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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-04-09 11:57:00

US Title Match: Randy Orton vs Bobby Roode vs Rusev vs Jinder Mahal

The crowd went nuts for Rusev's entrance, and he gets the early advantage until Roode gives him a Blockbuster for 2.  Mahal gets ping ponged between Orton and Roode, then they turn their attention to each other.  Orton snaps Roode over with a powerslam for 2, then drives him into the mat with a superplex for 2.  Rusev and Mahal are both back in, and Mahal tries to make friends with him, but Rusev isn't having it, and clubs Mahal and stomps him out in the corner.  Rusev with a spinning back suplex on Mahal for 2.  Orton smashes Rusev into the barricade on the floor, then goes for the hanging DDT in the ring, but Rusev hammers him with some hard shots.  Orton dodges a leg lariat by Rusev and now he hits the hanging DDT.  Orton sets for the RKO, Aiden English runs in and he eats the RKO, Rusev tries the Rusev kick, but Orton dodges and gives him an RKO, then an RKO for Mahal and he makes a cover, but Roode breaks it up at 2.  Roode tosses Rusev, blocks an RKO from Orton, and hits the Glorious DDT, and Mahal breaks the cover at 2.  Rusev is back in and hits the Machka Kick on Roode, Mahal ducks one and gets a rollup for 2, then Rusev hits it on the second try.  Crowd is going nuts for Rusev, who gets the Accolade.  He lets it go and goes after Sunil Singh when he climbs on the apron, and Mahal slips in and hits the cobra clutch slam on Rusev for the win.

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Jinder Mahal

Well, that took the wind out of the crowd's sails.  Match was okay.

Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Triple H and Stephanie have a convoy of motorcycles escorting them down the aisle for their entrance.  I never thought I'd see Kurt Angle wrestling at Wrestlemania again, really good to see this.  Ronda comes out in her leather jacket and wearing a kilt in tribute to her namesake, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and she looks ready to go.  Stephanie sneaks up behind Ronda and yanks her to the mat by the hair, then runs as Triple H and Kurt start us off.  Angle beats Triple H down in the corner and hits a backdrop.  Stephanie draws Ronda into the ring, then holds the top rope down so Triple H can toss Angle to the floor and then whip him into the ring steps.  Now Triple H goes over and gets in Ronda's face while Stephanie goes and rams Angle's head into the steps.  Triple H suplexes Kurt back into the ring and hammers him with right hands, then chokes him on the second rope.  Triple H distracts the referee while Stephanie chokes Angle, then Triple H plants him with a spinebuster for 2.  Triple H tries to block Angle from getting to the corner, but Angle catches him with a boot to the face.  Stephanie holds Angle and Triple H goes for a swing and Angle moves, and Triple H comes like centimeters from drilling Stephanie.  They take a "whoa, that was close" moment that allows Angle to suplex Triple H, and Angle ALMOST makes it to the corner, but Stephanie goes around the ring and pulls Ronda off the apron just before Angle makes it there.  Angle whips Triple H into the corner and sends him sailing over the top to the floor, and Ronda is begging Angle to make the tag, and Angle crawls and crawls, and he...MAKES THE TAG!

Ronda SPRINTS across the ring and drags Stephanie into the ring, drills her with a clothesline, nearly puts her through the ring with a suplex, and she unloads with a flurry of strikes in the corner.  Ronda tosses Stephanie across the ring by the hair, picks Stephanie's hair out from between her fingers, and LAUNCHES Stephanie across the ring with another suplex.  Stephanie begs off as Ronda slowly stalks her, but Ronda drags her to her feet, monkey flips her, grabs the arm, savors the moment while Stephanie begs, and goes to the armbar.  Stephanie locks her fingers and holds on for dear life, and goes to Ronda's eyes to get away.  She goes for a tag, but Triple H is still down on the floor.  Stephanie hits a running kick and hits a DDT, but only gets 2 on a cover.  Stephanie kicks Ronda in the back and gets her standing surfboard, but Ronda breaks free.  Stephanie mocks Ronda and goes for a kick, but Ronda grabs her by the throat, pulls her in and looks her in the eyes, then scoops Stephanie up in a fireman's carry and hits a TKO.  She makes a cover, but Triple H pulls the referee out of the ring.  Ronda comes over to yell at him, and Triple H drags her out of the ring, so Angle goes after Triple H and slams him into the broadcast table.  They wind up on top, and Angle goes for a German suplex, but Triple H blocks and sends Angle skidding across the next table and out of sight.

Triple H goes to check on Stephanie, and Ronda is up and challenging Triple H to fight her.  The referee tells him no, and Triple H sticks him in the corner and goes to the middle of the ring to fight Ronda...and she lights him up with a light speed flurry of strikes.  He goes for a boot, but she catches his foot, rolls over him, picks him up in a fireman's carry, Stephanie comes in to make the save and slaps Ronda, and runs when she realizes her mistake.  Ronda chases her around ringside, she tries to get over the barricade, but Ronda pulls her back and SMASHES her into the barricade.  She picks Steph up, but she slips out the back and rams Ronda into the ringpost as Angle comes in for a series of overhead suplexes on Triple H.  Next up is the rolling German suplexes, Triple H escapes the Angle Slam and goes for the Pedigree, Angle reverses and goes for the anklelock, Triple H goes for another Pedigree, Angle reverses and catapults Triple H into the corner and hits the Angle Slam for 2.  The straps come down, and Angle gets the anklelock...but Stephanie comes in and pulls him off and starts yelling at him.  She goes to kick Angle, but he catches the foot, takes a moment to consider it, and gets her in the anklelock, but Triple H swoops in and hits the Pedigree.  He makes a cover...and Ronda makes the save!

Triple H can't believe it, and he goes for a Pedigree on her, but she reverses to a Frankensteiner and gets a triangle armbar on Triple H!  She has him trapped right in the middle of the ring, but Steph comes in with a rear naked choke on Ronda, who easily tosses Stephanie with a judo throw and goes for her armbar again, but Stephanie locks the hands.  Angle gets the anklelock on Triple H, who rolls forward to send Angle crashing into Ronda and break that up.  Triple H sends Ronda shoulder first into the post, then Steph does the same to Ronda.  Triple H and Stephanie go for stereo Pedigree, but Angle backdrops Triple H to the floor, Ronda does the same and goes right to the armbar, Steph locks her hands for dear life, but Ronda looks her right in the eyes and tells her she asked for this before sinking in the armbar, and Stephanie taps out immediately.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey

That was a MUCH better match than I expected, and a great debut for Ronda!  The trainers come out to check on Stephanie, whose arm seems to be badly injured from that armbar.

The show continues on Page 3!

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