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By Cory Strode on 2018-01-28 19:01:00

It's the Men's Royal Rumble!

Our announce team is Corey Graves, Byron Saxton and Michael Cole.  They show the statistics video package again.  They explain the rules and give us another look at the WrestleMania sign.

Special Guest Commentator is Jerry Lawler.

The first two Entrants:

It's RUSEV DAY!  The crowd is WAY into it as Aiden English introduces Rusev.  

Number 2 is Finn Balor to another big pop. 

They face off and as the bell rings, Rusev has Balor up and Balor is almost eliminated.  Rusev is able to control Balor with a few hope spots for Balor.  

Number 3:  Rhyno

Rhyno goes right for Rusev and they trade blows.  Rhyno gets in a belly to belly on Rusev and then on Balor to ECW chants.  

Number 4:  Baron Corbin 

Corbin runs to the ring and takes down Rhyno and then takes down Rusev.  Rhyno is able to recover but Crobin gets control, and is able to eliminate Rhyno.  Balor takes advantage and eliminates Corbin.  Corbin does not take this well and attacks Balor and drags him out of the ring and drives him into the barricade.  Rusev tries to attack and gets hit with End of Days. 

Eliminated Rhyno
Eliminated: Corbin

Number 5:  Heath Slater

Corbin attacks Slater on his way to the ring.  And EVERYONE has been laid out with Balor and Rusev on the ground outside the ring.

Number 6:  Are you ready to Walk with Elias?.

He comes out with his guitar and is ready to play himself to the ring.  He kicks Slater on his way down the ramp.  He cuts a promo down to the ring and while in the ring, stating that the clock will not start until he performs.  He asks for silence and does not get it as he sings his Royal Rumble song heeling the city.  Hold on, the clock did not stop!

Number 7:  NXT Champion Andrade Almas, with Zelina Vega

He gives Slater a kick as he walks down the aisle as well, not giving a damn about Slater's kids.  The only two in the ring are Elias and Almas.  They trade blows and as the clock shows again, they are both on the mat.

Number 8:  Bray Wyatt

He walks slowly to the ring with the lantern and he tosses Slater into the barricade.  Bray attacks Elias and gives the spider look.  Before he can do much, Balor attacks, but is down quickly.  Rusev gets a chant as he tries to get into the ring and Wyatt keeps knocking him down.

Number 9:  Big E

Big E up Slater and gives him a power pancake.  Big E and Wyatt attack each other,  Rusev is in the ring and he and Elias attack Big E.  Everyone is up, well, everyone but Slater, and they are all [paired up and working in the corners.

Number 10: Tye Dillinger

However, in the back, Owens and Zayn are attacking Dillinger and keep him from coming to the ring.  Zayn comes to the ring, also hitting Slater and I guess he's in the Rumble now, so...

Number 10; Sami Zayn.

Number 11: Sheamus 

Slater gets into the ring and as Sheamus enters, Slater eliminates him. Wyatt goes after Slater hitting Sister Abigail and tossing him out of the ring.  The rest in the ring battle with people coming close to being eliminated.

Eliminated:  Sheamus
Eliminated: Slater

Number 12:  Xavier Woods

Woods goes right after Wyatt, but does NOT attack or help Slater.  Big E and Woods start working together to try to eliminate Elias.  

Number 13:  Apollo Crews

He also goes after Wyatt as he enters.  People are pairing up to battle against the ropes.

Number 14:  NAKAMURA!

Crowd sings his theme as he starts kicking people down in the ring to be the only man standing. Nakamura is able to eliminate Zayn.

Eliminated: Sami Zayn

Number 15: Cesaro

Cesario goes after Balor and we see everyone pairing up for battle.  Rusev keeps getting crown cheers when he starts attacking in the middle of the ring.  

Number 16:  Kofi Kingston.

With this, all three New Day members are in the ring.  When Cesaro knocks down Kofi, Crews and Cesaro get a spotlight with attempts by Crews to toss out Cesaro, Cesaro getting Crews on the outside of the ropes and attempting to knock him off. Eventually Cesaro gets in a blow knocking Crews off the apron and eliminated.

Eliminated: Apollo Crews

Number 17:  Jinder Mahal

Mahal goes right for Woods and starts suplexing people.  Woods attempts to attack Mahal in the corner and is tossed out over the turnbuckle post.  Mahal battles Big E on the apron and when Mahal hits a kick, Big is is gone. Two New Day members out by Mahal.  

Eliminated: Xavier Woods
Eliminated: Big E

Number 18:  Seth Rollins

He flies into the ring to go after Wyatt, followed up by Rollins attack Balor.  Rollins is attacked by Cesaro, but Rollins is able to eliminate Cesaro.  Kofi is tossed from the ring and then...Kofi has one foot on Xavier Woods and then a plate of pancakes.  He springs back in the ring and eliminates Mahal who is pelted with pancakes.  There's your Kofi Goofy Moment for 2018 everyone. Rusev then tosses Kofi from the ring.

