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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-01-27 22:28:00

Welcome to's coverage of NXT Takeover Philadelphia.  In addition to the live play by play coverage, make sure to check out the live blogs, preview audios, and post game audios for tonight's show.

We are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your host is Charly Caruso.  She is joined by Sam Roberts and Samoa Joe.

Joe is asked how he is doing.  Joe says the WWE roster is lucky that he won't be involved in any of the festivities tomorrow.

Sam says that a number of championships can change.

Joe says anything can happen.  He won the title at a live event so there can be title changes tonight.

Charly introduces Corey Graves and Renee Young in the interview area.  They will be handing out the Year End Awards.

The first match to be discussed is Adam Cole versus Aleister Black in an Extreme Rules Match.

We have a video package.

We see the Undisputed Era arriving at the arena earlier today.

Joe says both men have pedigrees that are unparalleled.  He says that Black has a background in kickboxing.  The martial arts technique is neutralized and Adam Cole has the experience and game plan.

Sam says that some expect Black to have the advantage.  Sam mentions some of the matches that Adam had in similar situations.

Joe says the experience will help but you don't know what will happen when there are no rules.

Charly asks what did Black mention when he talked about exposing Adam Cole's weaknesses.  Sam says he does not think that Adam has any weaknesses.

Joe says he has encountered both of them and the warfare starts before you get in the ring and it might work for Black.

Sam predicts Adam Cole.  Charly asks if Fish or O'Reilly get involved.  Joe says he would expect it to happen and if they are not out there, there might be problems within the Undisputed Era.  Joe says that he thinks Cole has the better plan for tonight.

We go back to Renee and Corey and the first award is Rivalry of the Year.  The winner is Aleister Black versus Velveteen Dream.

Velveteen Dream accepts the award and he gives thanks to God because the Dream is the closest thing to the light that NXT has.  Tonight is not about the light and the darkness.  Dream demands a 30 second or less knockout of the Knockout Artist Kassius Ohno.  At the end of the day, you will say his name.

Kayla Braxton is in the crowd.

The next award is about to be presented so we go back to Renee and Corey.  It is time to find out who the Male Competitor of the Year is Aleister Black.

Black says that he set out to do something different.  He set out to do something unique that was not conventional.  He says that this proves that what he did was right. 

Renee tells Aleister that he won Breakout Star of the Year.

Charly brings up Velveteen Dream's comments.  Joe says that Dream does not have to prove himself to everyone.  This was able to get Ohno to think about the challenge.  He thinks it will help Dream.  Joe says that Dream could put out a red herring to get Ohno off his game.  

Joe agrees that Black and Dream stole the show at War Games.  If Dream does not plan properly, Ohno could win the match.

Charly asks for predictions and Sam picks Dream.   Joe mentions Ohno's pedigree and he can pull it out.  Dream is making a name for himself and the momentum he has could help him to victory.

It is time to talk about the tag title match.

Sam mentions the time that Fish and O'Reilly have together but the Authors of Pain have been a strong team since they formed.  Joe says nothing will change from being the challengers.  They knock down the door and destroy anything in their way.  The Undisputed Era are technicians and they know what is coming.  If you make contact with the Authors of Pain, those plans go out the door.

Charly mentions that the Undisputed Era have said that Takeover is their stage so should the Authors of Pain be worried.  Sam says that the Authors of Pain have proven it for a while.

Sam says that Undisputed Era has the advantage due to their experience and they could get through that match.  Joe says his gut says Undisputed Era, but the Authors of Pain have Paul Ellering who could give Authors of Pain the advantage.

We go back to Renee and Corey for more awards.  Corey talks about the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match and a number of women in that match were in NXT.

The winner of Female Competitor of the Year is Asuka.

Asuka is asked about what 2018 holds for her.  She says Royal Rumble Match.  No one is ready for Asuka.

The next award is for Match of the Year.  The winner is Tyler Bate versus Pete Dunne from Takeover Chicago.

