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By Dave Scherer on 2018-04-17 10:00:00

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Isn't it pathetic when a wrestler who you pay to get an autograph and picture from is not nice to you? I mean you are paying your hard earned money to have them scribble their name on something and get a picture taken with them, shouldn't they want to at least have a brief conversation with you? 

Yes, I would agree that it’s pathetic when wrestlers treat you that way.  If they agree to do an autograph signing, they should at least act like they want to be there.  If they don’t want to be there, they shouldn’t take the payday.  People that show up for those events are the ultimate fans.

Has Joey Styles really left the wrestling business?

Yes, he has.   Of course, he was let go by WWE and after that told me that he is completely done with wrestling after the incident at EVOLVE where he made a harmless joke and was treated very poorly.  I believe him when he says he is done now.

Why is that some wrestlers/wrestling personalities absolutely refuse to do wrestling conventions? Paul Heyman is an example.

See the above question.  In some cases, they just don’t want to do the interaction and they don’t want to shortchange the fans by not being into the event.  In some cases, they don’t think the payday is good enough.  In some cases, they think doing a convention means that they are “done” as a draw.  It all depends on the person.

What was up with them choosing Nicholas as the mystery partner? Was this planned for the start? Was it done because too many people guessed who it may actually be and Vince want a jab at the “smart fans” ? I’ll never give hate towards a kid because even at 36 years old I’d take the opportunity. Yet, I feel that WWE missed having a bigger Mania opponent with an actual partner.

As it turned out, it was their way of putting Braun Strowman, who didn’t have a top singles match, in a position to make him look strong at the biggest show of the year (sadly, at the expense of a great tag team).  They never wanted Braun in the tag team mix so they did that storyline to keep him strong and also give him a way to vacate the Titles.

I was listening to a radio show (Busted Open I think, first time hearing it) and Bully Ray was on and mentioned he disagreed with Cena and Taker during Wrestlemania because in a sense it killed the one real claim to fame that Roman has, retiring the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  Sure Brock broke the streak but he ended the Taker's career.  By having Taker come back this year, twice no less, doesn't it kind of ruin that for Roman?  I mean for wanting Roman to be the "guy" which I got no problem with, aren't they just killing any kind of momentum Roman has?  I think Bully makes a tremendous point.  Why ain't Bully in the WWE booking room?

I said the same thing that Bully did, in a different way.  I think the whole Taker-Cena storyline was insipid, but if they were going to do it, they should have had Taker come out and beat Cena up, not actually wrestle a match, for the reason you mentioned plus it would let all of the fans that attended last year still say that they got to watch Taker’s last match. But, Taker’s going to wrestle again in two weeks so it is what it is.  Bully isn’t booking for them because he is logical and pays attention to detail.  That works against people at times in WWE!

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