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By Mike Johnson on 2018-02-09 22:30:00

ROH champion The Dalton Castle & The Boys vs. Socal Uncensored.

The DAWGS joined commentary.  Paul Crockett is a happy man right now!  Will Ferrara was pacing behind the announcers and leaping into the air behind them.  Awesome.

Dalton Castle had control on Christopher Daniels but was caught with a right hand.  The Boys acted as if they didn't want to tag in.  Daniels told Castle he had no support.  The Boys then hopped into the ring and nailed Kazarian and Scorpio Sky,  It was a RUSE!  This left Daniels to be worked over until he escaped.  Daniels acted shocked.  Castle sat on the Boys.  Daniels tried to get Sky to do the same for him, but Sky wanted nothing to do with it and Daniels crashed down on his rear when he attempted to sit.  That was pretty funny.

So Cal Uncensored channeled the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette, hugging each other.   Kazarian and one of the Boys but was quickly overwhelmed by the speed and finesse of the Boys as they tagged in and out.   Kazarian finally nailed Castle and one of the Boys off the apron.  SoCal Uncensored cut off one of the Boys and began methodically beating him down.   Sky nailed a nasty over the knee backbreaker.  Daniels tagged in.  He and Kazarian teamed up, working over the Boy.  They trapped him in the corner and stomped away at him.

They continued triple teaming him.  It reminded me a lot of heels working over a babyface in Michinoku Pro back in the day in Japan.  The fact I just wrote "back in the day" about something that happened in the 1990s saddens me more than the gray hairs creeping into my hair.  Daniels slammed The Boy and nailed an Arabian Press.   Castle got in Daniels' face, which led to the referee stopping him.  That allows the Boys to pull off the old Killer Bees' Masked Confusion (minus the masks!) and the fresh Boy tagged out to Castle.

Castle cleaned house on Uncensored.  He caught Daniels coming off the ropes for an over head suplex.  Castle set him up on the top and came running down the apron with a big kick that sent Daniels back into the ring.  Castle deadlifted him into a back suplex but Kazarian broke up the pinfall.    Castle began tossing the Boys out of the ring, using them as offensive weapons to take down Uncensored's members on the floor.  The Boys tossed Daniels back into the ring, Castle was pulled out, leaving one of the Boys to be overwhelmed by Daniels and Kazarian.

Castle returned and nailed a clothesline that sent Kazarian over the top to the floor.  Uncensored finally scored the pin on one of the Boys.

Your winner, SoCal Uncensored!

SoCal began beating everyone down but Castle made a comeback and nailed the Bangarang on Sky.

A good, entertaining six man tag that was well put together.

Solid show thus far.  We are now at intermission.

A quick note: In the future, I hope they replace this WE WILL RETURN AFTER INTERMISSION video with commercials, promos, hype videos, something. You have a captive audience. Promote to them.  Run backstage promos with winners from earlier in the show.  Have someone pushing new DVDs.  Have billboards running with dates and main events of upcoming shows.  Highlight package from the last ROH TV show. Something!  Give the audience something!

We returned from intermission with Mark and Jay Briscoe coming out.  They held up a flag that read "Sandy Fork vs. Everyone."

Jay Briscoe said there was going to be a lot of bloodletting soon and it's going to be the fans' fault.  He promised they were going to destroy their heroes.  Mark told the fans to shut up and told a fan to "sit your toothless a** down in your chair, boy."   They challenged a ringside fan to get into the ring.

Mark said they were out here to get their property back, the ROH Tag Team championship.   Jay said they dropped Chris Sabin on a chair on his head last week, so he's incapacitated.  They said that they knew, however that Alex Shelley was here tonight.  However, he didn't have the b***s to face them alone.  They told him to walk out and hand them the Tag Team belts.  The lights went out and The Machineguns' music hit but Shelley attacked them from behind while the lights were out.

The Briscoes quickly overwhelmed Shelley and beat him down as the announcers wondered why he would face them two on one.  Security hit the ring but were beaten and dispatched by the Briscoes.  Shelley was hit with the Jay-Driller by Jay Briscoe.  The Briscos left and menaced fans on the way out.

Shelley was walked out by referees and security.

The announcers were joined by Brandi Rhodes.

