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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-04-09 11:57:00

We see the preview of Paige's movie and the scene where she meets the Rock backstage.

Raw Women's Title Match: Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax

Alexa has an awesome entrance, descending to the entry ramp on a literal pedestal (you know, the whole goddess thing).  She's got Mickie in her corner for this one.  Nia knocks Micke into next week before the match, plowing her out to the ring and just DESTROYING her by whipping her into the broadcast table, then the ring apron, then literally swinging her back and forth by the hair into the barricade over and over.  Alexa tries to backjump her, but Nia no-sells and gives Mickie a Samoan drop on the floor.  Referees go to check on Mickie as Nia stalks back into the ring and stares at Alexa, who looks like a deer in the headlights.  Alexa slaps her, Nia screams at her, and proceeds to toss her around like a ragdoll.  Nia with a hard corner splash, presses Alexa over her head, and just LAUNCHES her across the ring.  Alexa has the wherewithal to roll out to the floor, and she grabs the belt and tries to run, but Nia is on the floor and flattens Alexa with a clothesline and then tosses her back into the ring.  Alexa literally hides in the ropes and goes to the eyes when the referee tries to back Nia off.  Alexa unloads kicks on the knees, and Nia tosses her into the corner, but she misses a charging corner kick and Alexa stomps on her knee.  Alexa grinds her boot into the back of Nia's head, then stomps on her knee and applies a leglock, but Nia just KILLS her with a clubbing forearm across the chest.  Alexa with a fron guillotine, but Nia easily pops her up and over her head. Nia charges the corner, Alexa moves, and Nia's shoulder hits the post and she tumbles out to the floor.  Alexa hits Twisted Bliss to the floor and rolls back into the ring to let the referee count.  Nia beats the count as Alexa dropkicks her face into the middle turnbuckle, and she grabs Nia's hair and tells her she's so sorry, then smiles at her and hits a DDT for 2.  Alexa tells Nia she's pathetic and she made her as she repeatedly slaps her in the face, but Nia grabs her by the throat, tells her to shut the hell up, and nearly bodyslams her through the mat.  Nia with an avalanche, tosses her across the ring asnd hits another avalanche, then nearly rips her head off with a clothesline.  Alexa kicks the knee and drills her with another big slap.  She goes to the top rope for a flying headscissors, but Nia catches her , Alexa tried slipping into a sunset flip, but Nia reverse wheelbarrows her into the corner.  Alexa is DEAD as Nia drags her back into the ring, and Alexa again goes to the eyes.  Nia picks her up in a fireman's carry, but Alexa goes to the eyes again.  Nia will not be deterred, hitting an Oklahoma stampede into the corner before just planting Alexa on the mat.  Nia picks Alexa up in a fireman's carry,  goes up to the second rope and leaps off with a big Samoan drop for the win.

Winner and NEW Raw Women's Champion: Nia Jax

Nia absolutely loses it with emotion as she is handed the belt and has her hand raised in victory.  Great feel good moment.

WWE Title Match: AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura has a live band (featuring Alice Cooper's guitarist) and a cavalcade of violinists playing him to the ring for what is absolutely the biggest match of his life.  Tie up and AJ takes Nakamura to the corner, and breaks clean.  AJ slips past a kick and takes Nakamura to the mat with a takedown, but Nakamura kicks him off and back him to the ropes, breaks clean, and AJ slaps him in the face.  Back and forth leads to Nakamura hitting a kneestrike to the face for 2.  Another quick sequence and AJ drills Nakamura with a knee to the face of his own, then snaps him over with a suplex for 1.  Nakamura takes AJ to the corner and unloads with some forearms, but AJ gets a side backbreaker to slow that momentum and goes to a chinlock.  Nakamura gets free and hits the ropes, but AJ drills him with a swank dropkick that sends Nakamura to the floor.  AJ goes to the apron and Nakamura kicks his legs out from under him, Back into the ring they go, and Nakamura drills AJ with a knee to the face, then comes off the second rope with a martial arts kick, and both men are down and in pain.  Nakamura tells AJ to come on and unloads on him with a flurry of kicks and a charging kneestrike in the corner.  Nakamura perches AJ on the top rope and charges in with a kneelift for 2.  Nakamura hits a gourdbuster, then drags AJ up and goes for an exploder suplex, but AJ blocks and hits the atomic facebuster.

AJ with a leaping forearm in the corner, and then a diving forearm gets 2.  AJ with a pumphandle gutbuster for 2.  AJ goes for the Styles Clash, Nakamura dumps him to the apron, AJ tries to come back in with a springboard forearm, but Nakamura picks him off the top of the rope and hits a cradle shock driver for 2.  Nakamura sits AJ on the top rope and drills him with a kick, goes for a superplex, but AJ slips out underneath and goes for a powerbomb, but Nakamura fights free.  AJ catches a kick and kicks out the inside of Nakamura's knee, sending him crashing to the mat.  Nakamura tries a suplex, but the knee gives out and AJ gets the Calf Crusher.  Nakamura is right in the middle of the ring, but he refuses to quit, trying to make it to the ropes.  He almost makes it, but AJ rolls them back to the middle, forcing Nakamura to catch a last ditch reversal and get AJ in a triangle choke.  AJ appears to be fading out, but he gets to his feet...then collapses to the mat.  He's up again, powers Nakamura up, and nearly drives him through the mat with a NASTY Snowplow.  AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but hurts his back and can't get it, and Nakamura capitalizes with a quick spinkick...with his injured leg.  Nakamura puts AJ back on the top rope and charges, but AJ dodges the kneelift and Nakamura connects with the top turnbuckle.  Phenomenal forearm only gets 2.  AJ goes to the apron and springboard 450 drops AJ on Nakamura's knees, and Nakamura gets a quick small package for 2.

They trade headbutts, then trade teeth-rattling forearms until AJ hits the Pelle Kick, but Nakamura hits the Kinshasa to the back of AJ's head and makes a quick cover, but only gets 2.  Now Nakamura is unloading kneestrikes into AJ's skull as he lays prone on the mat, then pats AJ on the head and hits the inverted exploder.  Nakamura sets up the Kinshasa, but AJ rolls through it and hits the Styles Clash!  AJ turns him over and gets the three count!

Winner: AJ Styles

Terrific match, and honestly, either guy could have won and it would work.  AJ retains in one of his toughest tests, then helps Nakamura to his feet.  Big hug, and Nakamura gets the belt and drops to his knee to present it to the winner.  Classy move.  AJ takes the belt...and Nakamura uppercuts AJ in the ding ding!  Nakamura brutally blasts him in the face with stomps over and over, then shoves him to the floor.  Nakamura goes out and kickshim a couple more times, then a couple more, then drills AJ with the Kinshasa on the floor before finally heading to the back, having made his point.

Wrestlemania concludes on Page 5!

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