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By Paul Crockett on 2018-04-06 19:42:00

MATCH ONE: David Starr v. Martin Stone

Start cane out and cut a promo saying there is a conspiracy against him in RevPro because management keeps throwing road blocks at him. He then called his opponent, Martin Stone, a corporate little bitch for changing his name for WWE. Good promo to start.

The match was a very good opener. A nice mix of technical wrestling early that turned into a hard hitting affair late. Start got the win with a roll up with his feet on the ropes.

WINNER: David Starr

MATCH TWO: Adam Brookes v. Brian Cage

Classic high flyer versus power story. Really great job by both men playing their role. Brookes took a lot of wild risks, including a big floor dive. The finish saw the ref get bumped and Brookes hit Cage low and roll him up with a handful of tights for the win.

WINNER: Adam Brookes

MATCH THREE: CHAOS (Rocky Romero, Chuckie T & Will Ospreay) v. Shane Strickland, Flip Gordon & Kota Ibushi

This one was a little too wild to describe in full, but here are some things that stood out. The biggest one was when Ibushi and Ospreay tagged in to face off. They milked it and they got a standing ovation before they even touched. They slowly waited and when Ibushi was in the CHAOS corner, Romero and Chuckie jumped him so we never got the face off. There’s money in that match.

The other standout was Chuckie’s work as the comedy outlier in the match. He played it perfectly and it wasn’t distracting. It was a nice touch.

Lots of wild dives of course. After a flurry of wild moves, we finally got the face off of Ibushi and Ospreay and the crowd went bananas. They had a really fun back and forth before Ospreay sent Ibushi to the floor. The finish saw Ospreay finish Ibushi with the OsCutter. A tremendous match that was a lot of fun to watch. 



MATCH FOUR: Jeff Cobb v. Minoru Suzuki

Story of this one was Suzuki working over Cobb’s knee while Cobb threw his suplexes at him.

Of course, the crowd was on fire for Suzuki and especially his entrance. They were on their way to a great match when Suzuki slapped on a standing rear naked choke for the submission. It came out of nowhere and left the crowd a little disappointed, but they were really into him as he went around the ring to soak in the cheers.

WINNER: Minoru Suzuki

MATCH FIVE: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Juice Robinson v. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)

There was so much white meat babyface power between Tanahashi and Juice that I almost passed out. 

This was more of a classic US style of tag match with Aussie Open cutting the ring off on Tana & Juice, with Juice doing a great job running wild after the hot tag. He eventually got cut off and it was his turn to sell for another hot tag. Davis’ chest got beat to hell with chops, so he had a rough night. Aussie Open worked really well as heels. The finish saw Tana get the win with the High Fly Flow. Very good match.

WINNERS: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Juice Robinson

MAIN EVENT: Undisputed British Heavyweight Title - Zack Sabre, Jr. (c) v. Tomohiro Ishii

Once again, Ishii put in a masterclass performance of selling. His ability to connect with the crowd via selling and his hard hitting offense was what stood out the most in this one. 

Zack was also tremendous. He has really found his groove in who he is as a performer since joining Suzuki-gun. His constant threat of submissions made for great drama.

They built to a couple of great near submission based of ZSJ working over the arm the entire match. The crowd exploded when Ishii got the ropes for the break. 

They kept building toward Ishii getting the sliding lariat. He finally did an got a nearfall. Then they built toward him trying the brain buster, then he finally did a got the win. An unbelievable, must see main event. The crowd popped huge for the title match. 

WINNER: Tomohiro Ishii

I loved this show. They had fewer matches and let them all breathe. The main event stood out the most, as it was the best of what professional wrestling can be.

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