Eliminated: Cesaro
Eliminated: Jinder Mahal
Eliminated: Kofi Kingston

Number 19:  Woken Matt Hardy

Hardy and Wyatt team up to eliminate Rusev.  Hardy and Wyatt battle and eliminate each other.

Eliminated: Rusev
Eliminated: Matt Hardy
Eliminated: Bray Wyatt

Number 20:  John Cena

Lawler is back to choosing whoever is next in the ring to win the Rumble.  Ah, memories.  As he enters the ring, everyone in the ring attacks him.  Cena survives and eliminates Elias.

Eliminated: Elias

Number 21:  The Hurricane

The Hurricane goes after Cena and is quickly eliminated. Thanks for coming.

Eliminated: The Hurricane

Number 22:  Aiden English

He sprints to the ring and attacks Rollins.  Everyone is down, so he gets to attack people.  Everyone starts to pair up again and fight in the corners.

Number 23:  Adam Cole BayBee!!

He hits the ring taped up from last night and goes after Aiden English.  Aiden starts to sing on the top rope and gets kicked by Balon and drops to the floor.

Eliminated: Aiden English. 

Number 24:  Randy Orton

He walks slowly toward the ring, last year's winner attacks Cole.  He then attacks Almas and eliminates him.  

Eliminated:  Andrade Almas

Number 25:  Titus O'Neil.

Titus goes after Cena and the brawl continues.  

Number 26:  The Miz

Miz attacks Rollins and then he and Cena start fighting.  Miz gets to kicking Cena and Rollins and puts the skull crushing finale on Cena. 

Number 27: Rey Mysterio is here

Ray goes after the Miz and then eliminates Cole. We get a 619 on the Miz and then back to standard brawling.

Eliminated: Adam Cole

Number 28:  Roman Reigns

Reigns is booed as he walks slowly to the ring and attacks Cena.  Reigns knocks down everyone who is still up until he is face to face with The Miz.  Titus tries to get into the fight and is tossed out for his trouble.  Miz attempts to attack and almost gets tossed out, but is saved by the Miztourage.  Rollins and Reigns form an alliance to go after the Miz and power bomb him to the floor on top of the Miztourage.  No time to celebrate as Reigns eliminates Rollins.  

Eliminated: Titus O'Neil
Eliminated:  The Miz
Eliminated: Seth Rollins.

Number 29:  Goldust

Goldust has now been in the Rumble 12th time, tied for 2nd all time number of Rumbles.  He goes after Orton and they brawl, nearly eliminating him.  

Number 30:  Dolph Ziggler

Dolph attacks Cena and now no more entrants.  Ziggler eliminates Goldust.

Eliminated: Goldust

Ziggler attacks Nakamura, but Balor gets in a kick to eliminate Ziggler.

Eliminated: Dolph Ziggler

The six remaining face off and then they pair up and attack.  Each pair gets a spotlight for a move or two.  Reigns eliminates Orton and then Ray eliminates Mysterio after he hits a 619 on Cena and Reigns. 

Eliminated: Randy Orton
Eliminated: Ray Mysterio

We are down to four.  Balor, Nakamura, Cena and Reigns.  They each take a corner and then come to the center of the ring. Cena attacks Nakamura and Reigns goes after Balor.  After a brief fight, Cena and Reigns face off only to be attacked.  Balor and Nakamura face off and Balor gets the upper hand at first.  Nice battle between the two. Then we get Cena and Reigns facing off again.  

They mix up the pairings and everyone gets a chance to look strong until Cena eliminates Balor.

Eliminated: Finn Balor

We now are down to three.  Cena and Reigns team up to attack Nakamura.  When he is down they go after each other.  They both get in their Big Moves leaving Reigns standing tall.  Cenas knocks him down and Cena and Nakamura fight.  Cena is over the top, on the apron and Nakamura gets a kick in and eliminates Cena.

Eliminated: John Cena

Nakamura and Reigns trade blows in the center of the ring.  Reigns gets in a Superman punch and Nakamura is down.  He gets tossed over the top rope, but Nakamura is on the apron.  Nakamura gets the hanging triangle on Reigns.  He brings in Nakamura and power bombs him.  They are both on the mat.  This has been a fantastic rumble, and the crowd is solidly behind Nakamura.  Reigns is up first and waits for Nakamu×ra to get up.  Nakamuaa hits Reigns as he tried a spear.  Reigns hits the second attempt at a spear.  

Reigns has Nakamura up, but Nakamura escapes and hit a kick.  He follows it up by eliminating Reigns.  

Eliminated: Roman Reigns

Your Royal Rumble winner:  Shinske Nakamura!

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