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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-04-07 00:25:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony!

Our hosts are Byron Saxton and Maria Menounos.

They send it right to Renee Young with our first guest, Samoa Joe.  He's sorry Renee's date couldn't make it (wink wink), but he's been dealing with a lot of injury troubles and he's happy to be here because he knows guys like Jeff Jarrett, Mark Henry, and others, and he's glad to be here to honor them.

Across the venue to Charly Caruso, who is joined by the New Day.  They're dressed like Dr. Evil, but are proud of their look nonetheless.  They go kayfabe about how good they feel going into their match at Wrestlemania, and they expect to become the 5 time champions.

Byron and Maria have Alexa Bliss, who's happy to be here with her mom for the second year in a row. She talks about her strategy going against Nia Jax on Sunday, and Byron accuses her of never really being Nia's friend.

Renee is with Bayley and her fiance, Aaron, and tha fans start chanting for Rusev Day, then talks about being in the women's battle royal and how being in the Royal Rumble helped her strategize.

Charly is with Naomi and Jimmy Uso, and they're most excited to see the Dudleyz get inducted.  Jimmy talks about his title defense at Wrestlemania, and Naomi is excited to be in the first ever women's battle royal and make history by being among the first to do something.

Byron and Maria have Rusev and Lana for Ravishing Rusev Day, and Maria says they're the top contender for best dressed couple.  Rusev says he's coming full circle three years after losing the US Title to John Cena, and he's going to crush everyone except Uncle Bob Roode.  Lana has big plans for winning the women's battle royal, and she slips in and out of her accent while talking about it.

Corey Graves and his wife Amy are here with Renee, and she asks him how he plans to get through seven hours of Wrestlemania.  Pffff...amateur.  He's most looking forward to AJ and Nakamura, and we go back to Charly with Matt and Reby Hardy, who are most excited to see the Dudley Boyz because they'll always be linked due to their incredible history together, and how amazing it is that they can all still walk.  Matt tells a story about Gangrel and Michael Hayes having a headbutting contest on the edge of a cliff.

Byron and Maria are with AJ and Mrs Styles, and he's happy to get to dress up and bring his wife and meet the fans.  They're happy to see Jeff Jarrett get inducted, and AJ is looking forward to putting on a match nobody will forget with Nakamura, and talks about how crazy it is to be one of the few men to defend a WWE Title at Wrestlemania.

Nia Jax is with Ata Johnson and Renee Young, and she talks about her long path here.  Nia is happy to see Ivory and Mark Henry go in, and they're hoping to get to see some Sexual Chocolate tonight.

Renee is with Lita, and they catch up a bit and then talk about how great Ivory's stories are and how much fun their induction will be.

Byron and Maria are with Jeff Hardy, who says he's cleared to wrestle, and is just waiting to return to action. He hasn't been at a Hall of Fame ceremony since 2009, and he's excited to see the Dudleyz because of their history, and Jeff Jarrett as well.  Jeff wishes he was able to be a part of Ultimate Deletion, and he hopes they do another one so he can get involved.  He talks about giving the Singh brothers some advice on letting the fear be a part of their fun, and the one time he said he wasn't sure about a crazy spot was a swanton onto Randy Orton in Money In The Bank a few years ago, but he did it anyway.

Charly is with Carmella and her sister, and she's happy all the girls get to be involved in the battle royal, then talks about seeing Ivory in an all-leopard print outfit earlier today.  She didn't bring the briefcase since it didn't quite match the outfit, and she can't talk about whether or not she'll cash in on Sunday.

Renee is with Sonya Deville, who is at her first Hall of Fame, and she's a bit overwhelmed.

Dolph tries to crash her interview, and Renee kicks him out and back to Sonya, who says she's most excited to see Goldberg because her dad looks like him.

Byron and Maria are with Bobby Roode and his girlfriend, and he can't wait to be on his first Wrestlemania.

Renee is with Kurt Angle and his wife, and his advice is to make it memorable and relate to the fans.  He guarantees that Ronda will be really good this weekend, and she'll prove a lot of people wrong.

Charly has Seth Rollins and his girlfriend, and they talk about what they've been eating while in New Orleans.  Seth has a chance to become a grand slam winner, and he loves the pressure because that's when he works best.  Charly brings up when he cashed in MITB and win the WWE Title a couple of years ago, and he said it's what made him who he is.

Byron and Maria are with Randy and Kim Orton, and he says it's always a great time, and he's glad they have comfy chairs this year.  He's looking forward to hearing what the Dudlez have to say, and also Big Show and Mark Henry, and everyone else.  He's happy to get to enjoy the atmosphere without having to stress about it.  Byron asks about the stress of being on Wrestlemania, and he's done it enough times now that he's good to go.  He talks about his strategy for Wrestlemania and how he's faced all these guys before and will beat them tonight.

Renee is with the Miz and his parents, and she congratulates them all about the birth of Miz's daughter, and the silly names they want to be called instead of grandma and grandpa.  Wrestlemania is the biggest match of his life, because if he wins, he could become the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, and he doesn't think anyone can follow his match.  Miz is happy for Mark Henry to go in because he's worked with him for so many years, and it's good to see his work pay off.

Charly has Dana Warrior and the Warrior Girls, and how bittersweet being here is.  She talks abuot the Warrior Award inductee and how it's nice to have a local for this.

Byron and Maria are here with Ronda Rousey and her husband Travis, and Maria says Ronda has been so mushy gushy toward him tonight.  The fans cheer for her as she struggles for words to describe what it feels like to be here, and she talks about how she didn't expect the fans to accept her so quickly.  Byron asks her what we might see from her at Wrestlemania, and she asks him if he's volunteering.  Travis talks about how much she deserves this and how hard she works, and he says he thought he had a decent work ethic until he met her, and it's really inspiring.

Charly is with Baron Corbin, and he is hoping to be the first two-time winner of the Andre battle royal because it elevates you, and he wants to start his year on a high note by winning for the second time.  He's most excited to see Jeff Jarrett and the Dudleyz get inducted, and he'll destroy some tables in their honor on Sunday.

Renee is with JBL, Ron Simmons and the Godfather, who have been looking for a bar and some furniture to tear up.  Faarooq had the Nation, and he's glad that he went in, and it's great to watch his pals Godfather and Mark Henry go in because it makes ihm feel like a proud uncle.  JBL worked Jarrett a lot early in his career, so he's looking forward to seeing him go in too.

Charly is with Beth Phoenix, who will be calling the women's battle royal on Sunday.  She can't believe it's already been a year since her induction, and she's thrilled to be a part of this.

Byron and Maria are with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, and they talk about how he was just the GM a month ago, and now he's getting ready to wrestle Sunday in the same building where he had the highlight of his career.  Being able to fight back was a big accomplishment for him, and he couldn't have done it without her.  Brie says they left the little one home for the first time, and she's trying not to cry.  Daniel says he's been coming out fully clothed for so long it'll be weird to come out in his battle jammies again.  Brie says he's in prime form, and he's been waiting for this day for a long time.

That does it for the Red Carpet, the Hall of Fame is on the air!

Hall of Fame coverage begins on Page 2!

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