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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-01-27 22:28:00

Welcome to's coverage of NXT Takeover Philadelphia.  In addition to the live coverage, make sure to check out the blogs, on site coverage, pregame and postgame audios.

We start off with a video feature hosted by Paul Heyman reminding people about the history of wrestling in Philadelphia.

We are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Percy Watson and Mauro Ranallo.

Match Number One:  NXT Tag Team Championship Match:  Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly) versus Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar [with Paul Ellering])

Authors of Pain attack before the bell rings and Fish and O'Reilly go to the floor.

Rezar with a shoulder tackle to Fish and he goes to the floor.  Fish has some words for Akam but he goes back to his corner and back into the ring.  Fish goes into the ropes and he tags in Kyle.  Kyle with kicks to the leg and he tries for a single leg take down but Rezar with a take down.  Kyle with kicks from the mat and Rezar blocks him.  Rezar with a double leg take down and punches.  Kyle with a triangle but Kyle's shoulders are almost on the mat.  Kyle keeps Rezar on the mat after Rezar tries for a power bomb.  Kyle goes to the floor.  

Kyle kicks the ring steps before returning to the ring.  Fish wants the referee to keep Rezar back and Fish tags in.  Fish with kicks to the leg.  Rezar blocks a kick and he sends Fish into his corner.  Akam tags in and they both work over Fish in the corner.  Akam with a fireman's carry and boot to the chest.  Fish with a knee to the midsection and Kyle tags in but he is sent face first into the mat.  Akam with a shoulder tackle and Kyle goes back to the floor.  Akam and Rezar with shoulder tackles to Fish and O'Reilly on the floor.  Fish is sent shoulder first into the ring steps.

Akam and Rezar pinball Kyle and he gets back on the apron but falls to the floor.  Fish goes to the floor but he is caught by Akam who hits a wheelbarrow hot shot on the ringside barrier.  Rezar tags in and punches Kyle.  Akam appears to have hurt his knee on a double team move on Kyle.  Kyle drops down and Akam goes to the apron.  Fish kicks Akam in the back of the leg when the referee was not looking.  Rezar kicks Kyle but Fish with a spear that sends him and Rezar to the floor.  Akam with a forearm.

Kyle with a kick and slap followed by a knee and leg sweep.  Fish tags in and he kicks Akam and connects with forearms and more kicks.  Kyle tags back in and he kicks Akam in the leg.  Kyle wraps the leg in the ropes and Fish and O'Reilly are stopped by Akam.  Akam with a uranage to Kyle from the corner but Fish with a kick to the leg.  Fish with more kicks to the leg.  Fish with a knee drop to the leg.  Kyle clips Akam and he goes for a single leg crab but Akam kicks Kyle away.  

Kyle with a knee bar to stop Akam from making the tag.  Akam gets to the ropes to force Kyle to release the hold.  Fish tags in and he continues to work on the leg.  Kyle tags back in and they goe for knees and then Fish kicks Akam over Kyle's back and Kyle with a knee bar.  Fish tags in and he hits a slingshot senton onto teh leg and Fish gets a near fall.  Fish with more kicks to the leg.  Fish focuses on Rezar on the apron and Akam with a back body drop.

Rezar and Kyle tag in and Rezar with kicks to both men and then he press slams Fish.  Rezar with a spinebuster and punches to Kyle.  Rezar picks up Kyle but Fish with a sleeper.  Rezar drops back with a Fallaway Slam to Kyle and he gets a near fall.  Rezar escapes a guillotine and then Kyle with a knee to the shoulder.  Fish tags in and Kyle with forearms and Fish with a knee.  Kyle with a kick to the leg and Fish with an Exploder for a near fall.  Kyle with a rear choke but Rezar escapes and he kicks Fish and connects with a clothesline to Kyle.

Akam wants the tag and Rezar makes the tag.  Akam shakes out the leg as they set for Final Chapter but Fish with a jumping knee.  Kyle with a knee bar on Akam while Fish chokes out Rezar.  Rezar snap mares Fish onto Kyle to force Kyle to release the hold.  Rezar rolls to the floor while the other three men stay in the ring.  Fish goes to the floor as well.  Kyle with a kick to Akam's injured leg.  Kyle with more kicks and a forearm.  Kyle with a kick but Akam with a t-bone suplex and knees to the head in the corner.  Fish has a kick blocked and Akam clotheslines Fish off the apron.  Akam with a buckle bomb to Kyle followed by more knees.  Rezar with a boot to Fish to stop him from helping Kyle.

Akam and Rezar set for Super Collider and they hit it.  Kyle with a rana that sends Akam into Rezar and Kyle gets the three coutn with a rollup on Akam.

Winners:  Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish

We see War Machine in the crowd.

Andrade Almas is in the locker room with Zelina Vega.

In case you missed Velveteen Dream on the Kickoff Show, they show his 30 seconds or less proclamation.

Velveteen Dream has his own valet at ringside to give him his customized mouthpiece.

Match Number Two:  Velveteen Dream versus Kassius Ohno

The crowd counts to see if he can meet his promise.  Dream with punches in the corner followed by a round house and Ohno goes down.  The referee checks on Ohno but Ohno gets up and hits a rolling elbow.  The mouthpiece falls out of his mouth and Ohno with a series of kicks to send Dream to the floor.  Ohno sends Dream back into the ring but Dream with an elbow to send Ohno to the floor.  Dream runs into a boot but Dream with a spinebuster.

Dream kicks Ohno in the head and he connects with punches.  Dream with a hard Irish whip.  Dream with a suplex but Ohno kicks out at one.  Dream with a kick to the back and a double sledge.  Dream with a knee drop to the ribs.  Dream continues to work on the midsection to affect Ohno's breathing pattern.  Dream with more punches but Ohno with a chop.  Dream with a forearm and a snap mare.  Dream with an arm bar and he adds pressure to the ribs.  Dream rolls over to apply a camel clutch.  Ohno gets to his feet but Dream sends Ohno into the turnbuckles.  Dream with punches to Ohno in the corner and the referee warns Dream.

Dream with a kick to the head and Ohno wants more.  Dream goes to the turnbuckles and he hits a double sledge for a near fall.  Dream returns to the camel clutch and then he works on the back and kicks Ohno in the ribs.  Dream wants Ohno to say his name and he applies a rear chin lock.  Ohno escapes the chin lock but Dream with a kick and he gets Ohno on his shoulders but Ohno with elbows and knees to get back to his feet.  Dream with a kick and Ohno counters a suplex with a suplex throw and both men are down.

Dream with a forearm to the back and Ohno with a forearm.  Dream with a European uppercut followed by a forearm from Ohno.  Ohno with a clothesline followed by a boot and back senton.  Ohno with a cyclone kick for a near fall.  Dream with a backslide and Ohno blocks a kick but Dream hits a super kick and then he hits a twisting DDT for a near fall.  Dream goes up top but Ohno with a bicycle kick and boot to the head.  Ohno is caught by Dream and Dream with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.  

Ohno with a rolling elbow for a near fall.   Ohno misses a rolling elbow and Dream with a rolling Death Valley Driver and Dream goes up top for the elbow drop and the three count.

Winner:  Velveteen Dream

Johnny Gargano and his family are in the locker room.

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