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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-25 23:27:00

Ronda Rousey will sign her WWE Raw contract.

The announcers reviewed all the mainstream media attention they received for Ronda Rousey appearing at the Royal Rumble PPV.

Out came Kurt Angle, followed by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.    Triple H gave a big speech putting over Rousey’s accolades.  Vegas responded, “What?” at the end of every line.  He introduced Ronda.  She had her UFC theme, so they paid Joan Jett.  Good move.

Rousey was all smiles when she came down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans.   When she got into the ring, there was a chant for Rousey.  Stephanie said it was clear they wanted to hear from Ronda.

Rousey said that it was hard to even know what to say.  It’s not often that she is speechless, but to be in the ring with them, especially an Olympic champion like Kurt Angle, she appreciates the magnitude of all of this.  She said it was an honor.  The crowd chanted for her.  Rousey looked legitimately touched.

Rousey said she wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for her hero, Roddy Piper.  She said he was her inspiration for how she handled her MMA career and now coming here.  She wanted to pay tribute and do proud to the name he entrusted to her.  

Triple H said it was time to sign the deal and made it clear that she didn’t ask for any perks.  She said she didn’t want to be treated special and wanted to be treated like everyone else.  Triple H said that all she asked for was an invite to Wrestlemania and said she would be competing at Wrestlemania once she signed the contract. 

She went to sign and noticed Angle’s reaction.  She asked if he had something to say.  Angle said he was thinking Triple H and Stephanie were brilliant because they were going to be able to own and manipulate her for everything Rousey did to Triple H and Stephanie at Wrestlemania a few weeks ago.  Triple H tried to stop him, but Angle said that earlier Triple H said, “It took three year but now we own the bit….” And HHH told him to stop it.  He claimed Kurt had the flu and he was going to take him to the back.

As all this was going on, a fan was being cuffed and taken out by security and local police.

Stephanie admitted that Ronda embarrassed them a few years ago, but more than that, she impressed them and that’s why they wanted her in WWE.  Angle as he left said that Stephanie said that Rousey as a has-been a few weeks ago in her office and that even Stephanie could take her.  That brought out the Rousey "look", and Ronda backed her in the ropes.  Triple H got between them and backed Ronda up.  Stephanie left the ring.

Ronda grabbed Triple H and slammed him through the signing table.  Stephanie got in the ring and slapped Ronda, asking who she thinks she is.  Rousey gave her the look again and Stephanie backed up out of the ring.  Rousey signed the contract and threw it down on Triple H.

Looks like Ronda and Kurt vs. Steph and Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns vs. John Cena vs. Elias vs. The Miz vs. Braun Strowman vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins to be determined - Men's Elimination Chamber match, winner will challenge WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 34.  

Elias performed in the ring before the match.

The first three competitors are Miz, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins.  Dave Scherer called that two weeks ago.

We will update as a new competitor is released from the pods.

All back and forth action early on with one man being taken out of the equation and the remaining two going back and forth.  It was solid, but a little slower than you’d expect.

The first pod opened to reveal John Cena.  He faced off with Seth.  Seth shoved him.  Cena nailed a series of shoulder tackles.  Cena avoided a knee strike and nailed the Blue Thunder Bomb.   Cena used his power and attempted a double AA on Rollins and Balor.  Miz kept trying to steal pinfalls but it couldn't score any pins.

Balor came off the ropes with a stomp.  Everyone battled to the ropes.  Cena nailed a superplex on Balor at the same time Rollins nailed one on Miz.

The countdown began and out of pod number two emerged Roman Reigns.  The battle continued.  Miz gained control and began playing to the crowd before nailing everyone with "Yes" kicks.  He paid specific attention to Reigns, but it only fired him up and he nailed a series of clotheslines.  He nailed a flying clothesline on Balor.

Roman nailed a sit-out powerbomb on Miz for a close two count.

Next released was Braun Strowman.

Strowman wiped out everyone.  He chased Miz to the top of a pod and tossed him off into everyone below.  Strowman continued control of the match, just beating everyone down.  Rollins tried to step to him but was drilled with a right hand and pressed and tossed to the outside.  Braun picked up Miz and nailed the powerslam, scoring the pin.

The Miz has been eliminated.

Elias' pod opened.  He stood there watching.  Everyone else attacked Strowman and beat him down, four to one.  Roman called for the Shield Powerbomb and everyone assisted him.  Roman nailed it and everyone covered Braun but he kicked up.  Cena snatched him for an AA but Braun kicked up at one.  Roman speared Braun but again, only a two count.  Rollins nailed the curbstomp but Strowman rolled out of the ring.  Balor nailed the Coup de Grave outside.

Inside the ring, Cena nailed an AA on Reigns.  Rollins turned his attention to Cena, nailing a superkick.  Everyone wiped each other out.  With everyone down, Elias left the pod finally and started trying to pin everyone.

Elias began mounting all the offense and nailed a flying elbow on Rollins for a two count.   He made the mistake of trying to power up Strowman on his shoulders and ended up maneuvers into the powerslam and pinned.

Elias has been eliminated.

