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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-04-08 17:03:00

Okay, we're back and JBL has been replaced by Peter Rosenberg.  Sam Roberts is down at ringside talking about what kind of excitement we're going to see tonight, and mentions that fans have been chanting Rusev Day for the last hour and a half.

205 Live GM Drake Maverick is at ringside with the Cruiserweight Title belt, and Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness are ready to call our next match...

Cruiserweight Title Tournament Finals: Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali

They quickly go to the mat, but back up and Cedric takes Ali down with a shoulderblock.  Ali catches Cedric with a quick flying headscissors, and it quickly gets heated as they shove each other, then Ali slaps Cedric, and Cedric spinkicks him.  Cedric with a flying headscissors and dropkick for 2.  Ali connects with a dropkick, but Cedric dumps him to the floor and wipes him out with a dive.  Back into the ring where Cedric covers for 2, then drills Ali with a charging European uppercut.  Cedric nearly backdrops Ali into next week for 2.  Ali catches Cedric with a series of clotheslines, a high kick to the face, and a rolling X Factor gets 2.  Cedric gets a standing Spanish Fly out of nowhere, then they both go to the top rope where Ali gets a top rope Spanish Fly of his own.  Ali covers for 2 and then goes up top for the 054, but Cedric sweeps his legs out and sends him down face first onto the floor.  THAT was a nasty, nasty bump.  Cedric looks concerned, but Ali looks up and tells him to come on, so Cedric rolls Ali back into the ring and covers for 2.  Cedric is relentlessly stomping Ali out against the ropes, then he picks him up and goes for the Lumbar Check, but Ali slips out the back and hits an inverted Frankensteiner.  Cedric is on another planet as Ali hits a tornado DDT and quickly goes up and hits the 054, but Cedric gets his foot on the bottom rope.  Ali goes back to the top fo ranother 054, but Cedric rolls out of the way and Ali hits hard.  Cedric drills Ali with a hard back elbow, then another, and Ali is clinging to Cedric's ankle, and Cedric says to stop because this is enough, and a third spinning back elbow sends Ali down.  Lumbar Check finishes it.

Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion

Cedric gets his big Wrestlemania moment, and John Cena thinks it's awesome, giving him a standing ovation.  Drake Maverick comes in and shakes Cedric's hand, gives him the title belt and a big hug, and applauds the new champion.

We go back to the panel where they talk about Cedric's title victory, then they turn to the IC Title three way.  Rosenberg wonders how having that baby will affect Miz, and Booker says it's like two years before you get any sleep after having a baby.  Otunga says Seth Rollins has had some huge moments at Wrestlemania, and we've gotten a lot of examples recently of how good he is.  Booker says Balor is hungry to get that Universal Title back after getting just a taste.

Charly Caruso finds John Cena and says it's unfortunate that he couldn't get a match, but Cena says he's having a great time in the crowd hanging out with the fans, and has a sip of beer while cheering the fans on.  Cena says there's a lot of fancy costumes here, and it's very exciting, and the action's in the ring, so point the camera into the ring.

The panel runs down tonight's main card again, then we go to ringside where our special guest commentators Beth Phoenix and Paige join Corey Graves and Michael Cole for our next match...

Wrestlemania Women's Battle Royal

This match has the weirdest intro. Becky Lynch gets her normal entrance, then every other woman in the match comes out together to the Wrestlemania theme song.  This is after Lillian announces Beth as a special guest commentator and doesn't do it for Paige.  Then Bayley gets her entrance, then we get the promo video from Paige's movie.  We come back as Sasha gets her full entrance, and we're off.  Carmella parades around with her briefcase, and everyone jumps her, stomps her out gangland style, and eliminate her.  Now Dana Brooke gets caught in the middle of the beating circle, and she gets worked over and thrown out.  Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose celebrate eliminating her, and now everyone breaks out in THE most vicious streetfight you've ever seen.  The NXT ladies clear several of the women out, then Becky yells at the lady in all orange whose name escapes me for wearing her color.  Bianca Belair goes to the top rope and hits a 450 splash on Sonya Deville, and she gets tossed.  It's shaping up to be NXT women vs main roster women as we go to commercial.

We're back as Kairi Sane goes out, and there goes Lana and Orange Lady as well.  The Riott Squad is doing very well for themselves in there, eliminating a blond wrestler I didn't recognize but was probably in the Mae Young Classic.  Bianca whips Becky across the back with her hair, but Becky tosses her to the apron and kicks her out before eating a Yakuza Kick from Dakota Kai.  Kai with another one for Naomi, but misses a third on Sasha and gets dumped to the floor.  Becky and Naomi both appear to have been eliminated as Micke fights off the entire Riott Squad.  Mickie goes to the top and Ruby Riott knocks her out.  Peyton Royce tries to toss Sarah Logan, but Liv and Ruby get rid of her, and we're down to the Riott Squad, Natalya, Bayley, and Sasha.  Nattie suplexes Ruby and Logan, but Sasha and Bayley double team Nattie and toss her out.  They toss Morgan next, then Ruby, then Sarah Logan picks Sasha up, but Bayley knocks her to the floor, and we're down to Sasha and Bayley.  Sasha goes for a handshake, and Bayley takes it...and tosses Sasha to the floor.  Wait, looks like Naomi was never eliminated after all, so she's back in.  Naomi with a flying butt butt and then tosses Bayley, and Naomi is our winner!

Winner: Naomi

Well, that was a cheap win.  And she didn't even get a real entrance!  Sasha and Bayley make angry faces at each other as Naomi celebrates with the Moolah-less trophy.

We go back to the panel, who are going nuts over the drama we just saw in the women's battle royal, then turn their attention to the Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns match, and we go to the video package.  Rosenberg says the internet hates him anyway, so he wants to see Roman Reigns take that title from Brock Lesnar.  Booker T says you can say whatever you want about part timers, but they fill this stadium, and Roman has something to prove by going out there with the baddest man on the planet, Brock Lesnar.  Otunga says Reigns has improved since the first time they faced off.  Renee wonders how the fans will react if Roman wins, but they quickly divert off that to talk about Daniel Bryan returning to the ring.  They talk about what a stacked card we have tonight, then wrap it up because it's time for Wrestlemania 34!

Thanks for reading's live coverage of the Wrestlemania 34 Kickoff Show!!  Stay tuned, because our live coverage of Wrestlemania 34 is up next!

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