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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-04-09 11:57:00

The Raw announce team runs down what happened on the Kickoff Show, then a Mardi Gras float escorts Sheamus & Cesaro to the ring for our next match.  Braun comes out and the Mardi Gras characters head for the hills, then Braun sends the float crashing off the stage and then makes his way to the ring.  He says there's nobody in the back who is ready to be his partner, so he asks who in the crowd wants to be his partner.  Braun scans his surroundings and walks around in the crowd looking for the right person, and brings what appears to be a ten year old boy to the ring with him.  The boy timidly enters the ring and Braun asks him what his name is (Nicholas), and Braun tells the fans to give it up for Nicholas.  He tells Nicholas to stay on the apron and let him take care of the rest.  Well, looks like our match is...

Raw Tag Team Title Match: The Bar vs Braun Strowman & Nicholas

Braun manhandles Sheamus and skee balls him to the floor.  Cesaro comes into the ring and takes a run at Strowman, who flattens him to the mat, yo-yos him back up, and chokeslams him.  Braun chases Sheamus, but Cesaro takes his knee out as Nicholas looks on in awe as the bar suplexes Braun onto the mat in front of him.  Sheamus comes off the top with a kneedrop, then tags Cesaro in.  Cesaro trash talks the kid, then they do the Quebecer Drop on Braun for 2.  Bar goes for a double superkick, but Braun catches both their feet and hits a double crossbody as Nicholas looks on like a deer in the headlights.  Braun backdrops Sheamus over the top and tags in Nicholas.  Cesaro snarls at Nicholas, who tags right back out to Braun, who catches Cesaro on a springboard crossbody and htis the running powerslam for the win.

Winners and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions: Braun Strowman & Nicholas

This is the damndest thing I think I've ever seen.  Nicholas celebrates with the belt and high fives the fans before heading back up the ramp with Braun.

And now, with an entire weekend of wrestling and celebration behind us, at long last, it's...MAIN EVENT TIME!

Universal Title Match: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

Brock picks Roman's legs and drives him into the corner right off the bell, and Roman fires back, but Brock pops him across the ring over and over with a series of German suplex.  Roman suddenly hits the Superman punch out of nowhere, and a second one sends Brock to the floor.  Roman springs off the steps with a third and rolls Brock back into the ring, then clotheslines him right back out.  Roman goes for another Superman punch off the steps, but this time Brock catches him and suplexes him on the floor.  Another one practically drops Roman on the back of his head.  Brock appears to try a belly to belly suplex onto the table, but ends up dumping Roman pretty much straight back and dropping him on his face on the table.  Back into the ring where Brock unleashes more suplexes, repeatedly hauling a battered and beaten Roman back to his feet to ragdoll him again.  After about five, Roman just slumps over the edge of the apron and out to the floor.  Brock pulls the German announce table apart, drags Roman over to it by the hair, and launches him into the barricade.  Brock goes for an F5, but Roman slips out and rams Brock into the ringpost.  Roman suddenly pops up and drives Brock across two tables with a huge spear.

Roman tosses Brock back into the ring and hits another Superman punch.  Brock is up, Roman hits a spear, Brock is up and Roman hits another spear, but Brock is out at 2.  Roman can't believe it, but I guess he just doesn't spear as hard as Goldberg.  Roman waits for Brock to get up again...and charges face first into Brock Lesnar's knee.  Brock makes a quick cover for 2, then drags Roman up and hits an F5.  Brock makes a cover, but Roman is out at 2.  Brock picks Roman up and hits a second F5, but Roman is again out at 2 and Brock can't believe it.  Paul hollers at Brock to put him down, and a furious Brock Lesnar hauls Roman back up and hits a third F5, but Roman kicks out yet AGAIN, and Brock and Heyman are in disbelief.  Brock tosses Roman out to the floor, then goes out and stands over him, drags him up by the shirt, and gives him an F5 through the German announce table.  Lesnar literally drags Roman back to the ring by the skull and tosses him inside, then smiles as he stands over Roman's barely moving carcass before launching him with another German suplex.  He hits yet a fifth F5, but Roman AGAIN kicks out.

Lesnar is done screwing around: he takes his gloves off, mounts Roman, and just pummels him with bare knuckle shots.  Roman is legit busted open and has blood running down his face.  That's actually a LOT of blood, and the ref puts his gloves on as Brock hauls him up yet again...but Roman slips out of the F5 and hits a spear then a second, but a cover only gets 2.  In a terrific visual Roman gets right in Brock's face, hits the ropes...and runs into another F5.  Brock makes the cover, and that's all she wrote.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Well, that was an unexpected finish!  Medical personnel check on a despondent Roman Reigns as we hit the closing video and call it a night.

Thanks for reading's live coverage of Wrestlemania 34!  I'll be back in just a bit with Dave Scherer and Mike Epsenhart for the postgame show in the Elite section!

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