Stacy Shadows & Kelly Klein vs. Mandy Leon & Tenille Dashwood (the former Emma in WWE)

Shadows and Leon started off.  Leon avoided a lockup and nailed several forearms and chops.   Shadows shoulderblocked her down and drove her face into her knee.  Shadows demanded Dashwood tag in.  Tenilla obliged and nailed a series of kicks and elbows, scoring a one count.  Dashwood charged her in the corner but was kicked off.  Klein tagged in and used a cravate and several knee strikes.  Dashwood escaped and used a head scissors into a Russian leg sweep for a two count.

Leon tagged in, but Klein broke free from Dashwood.  Klein caught her with a splash to the mid-section in the corner.  Klein nailed several knees to the face.  She snapmared Leon down and drilled her across the back.  Shadows tagged in and did the same.  Leon was worked over for a long time.  Shadows locked her in a bearhug but Leon transitioned it into a DDT.  She crawled over to the hot tag.  Dashwood cleaned house on everyone.  She dropkicked Shadows rough int the corner.  Dashwood went for a double underhook DDT but was powered up into a Fireman's Carry.  She turned it into an inverted DDT.  Dashwood nailed a kick to the head and scored the pin.

Your winner, Tenille Dashwood and Mandy Leon!

Jay Lethal vs. Jonthan Gresham.

They locked up and went into the corner.  Lethal broke clean.  They locked up again and went through a feeling out process.   They had some back and forth action.  Gresham began using a hammerlock to work on Lethal's arm and shoulder.  Lethal tried to escape but Gresham kept right on it, maneuvering him back into the hold.   Lethal finally caught him in the corner with a series of chops.  Gresham fired back.  Lethal snapped him over with a suplex for a count of one.

Gresham nailed a chop.  Lethal slapped him and fired away with another chop.  Lethal took him down and nailed a suplex.  The announcing seemed to based around the idea that Gresham had earned his place in ROH and could hold his own against anyone.   He nailed a shoulderblock to Lethal and nailed a headbutt.  Gresham nailed a big kick to Lethal's elbow.  He tried to go for the elbow but Lethal drilled him.  Gresham took him back down, now having a weak link to focus on.  Gresham began twisting Lethal's arm and working over the weakened extremity.

Gresham controlled Lethal on the mat for a long time and then began focusing on the shoulder with a kneedrop.  He continued to work over Lethal's arm.  Jay tried to fight back but was armdragged down and dropkicked out of the ring to the floor.  Gresham has looked awesome here thus far.   Gresham teased a dive.  Lethal scrambled away but Gresham stopped himself and charged across the apron outside with a kick.  Gresham went for a dive off the apron but Lethal caught him with a cutter to the floor.

The referee teased counting both men out but Lethal rolled himself in.  Gresham rolled in just before the twenty count.  Gresham ducked a right hand and went for a back suplex, only to be elbowed.  They began exchanging punches and kicks, each getting more and more aggravated with the other.  Lethal began working on Gresham's knee, playing off the idea that he hurt the knee when he came crashing down in the cutter.  It broke down in Concord as they began slugging it out.

Gresham rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a bicycle kick.  Lethal went for the Lethal Injection but his shoulder gave out as he rebounded off the ropes.  Gresham was on him like a beast, trying to lock in a crossface.  Gresham locked in the move but Lethal made it to the ropes.  Gresham continued the assault, but Lethal caught him in a small package for a two.  Gresham got to his feet but Lethal grabbed him and snapped him over with a Dragon Screw Legwhip, continuing the attack on the knee.  Now, it was Lethal in clear control.  This is a HELL of a great story they are telling here physically.

Lethal went to the top but was cut off.  Gresham grabbed his shoulder and worked it over.  Lethal flipped over him and went for a sunset flip but Gresham escaped.  He came off the ropes with a tornado DDT for a two count.  Lethal made a comeback and nailed his flying elbow for a two count, then locked in the figure four leglock, going right back after the injured knee.   Gresham was trapped and finally tapped out.

Your winner, Jay Lethal!

A great, great match.

The crowd gave them a big reaction after the match.  They faced off in the ring.  The crowd chanted "Both these guys!"   They faced off and finally shook hands.  Go out of your way to track down this one.

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