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By Cory Strode on 2018-01-28 19:01:00

The video package talks about Opportunity and how history is always made at the Rumble ending looking at the WrestleMania sign that everyone will be pointing at for the next three months.  

AJ Styles (Smackdown Champion) vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Handicap match

Sami Zayn skanks to the ring first and the Smackdown announce team sets up the match. Kevin Owns comes to the ring next, with a nice little bit by the announcers that they do it to annoy Shane McMahon. 

It's time for AJ Styles to make his entrance. The crowd is firmly for AJ as the bell sounds.

It's Owens vs Styles to start, but Owens tags out immediately.  Sami tags out again and our lockup with Owens and Styles who gets in the first blow.  Owens tags out again, and Sami and Styles lock up with Styles gets a quick two count.

Owens is back in and he exchanges holds with Styles.  When Styles blocks their tag, Owens goes out fo the ring, comes back in at his corner and tags out.  The story is that any time Styles gets his offense going, Owens and Zayn tag.  Owens finally gets the upper hand and traps Styles in their corner for them to tag and double team. They keep control of Styles an d the match goes to the outside when Owens is able to inflict more pain before tossing Styles in for a one count.

Zayn tags in and puts on a chinlock that ends with Styles backing him into the corner for another tag.  Styles is able to battle out of the corner, but Owens is able to slam him down for another two count that Owens yells was a three count.  Owens missed the cannonball and Owens acts hurt, barely tagging in Zayn.  They brawl until Styles gets in some offense causing Owens to tag in.  

Syles gets in a Pele kick and Zayn in back in, and Styles kicks through the Helluva kick and gets a moonsualt into a reverse DDT.  Owens come in and gets caught by a kick and the calf crusher. Owens escapes, gets a two count, and Styles is able to side step and run Owens into the post shoulder first. Zayn tags in, Owens gets in a cheap shot and Zayn gets in the blue thunderbomb for a two count.   Zayn has Styles in the corner where Zayn dominates.  They head up to the top rope, flying off with AJ in control.

Styles hits the phenomenal forearm for the two count and Owens breaks it up. Zayn and Styles punch it out.  Zayn tries to tag, and BARELY misses.  Zayn is tossed out of the ring.

Owens gets in, attempts the pop up power bomb, but Styles reverses for the pinfall win.

Winner and still champion, AJ Styles!

Look for the almost tag to be part of future stories as Owens and Zayn say it was not a tag b ut Shane says it was a tag..

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The next match:  The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso) (c) vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin 2 out of three falls.

Benjamin and Gable are first to the ring.  Usos are next and for heels, the crowd is into them, making a lot of noise.  They talk their way to the ring. The announcers let us know that the last match they had was reversed.

Benjamin and Jay start hot, and Benjamin controls as he tags in Gable.  Jay breaks away and goes back to his corner.  They trade holds until Jimmy tags in and the brothers go for a superkick as Gable leaves the ring to slow things down.  Gable gets back in and they trade holds back and forth until Jimmy takes control, hitting blows at will.  Jimmy gets a two count and Gable escapes, tagging, but Jimmy doesn't see it.

Gable hits a chop block as Benjamin comes into the match. Benjamin is now in control, working over the leg that was hit.  Gable tags in for more leg work and a two count.  They have Jimmy trapped in their corner and tag in and out to keep working that leg, slowing down the Usos.  The crowd is behind the Usos, are they still heels at this point?  

Eventually, Jimmy is able to fight back, and both he and Benjamin are down and Jay gets in the match and attacks.  He gets Gable outside the ring on one side and Benjamin outside on the other.  He dives on Benjamin first and then Gable.  Gable gets into the ring and Jay is able to get a two count.  Jay rolls up Gable for another two count/  He kicks out knocking Jay into the ropes where Benjamin gets in a kick and Gable is able to get a tiger suplex for two count.

After some more double teaming brawling by Gable and Benjamin gets a two count.  Jay is knocked out of the ring, and Gable moonsaults into both Usos.  He tosses Jimmy into the ring, and Jay hits a superkick on Gable, then a splash from the top rope for a two count.  Jay is tagged in and they look to both splash, but Benjamin stops him.  

Usos start hitting superkicks and Gable is pinned.

First Fall to the Usos.

The match continues, and Benjamin is able to hit Jay in the corner.  There is some brawling, and we end up with Benjamin has Jimmy on his shoulder outside the ring and Gable clotheslines him.  Back into the ring. Benjamin starts setting up for a big power move and whichever Uso is in the ring wraps him up in a small package for a three count.  

Fall number two and still champions, The Usos!

Join us throughout the evening for more thoughts from tonight's show!

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