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By Cory Strode on 2018-01-28 19:01:00

An ad for the WrestleMania Orlando documentary and an Andre documentary on HBO.

We get a look at the carnage of busted tables.  

Stephanie is going to be doing commentary as well.  

We get the rules and it's 90 seconds between entrants.  I don't think they announced that for the men's Rumble.  Maria Menounos introduces the match.  Stephanie comes out, and is followed by Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair.  They sit in front of the announce table to watch the match.  

Number 1: Sasha Banks

Number 2:  Becky Lynch. 

Nice choices for the first two entrants as they both were big game changers when they hit the main roster.  Sasha is also in Wonder Woman-inspired ring gear.  They lock up and neither gets an advantage.    

Number 3: Sarah Logan.

Sarah comes to the ring and goes after Becky Lynch.  She is dominant and attempts to eliminate Becky, but Sasha saves her.  Sarah knocks her down and keeps dominating.

Number 4: Mandy Rose.

They mention Paige can't compete due to a neck injury and Mandy goes right after Sasha.  The four pair off with Mandy and Sarah in control  Corey Graves REALLY pushes Mandy Rose in commentary.

Number 5: Lita

Lita looks giddy to be in the match and gets a huge reaction.  She takes on Becky and Sasha, and she's able to put down Sarah.  Mandy is able to stop the rampage and takes control.  They brawl in the corner.  Lita gets Mandy outside the ring on the apron and knocks her to the floor

Eliminated: Mandy Rose
Number 6: Kairi Sane 

She hits the ring and knocks down Sarah, Becky and Sasha and then takes down Lita.  She is able to get in her elbow drop and she is standing all as the clock counts down.
Number 7: Tamina Snuka 

She attacks Kairi and then she gets her moment to attack people until Lita takes her down.  Lita gets in a Twist of Fate on Sasha and Becky and goes to the top rope for a LitaSault on the two of them.  It prompts a chant of you still go it from the crowd.  Lita eliminates Tamina and is then eliminated by Becky.

Eliminated: Tamina Snuka
Eliminated: Lita
Number 8: Dana Brooke. 

She does a cartwheel as she comes down the ramp, and she attacks Becky.  Dana is able to attack everyone showing off her moves. Kairi heads t the top rope for a move and instead gets eliminated by Dana.
Eliminated:  Kairi Sane

Number 9: Torrie Wilson
She still looks great and is able to attack a few people before Sarah stops her.  Dana is out on the apron, and Torrie hits a baseball slide, knocking her to the floor.
Eliminated: Dana Brooke

Number 10: Sonya Deville

As she hits the ring, she goes after Torrie and Torrie is eliminated.

Eliminated:  Torrie Wilson

Number 11: Liv Morgan

Morgan goes after Sasha.  Her and Sarah try to eliminate Sasha, who hangs on.

Number 12: Molly Holly

Molly comes in and lays everyone out.  She then eliminates Sarah Logan and is off the top rope on Sasha Banks in an incredible move.

Eliminated: Sarah Logan

Number 13: Lana

She hits the ring and is immediately attacked by Deville and Morgan who lay her out.  The crowd is chanting Rusev Day to power her up.  Lana turns it around and attacks Deville and Morgan

Number 14: Michelle McCool

McCool gets her chance to attack everyone and puts a beat down on Deville and Morgan.  She tosses Deville out of the ring and follows up by tossing Morgan out of the ring. Molly Holly attacks McCool and McCool Eliminates Holly.  She is attacked by Lana and Lana is eliminated.

Eliminated: Sonia Deville
Eliminated: Liv Morgan
Eliminated: Molly Holly
Eliminated: Lana

Number 15:  Ruby Riot

She hits the ring and gets attacked by McCool and is nearly eliminated twice quickly.  But it turns into the women pairing off for brawling. 

Number 16:  Vicki Guerrero

Vicki shouts Excuse me on her way to the ring and hits the ring with a microphone.  All four of the other women team up and toss her out of the ring.  

Eliminated: Vicki Guerrero

Number 17:  Carmella 

Carmella hits the ring with the briefcase.  Vicki grab the briefcase and flattens Carmella with the briefcase.  It's back to the four in the ring, Becky, Sasha, Ruby and Michelle fighting. 

Number 18:  Natalya 

Natalya stomps on Carmella on the way to the ring, and Carmella pulls her off the ring apron and finally enters the ring.  She attacks and is finally brought down by Becky.

Number 19:  Kelly Kelly

Who started at age 19.  Natalya almost eliminates McCool and starts celebrating.  Kelly Kelly attacks McCool and Natalya is able to finally eliminate McCool.

