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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-25 00:59:00

 NWA Mexico Welterweight champion Skayde vs. Vaquero Fantasma

Does this title even "officially" exist in the Billy Corgan NWA era?

Fantasma had Captain America-inspired ring gear.   Some nice ringwork early on as they each attempted to focus on the other’s arm.  Skayde went after the ankle and they exchanged holds and submission attempts on the mat.  Completely different from everything else thus far on the show.

Skayde slammed Fantasma and worked over his arm on the mat.  Fantasma escaped to the safety of the floor outside.  Skayde went for a takedown but missed, allowing Fantasma to snap him over to the mat.  They faced off and went back to the old school style matwork and submissions.  Really entertaining if you like mat wrestling.  They went back and forth until they faced off.

Skayde took Fantasma down and went for a hammerlock but Fantasma grabbed the ropes.  They went back and forth with some well-paced action until Fantasma was sent to the floor following a takedown.   Fantasma reversed out of a takedown attempt and dropkicked Skayde.  He worked over the champion and nailed a basement dropkick in the corner.  He dropkicked Skayde through the ropes to the floor.

They exchanged pinfall attempts.  Skayde reversed a hold and locked in a reverse pendulum.  Their seconds got onto the apron to argue but were each knocked off to the floor.  Fantasma went to nail a tope suicida, but he ended up taking out his own second on the floor. 

When they returned to the ring, lots more back and forth grappling and pinfall attempts with some really close near falls.  Out of nowhere, Fantasma scored the pin and did so out of left field that everyone seemed shocked.

Your winner and new NWA Mexico Welterweight champion, Vaquero Fantasma!

Very much a throwback to an older Lucha style and it was very entertaining.  If you don’t like submissions and counter-wrestling, this one might not be for you, but I really loved the hell out of it.

Ultimo Dragon vs. El Misterioso.

It was all mat work and each competitor trying to wear down his opponent.  Misterioso turned up the intensity with a back elbow that took Dragon to the mat and rained down with strikes and elbows. Misterioso locked in a rear chinlock on the mat.  Dragon tried to fight back but was brought back to the mat.  He was almost pinned but got his shoulder up at the last second.

Dragon was worked over with a sleeper while in a sleeping positing on the mat.  The referee raised and dropped him arm twice, but on the third attempt, began to show signs of life.  Dragon fought his way to his feet but missed a spinkick.  Misterioso nailed him and worked Dragon’s back over.  He placed Dragon on the top and teased a reverse rana off the top.  The referee admonished him for ripping at the mask.

Misterioso continued the beating and preened to the crowd, confident he had the win in hand.    He picked up and slammed Dragon back down.  Misterioso went to the top but was dropkicked in mid-air.  He nailed Misterioso, who went to the floor.  Dragon set for an Asai Moonsault on the outside but was attacked.

Misterioso worked him over on the floor, driving him into the ring apron.  Dragon was pulled up.  Misterioso went for a suplex into the ring but Dragon landed on his feet and exploded with strikes.  Dragon used a rana but Misterioso rolled through for a two count.   Misterioso began attacking Dragon’s leg with kicks at the 15-minute mark but was caught and snapped with a Dragon Screw Legwhip. 

Misterioso caught Dragon coming off the ropes with a powerslam and hit a springboard moonsault for a two count.   They battled back and forth.  Misterioso missed a moonsault but nailed a basement dropkick.    He stomped away at Dragon, who stunned him with a La Magistral cradle and scored the pin.

Your winner, Ultimo Dragon!

Solid first main event.  Very much a methodically worked legends bout.

Dragon Lee vs. Titan


They went back and forth and faced off.  Very fast paced style. Titan sent Lee to the floor with a spinning huranacanrana.  He teased a dive but faked it to psych out Lee.  Lee grabbed his legs and pulled him down to the apron hard.  Lee teased a dive as well but, in the end, he was playing mind games with Titan.  Titan returned with a springboard high cross bodyblock.

Lee nailed a dropkick, sending Titan sailing to the floor.  Titan returned to the apron.  Lee charged towards him and Titan dove up, landed on his shoulders and flipped backwards, taking Lee over the top to the floor.  Titan then hit a springboard moonsault to the floor on his foe.  Great stuff!

Lee was tossed back into the ring with Titan following.   He covered Lee for a two count.   

Titan drilled Lee with a sit-out clothesline in the corner.   He used the ropes to spur on his momentum as he drove a pair of feet into Lee’s face, the kicked away at him.  Titan went to charge across the ring but Lee, like his name was Barry Allen, charged and wiped out Titan in the corner.  Lee charged and this time, it was Titan who wiped him out and turned him inside out with a leaping sit-out kick. This is fun back and forth stuff.

Lee caught Titan coming and snapped him over with a rana.  Titan went to the floor.  Lee nailed a big plancha to the floor.   Lee brought him back in and nailed a Northern Light suplex.  He floated through and nailed another suplex for a two count.

Titan caught Lee and sent him up and over with a belly to belly suplex.  He ascended to the top but was caught and had his legs swept out from underneath.   They battled atop the turnbuckles.   Lee was caught in the tree of woe but pulled himself up and suplexed back into the ring.  Titan came back with a Pele Kick, stunning Lee on the top.

Titan charged for a leaping rana off the top but was caught in mid-air.  Lee drilled him with a double stomp off the ropes for a close two count.    They battled back and forth until Lee snapped off an awesome tornado DDT.  Titan crawled to Lee and covered him, but Lee got his shoulder up at the last second.  Titan was frustrated he couldn’t put Lee away.    Lee caught him with a standing Spanish fly.

Lee went for a running dropkick but Titan moved an the official got WIPED OUT.  Great spot.  Titan snapped Lee down and cinched in a figure four leglock, but the referee was out.   Lee fought his way back and nailed a German suplex for a two count.  Lee fired back with several big knee strikes and Splash Mountain for the pin.  Great stuff.

Your winner, Dragon Lee!

Great main event as they left it all in the ring with lots of lightning fast spots and sequences and some great dives.  Loved this!

After the match, the two reluctantly shook hands and then hugged.  Fans were tossing cash in the ring to show respect for the match. 

Lee took the mic and thanked the fans for their support.   Titan then took the mic and wished everyone a good night.  He then challenged Lee to a rematch, not in Mexico, but in PWR.  Lee then uppsed the ante and issued a challenge for it to be mask vs. mask.

Overall, a really fun lucha show with a good series of matches.  Well worth watching.  Perfect stream all the way through as well with a good announcing team.  Really, really strong showing overall.

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