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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-14 10:16:00

WWE star Big Cass has been seen working out of late at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.  We are told he looks to be in great shape and is walking around without any assistance.

Cass suffered a tear of his ACL while taking a bad bump from the ring to the floor wrestling Enzo Amore on Raw back in August 2017.  Enzo had avoided him during a charge, leading to Cass going over the top to the floor, landing badly on his left leg, which twisted wrong in a freak accident.   Cass returned to the ring and even executed a bodyslam on Amore, after which he presumably told the referee that something was wrong.  Cass went to rebound off the ropes for the Empire Elbow to end the match, but his knee buckled and he went down, rolling to the apron, where he was met by a WWE medical official. 

The referee rang the bell, leading to Amore being named the winner by referee's stoppage. After the cameras were off. Cass did attempt to walk out on his own but was unable to, instead being walked out by officials who held him up.  Cass, 31, was in the midst of his first singles push at the time.

At the time, WWE's Dr. Chris Robinson told the official WWE website that Cass could be out of action up to nine months after getting surgery in Birmingham, Alabama.  Since that time, Cass has been off TV beyond material that had been filmed on Total Divas.

It has been about six months since Cass' surgery.  It should be noted we have not heard that Cass has been taking bumps in the ring, but obviously he is heading in that direction once WWE gives him medical clearance to do so.  Once that takes place and he is medically cleared to return, he'll be worked back into WWE Raw storylines.



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