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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-03-12 23:00:00

John Cena makes his way to the ring.

John says we are four weeks away and he has found his Road to Wrestlemania.  He says it is different, but after all he has done, he is brave enough to face the truth.  He says some of you understand the truth.  He says he has had opportunity after opportunity on both brands and he did not get the job done.  John says he has no excuses and there is no one to blame but himself.  It is everyone's dream to step in this ring and contribute to Wrestlemania.

The crowd chants for The Undertaker and John says he hopes that they are listening.

John says that he will not be contributing to Wrestlemania this year.   John says he is not going to quit.  John says he will be at Wrestlemania.  John says his road is the same as yours.  John says he has been in this ring time and time again and he has felt the energy.  John says he will get to be the energy.  John says he is going as a fan this year.  The WWE Universe is the most important thing.  Without you there is no excitement and no noise.  John says he is going there to have a blast.  He is going fired up, just like you.  John says he might be sitting next to you.

John goes into the crowd and samples a fan's beer.  He returns to the ring.  John says there will be a chant that people will not get to do at Wrestlemania so he wants everyone to get it out of his system.  He starts the dueling Cena chant.

John says he thinks he did something he wasn't supposed to do.  John asks what is the worst that can happen if he does the thing he isn't supposed to do?  If he says what he is supposed to do, he is going to be buying a ticket anyhow.

John challenges the Undertaker.

John says he was told it was impossible even if the fan in him wanted it.  He wants to know why is it impossible?  Is it the WWE Executives.  If they wanted to rain on his parade, they would shut off his mic and suspend him like they did with.

John challenges the Undertaker three more times.

The mic is still on and he is still here.  It ain't the WWE or you from keeping this from happening.  There is only one person keeping this match from happening, and it is the Undertaker.  John tells the Undertaker to get over his own ego.  He says when he fails, he gets back up and puts a smile on his face and goes back to work.  When the Undertaker fails, he hides his face in the sand and does not want it to affect his legacy.  You are not too old.  You are not washed up.  You are not broken down because you wouldn't be posting workout videos on your wife's Instagram.

John says that you are the only one who is keeping this match from happening and he calls the Undertaker a self serving egomaniac.

John asks if everyone wants to see the Undertaker kick his ass at Wrestlemania.  He wants to know if they want to see the Undertaker tombstone him at Wrestlemania.  He is looking forward to seeing him try.  John says he is either going to go as a fan and it will be a party, or he will be going as the Undertaker's opponent.  John says if he was the Undertaker, he would want one more match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro tells Angle what happened was wrong.  Kurt says they made challenges and the teams responded.  Sheamus says they have beaten every team and they wanted someone to step up.  Sheamus and Cesaro say they don't feel safe on Raw.  They want to be traded to Smackdown.  They can face the Bludegeon Brothers or the New Day.  What about the Usos.  Cesaro says they will even take on Breezango.

Kurt says he is not trading them.  Kurt says there will be a tag team battle royal tonight to determine who Sheamus and Cesaro face at Wrestlemania.

We take a look at highlights from the Symphony of Destruction Match between Braun Strowman and Elias.

Elias is in the ring and he has a neck brace.

Elias wants to know . . . He says this is your fault.   Elias leaves the ring.

We see Braun in the back and he says last week in his Symphony of Destruction, he dropped a piano on Elias.  He should be thankful no one makes music on an anvil.  Braun wants to know why doesn't he have a match at Wrestlemania.  He will not sit back.  His path will be set for Wrestlemania.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  Finn Balor versus Seth Rollins

They lock up and Rollins backs Balor into the ropes and gives Balor a clean break but Balor pushes Rollins.  They lock up again and Balor with a wrist lock but Rollins with a reversal.  Balor escapes while Miz watches from the back.  Balor with an arm bar.  Rollins with a reversal but Balor with a punch to send Rollins to the mat.  Balor with a side head lock and Rollins with a back elbow.  Rollins with a chop and snap mare followed by a kick to the back.  Rollins with jabs in the corner.

Rollins with some kicks and punches in the corner.  Rollins with chops to Balor.  Rollins with a sunset flip but Balor rolls through and hits a drop kick.  Balor sends Rollins to the floor and hits a baseball slide to send Rollins into the ringside barrier.  Balor with a running kick from the apron and we go to commercial.

We are back and Rollins with a cravate.  Balor gets back to his feet and Rollins takes Balor back to the mat.  Balor punches Rollins and Rollins with a head butt.  Rollins goes to the floor and he connects with forearms to the back of the neck followed by a running knee to the head.  Rollins gets a near fall.  Rollins with a reverse chin lock.  Rollins works on the neck as Balor gets back to his feet.  Balor with punches and forearms.  Rolilns with a flatline into the turnbuckles.  Rollins misses a springboard move and Balor with a kick and forearms.  Balor with a flying forearm.

Balor with a running chop followed by an Irish whip and running chop.  Rollins with an Irish whip and Balor floats over.  Balor with an enzuigiri followed by an elevated elbow to the chest for a near fall.  Balor avoids a clothesline and Rollins with a knee to stop 1916.  Balor with punches and foerarms.  Rollins with a forearm and Balor with a Pele Kick.  Rollins with an enzuigiri and both men are down.  Rollins with a thrust kick and he goes for Black Out but Balor moves and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Balor with a double leg take down and double stomp followed by Slingblade.  Rollins with a super kick and he gets a near fall.  

Rollins gets up first and he starts to limp a little.  Rollins with a running forearm into the corner.  Rollins with a second running forearm into teh corner.  Balor avoids a third attempt and he goes to the apron and hits an enzuigiri from the apron.  Balor goes up top and Rollins with an elbow to stop Balor.  Rollins goes up top for a superplex and Balor blocks it.  Balor with elbows to the back of the head.  Rollins leaps to the turnbuckles for a superplex but Balor counters the roll through into the Falcon Arrow with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner:  Finn Balor

We have a video package for the Fabulous Moolah and there will be a Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for Ronda Rousey.

Asuka walks in the back as we go to commercial.

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