Tyler Bate accepts the award.  Renee asks Tyler about what he has done over the last year.  Tyler says it is a prestigious award and he thanks everyone who voted for them.  He says that Pete Dunne is one of the best and he hopes to do it again in 2018.

Pete Dunne joins the Takeover Panel.   He had two objectives in 2017.  One was to win the UK title and the other was to put the UK division on the map.  He did both of them.

Sam asks why did Tyler and he stand out.  Pete says they had chips on their shoulders.

Joe says that Tyler and Pete became ambassadors for the UK scene.  Pete says the title is staying with him and it means the world to him. 

Charly asks what is to come in 2018.  He says he will continue to put the UK on the map and he will continue to defend the title.

Sam asks Pete who he wants to face outside of the UK division.  Pete says bring them all on and he would not mind facing Brock Lesnar.

Pete says Tyler is a great competitor and he has beaten Tyler twice.  Who is next?

We go to ringside with Mauro Ranallo and Percy Watson.  Mauro mentions that Nigel is a little under the weather so he will not be on the show tonight.

Mauro and Percy run through the card for tonight's show.

We take a look at the NXT Women's Title Match.  We have a video package.

Charly asks about Shayna and whether she is ready for the match.

Sam says he wants to see Shayna in this match, but she does not have that much in ring experience.  Sam asks Joe about whether Shayna's MMA training helped her.  Joe says that is what brought her to the dance.  Joe says he cannot wait to see who is left standing when they collide.

Charly asks about whether them not facing each other affects things.  Joe says you don't get the feeling of being in there with someone until they have squared off.  Joe says experience is a big factor, but Shayna, if she can stay focused and can use her submission work, she can shock the world.  

Sam mentions that Shayna does not mind being a spoiler or injuring people.  Joe says he spoiled nothing because the people wanted what he did.  Joe says Shayna will be just fine and Joe tells Sam to watch his words.

Charly asks for predictions.  Sam feels Shayna wins tonight.  Joe says physicality is a big factor and he thinks Shayna wins tonight.

Corey Graves and Renee Young are in the arena for the Overall Competitor of the Year.   The winner is Asuka.

Joe says that Asuka is the most dominant female in WWE today and maybe in history.  Sam says she might be the most dominant overall.  Joe corrects Sam since he is still around.

We see Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega arriving at the arena.

We see Johnny Gargano in the locker room getting ready for his match.

We have a video package.

Sam says that Johnny's story is a lot like Andrade Almas'.  He was losing matches and he got a title match and won the title.  That means it could be a good night for Gargano.  Joe says that Gargano believes tonight and that is trouble for Andrade Almas.

Zelina Vega shows up and she asks if there is a problem with what happened.  Vega says there is one man missing from the year end awards.  The fact that Almas did not win is ridiculous.  Vega calls the fans losers and she says losers voted for losers.  Zelina demands a recount.  Sam says that Almas won the title at the end of 2017 and did not have a great 2017.  Zelina says she wants to represent her client the proper way.  He should have won all of the awards.  She says they are this brand. 

Sam asks why didn't the fans vote for him.  Vega reminds Sam that the fans are losers.  Vega says that he will retain the title tonight.  Joe says that if Almas stays tranquilo he should win.  Vega tells Joe the right way to pronounce tranquilo and she says that Almas is a bigger star than Joe ever was.  Vega says that Gargano's family will not help him and Almas has beaten Gargano twice.  

Charly asks if it will be tough to win three times in a row.  Vega says that Almas will not lose tonight.  Vega says that she is guiding Almas and he is confident.  Almas will take care of Gargano.  

Joe says staying on top in NXT is tough because of who is brought in to NXT.  She asks Vega if they have a long term plan.

Vega says she would not be as successful if she gave away her strategy.  They will show everyone.

Sam asks if Zelina is so defensive because he is not confident he will win.

Vega tells Sam she is done with him and that Almas will win.

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