Strowman went right for Roman and attempted another powerslam but Rollins came off the top with the high knee.    Cena got involved and came off the top, but was caught with a Braun powerslam and pinned. 

Cena has been eliminated.

Braun looked at Balor, Reigns, and Rollins and yelled, "Who wants these hands?"  Roman stepped up and got drilled.  The others followed suit.  Balor nailed several kicks and sent Braun into the corner.  He nailed several dropkicks, the last of which brought Braun to a knee.  He nailed the coup de grace on Braun, scoring a two count.

Rollins faced off with Balor and they battled back and forth in a nice sequence.  Balor whipped out the 1916 and scored a two count on Rollins.  Roman missed a clothesline and was dropkicked into the buckles hard.  Balor nailed the coup de grace on Roman but was snatched by Braun, powerslammed and pinned.

Balor has been eliminated.

Braun is responsible for every elimination.

It's Braun, Seth and Roman left.

It was Shield working over Braun from this point on, stomping the heck out of him on the outside and sending him into the cage.  Rollins turned on Reigns, getting some revenge for that elimination at the Royal Rumble.  They began battling back and forth in the ring.  Rollins nailed the Bucklebomb but Roman bounced right off and nailed the Superman Punch.

Their alliance splintered, Rollins and Reigns were worked over by Braun.  Strowman went to slam Rollins into the cage but he grabbed the chains and climbed atop one of the pods.  Roman came from behind Strowman and nailed a Samoan Drop on the floor of the Chamber.  Braun rolled into the ring, where Rollins came off the pod with a big frog splash.  Strowman kicked out of that, too!

Strowman battled with Rollins and Reigns.  Rollins nailed a series of superkicks and went for the curb stomp but was caught in the powerslam and pinned.

Rollins has been eliminated as the Braun Strowman show continues.

Roman and Braun faced off.  The fans chanted "Get these hands."

They battled to the outside.  Reigns slipped out of a powerslam attempt and nailed a dive into the cage on Roman.  Braun charged and Roman avoided and Strowman crashed through a pod, smashing it.  He recovered but was nailed with a pair of Superman Punches.  Roman went for the spear but was caught and almost powerslammed.  Reigns nailed another Punch and a spear, but Braun got right back up.  He was nailed with another spear and pinned.

Your winner, Roman Reigns!

It was the Braun show, until it wasn't.  It was a solid main event with a lot of guys working hard.

It’s Roman vs. Brock at Wrestlemania 34.

Strowman attacked Roman and nailed him with several powerslams and then sent him through one of the pods to end the show.


John Cena was the first guest.  He said that last time he was on was after he lost to Roman Reigns after a hard-fought match and there was a euphoria and a feeling that a weight was off his shoulders.  After that, it began to chip away at him and he feels like he can still go.  He said he's been living in a fantasy for a decade and a half and there's a logical voice that says that he's done a lot and has given his life and his body to this.  He admitted he's not doing himself a favor by juggling everything he is juggling.  He wants the outside ventures to help benefit WWE but the longer he's away, he can feel his pulse here weakening.  He said he wasn't honest with himself about it all and now he has to be, and the honest truth is that he doesn't know if he's going to Wrestlemania.  He said back at Wrestlemania XIX, he was given a Wrestlemania sweatsuit and he wasn't even on the show and that was his take-home.  He said that he doesn't know if he's going to contribute to Wrestlemania.  Cena said there were a lot of Wrestlemanias before he was here and there will be many after he is gone.  He said the cards aren't falling his way and with Wrestlemania staring him in the face, he doesn't have an opponent.  He does have a plan and he may have to step outside "proper etiquette."  He was asked what that meant and he said, "I'll figure it out" and walked off.  Does this mean Cena calls out Undertaker tomorrow?

The second guest was Stephanie McMahon.  She said she hoped that everyone enjoyed the PPV.  Stephanie said there was no validity to the things Kurt Angle said and he was going to have to apologize.  She said Ronda Rousey was going to have to owe up to what she did.  Stephanie said each of them report to her and they will have to be reminded of their roles in WWE.  She said she needs to educate Ronda and smooth out some rough edges, because she obviously believed what Kurt told her.  She said they were very excited about her coming to the ring.  Stephanie said they are going to air everything out on Raw and "everything will be fine."

Roman Reigns was the third guest.  He said that mentally he was excited but physically, he was hurting.  It was his first Chamber match.  The steel is unforgiving.  Reigns said he got the job done tonight and Braun wasn’t happy about that and showed it.  He said it was a setback because physically, you need to be at your best going into Wrestlemania.  He said he and Braun are almost like Joker and Batman, they are supposed to fight forever.  On his Wrestlemania main event, he has main evented three Manias in a row and now he has experience of the last several years in his rolodex.  They noted he didn’t get to have that one on one match with Brock at Wrestlemania 31 because Seth cashed in.  Roman said he never got closure and wants it.  He said he didn’t know if Brock was going to be there tomorrow but if he is, Roman will face him   He promised he was going to go to Wrestlemania, take the title and would defend it all over the world.

That's it for tonight.  Thank you for supporting!


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