Eliminated:  Michelle McCool

Number 20: Naomi

She gets her chance to run through everyone in the ring, and it breaks down to her vs Sasha.  Becky is eliminated by Ruby and the countdown clock keeps going.  

Eliminated: Becky Lynch

Number 21:Jacqueline

She storms to the ring and she takes her turn attacking each woman in the ring.  They concentrate on eliminating Kelly Kelly

Number 22: Nia Jax

Nia eliminates Jacqueline and Kelly Kelly in quick succession. She attacks Riot and Riot gets gorilla press slammed on the top turn buckle.   Naomi attacks Nia and is stopped pretty quickly.  She is tossed from the ring but the other women catch her so she is not eliminated.

Eliminated:  Jacqueline
Eliminated: Kelly Kelly
Not Eliminated: Naomi

Number 23:  Ember Moon.

Ember Moon enters taped up and is able to take on Nia Jax. For a bit, but Nia dominates.  Naomi is walking the barricade and grabs a chair to get back to the ring.  She walks on her hands to get back to the ring from the chair.  Nia Jax grabs her and tosses her from the ring.  

Eliminated: Naomi

Number 24:   Beth Phoenix

They trade blows in the center on the ring.  Beth attempts to pick up Nia, but fails and in knocked to the ground.  Beth is able to get her up on her second attempt, but NOT out of the ring.  Natalya, who was not eliminated, enters the ring, as does Carmella, who ALSO was not eliminated, but were both on the floor. Natalya eliminates Beth Phoenix after they have a reunion.

Eliminated: Beth Phoenix

Number 25: Asuka

Sasha enters the ring after Asuka, so I guess she was still in the match as well. Asuka dominates the ring.  When Ember and Asuka face off, Asuka mocks her by dancing.  Asuka is able to eliminate Ember.

Eliminated:  Ember Moon

Number 26: Mickie James

It's Mickie's turn to attack and her and Natalya fight it out.  They pair up and brawl until...

Number 27:  Nikki Bella

She is able to dominate until Carmella and Nikki square off.  They battle and Carnella is tossed over the top rope.  The rest brawl with no sign of Nia Jax.  

Eliminated: Carmella

Number 28:  Brie Bella

The women in the ring had teamed up to beat down Nikki and Brie gets in her attack to Yes chants.  The Bellas team up to keep Nia from getting into the ring.

Number 29:  Bailey

Bailey hits the ring and goes after the Bella and gets her turn to take everyone down until Asuka takes control.  The rest brawl in their pairs.

Number 30:  Trish Stratus comes to the ring.  She gets a beat the drink it all in before she starts her attacks.  We gets Stratusfaction on the Bellas and she faces off with Mickie James.  We have all of our competitors. Trish eliminates Mickie and Nia Jax makes her return, leveling Trish.

Eliminated: Mickie James.

Everyone lefts goes after Nia who is able to knock them all away from her.  Nia gets kicked into the ropes and the Bellas start to pull her out, but the whole group gets together and pulls her over the top rope.  Sasha attacks Bailey and eliminates her right afterward.  

Eliminated: Nia Jax
Eliminated: Bailey

Natalya knocks down Trish and is standing tall.  She puts the sharp shooter on Trish.  Trish breaks the hold, recovers and eliminates Natalya.

Eliminated: Natalya

A face-off between Trish and Sasha ends with Sasha tossing Trish out of the ring.

Eliminated: Trish Stratus

As Sasha is admiring what she did, Asuka comes from behind.  They face off and decide to team up against the Bellas. But Sasha knocks her the mat, and the Bellas then attack Asuka.  All three team up against Asuka, but Asuka is able to eliminate Sasha.

Eliminated: Sasha

Now it's the Bellas against Asuka and she is able to dominate the two of them with kicks.  She tosses Brie, who is trying to hang on.  Nikki is able to fight back and drop Asuka to the mat.  As Asuka is recovering, Nikki hits Brie, eliminating her.  

Eliminated: Brie Bella

Nikki and Asuka attack each other and Asuka is fairly beaten up.  Nikki attempts to throw her over the top and Asuka hangs on.  She is on the ring apron and Nikki runs into a kick.  Asuka uses a leg hold to pull Nikki onto the apron.  They battle and Asuka  hits a final move knocking Nikki to the floor.

Eliminated: Nikki Bella

The winner of the first women's Royal Rumble, Asuka!

Both champions join her in the ring and we wonder who she will choose.  She draws it out before deciding...  

Rhonda Rosey comes from the back!  She faces off with the three women and then points at the WrestleMania sign.  She reaches out to shake Asuka's hand and get slapped.  She responds by pointing at the Mania sign and then goes to the announce table and shakes Stephanie's hand.  

We go to black and the show is over!


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