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By Cory Strode on 2018-01-28 19:01:00

Renee hits the ring and asks Nakamura who he wants to meet at WrestleMania and he replies:

AJ Styles

After the break, Shane and Daniel Bryan are gloating about their win over Stephanie and Kurt Angle.  They hype up the matches still to come.

And now the Colonel Sanders Rumble.  No.  Just no.  Sorry guys, I will not be covering this.  

Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (Champions) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus 

Rollins and Jordan come out separately and first.  I dislike the Champions coming out first, and the announcers focus on how Rollins may be tired from the Rumble.  As The Bar comes to the ring, we get to see the international announcers.  

Cesaro and Rollins start the match and Cesaro has immediate control.  Rollins breaks away with a series of arm drags until Cesaro tags in Sheamus.  Seth maintains control and Rollins attempts to tag,  but Cesaro draws Jordan out of the corner and Sheamus is able to take over and drag Rollins to their corner.    As Rollins makes it to his corner,  Cesaro pulls Jordan off the apron.

Rollins is able to escape, and tosses Sheamus to the floor so that he can get a suicide dive.  Jordan is hurt from hitting the post, and Rollins is back in the ring.  Sheamus takes control, and as medical personnel look at Jordan, Cesaro is tagged in and they work Rollins over.  They are able to get multiple two counts as Rollins is just barely able to kick out and hang on.  

Rollins is able to escape from when Sheamus had him on his shoulders and Cesaro missed a clothesline from the top rope.  He is able to get Cesaro knocked the floor and Rollins starts to get offense in on both Sheamus and then Cesaro after he tags in.  Rollins his the Falcon Arrow on Cesaro for a two count, and Cesaro is able to tag in Sheamus.  Sheamus sets up for White Noise from the top rope, but Rollins fights out.  

He has both Sheamus and Cesaro on the mat, and he is able to pull off a flag splash on the both of them.  Jason Jordan is able to make it to the corner and tag in, still looking like he's out of it.  He tags out, Rollins starts yelling at him to get in the ring and he's dragged in by Cesaro.  Cesaro and Sheamus double team Rollins. 

Sheamus gets tagged in and hits the Borough kick.  Sheamus tags Cesaro and Cesaro hits a move from the second rope as Sheamus holds Rollins.  Three count and new tag team champions.

Winner and New Tag Team Champions The Bar!

A story based match, furthering the story that Jason Jordan isn't as good as he thinks he is, and Rollins is unable to count on him.

Now, we have the Universal title match, and we get a video package to get us ready.

Brock Lesnar (Champion) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane 

Strowman is first to the ring and then Kane.  Finally, the Champion goes after the both of them.  Heyman interrupts and does the announcement for Lesnar and the crowd sings along.

Lesnar goes after Kane to start with and then Strowman has then in separate corners, Lesnar tries to get an F5, and Kane interrupts with a choke slam.  Kane and Strowman fight and Lensar comes in with a chair.  Strowman kicks the chair out of Lesnar's hands and tosses him out of the ring.  Strowman follows him out of the ring, tosses Lesnar into the barricade and nails him with the ring steps.  

We Have Got A Table.

Strowman has two tables in the ring, and because it's a triple threat, it's all legal.  Strowman tosses Kane in the ring and starts setting up the tables.  One on its own and one in the corner.  Kane gets up and tries a choke slam but Strowman reverses and pins.  Brock breaks it up and takes control. 

German! Two! Three!

Strowman puts Brock through a table and the pin is broken up by Kane.  Kane gets a choke slam and Brock breaks it up.  Brock gets a F5 for the 2 count and Strowman gets a German Suplex on Brock out of the ring. Strowman tosses Brock into the barricade and sets up for a move on the German announce table.  

Brock gets an F5 on Strowman through the Announce table. Brock overturns the other announce table onto Strowman.

Kane attempts an attack, but Brock picks him up and puts him through the Spanish announce table.

Strowman tosses off the table and goes after Brock.  They are in the ring and Strowman gets a power slam.  Brock gets up and gets another power slam.  Kane enters with a chair and hits Strowman with it, knocking Strowman out of the ring.  Brock is dazed and Kane motions for the end.  Lensar escapes and Strowman hits Kane from the outside.  

Brock lifts Kane and gets a F5 on the chair and pins Kane

Winner and still champion:  Brock Lensar.


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