sent him face-first into the announcers' table.  Taker set him up and nailed a legdrop across the neck on the apron.

Undertaker brought Rusev back into the ring and rolled him towards the casket.  He was placed inside but Aiden English prevented the casket from being closed.  Undertaker went after English, who retreated up the aisle.  Undertaker returned to the ring but was kicked by Rusev.  Rusev stomped away at him.  They battled back and forth with right hands.  Taker nailed Rusev and knocked him to the mat.

Rusev caught Undertaker with a spinning heel kick as he rebounded off the ropes.  He nailed a series of elbowdrops.  Rusev called for the Accolade and locked it on.  Rusev called for the Casket to be opened, but turned his back on Undertaker, who sat up and returned to his feet.  He went for a chokeslam but Rusev landed on his feet.  They exchanged punches.  Undertaker finally snatched and chokeslammed Rusev.

Undertaker tossed Rusev into the casket but Aiden hit the ring.  Undertaker chokeslammed and tombstoned English.  English was tossed into the casket as well and Undertaker slammed the lid shut.

Your winner, The Undertaker!

Very much a greatest hits match and the type of gimmick bout Undertaker would have with talents in the early 1990s, but it was entertaining.  Rusev looked great and made yet another case for the company to utilize him more.  Undertaker looked good too.

LOTS of fireworks after.

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