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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-26 19:26:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of House of Hardcore 37 from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA!

The Squad World Order came out and began harassing ring announcer Katred.  They knocked the Eagles, leading to an "a**hole" chant.  

HOH TV Title Tournament: Swoggle vs. Mikey

Mikey tried to mock Swoggle by twerking and ended up getting bit on the rump.   He tried to bully Swoggle.  Swoggle stomped his foot and shoved him over.   He continued working him over and nailed an elbowdrop for a two count.  Mikey cut him off and stepped on him.  He worked over Swoggle until being nailed with a belly to back suplex.  They chopped each other.  Swoggle was shoved down.  Mikey went to grab him but as small packaged and pinned.

Your winner, Swoggle!

Lisa Marie Varon vs. Kenny of the Squad.


Kenny muscled her into the corner but the referee moved him back.  They locked up again and this time, Varon muscled him into the corner.  They locked up again and this time, Varon grabbed a side headlock.  He sent her off into the ropes and when she rebounded, he shoulderblocked her down.    They locked up and she took him down, cinching in a figure four leglock.  The crowd chanted for Kenny to tap but he made it to the ropes after Mikey tried to help him.  The referee ejected the SWO from ringside.

Varon continued to control Kenny, including pulling his pants down.  He cut her off and sent her hard into the buckles.  Kenny went to the top but Varon nailed the ropes, making him crotch himself.  Varon nailed a version of an F5 for a two count.  Varon nailed a kick to the head for another two count.  Kenny slipped out of a powerbomb attempt and nailed her, then scored a kick for the pin.

Your winner, Kenny!

e crowd chanted "Bulls***" after.

HOH TV Title Tournament: Eddie Kingston vs. Bull James.

They got in each other's faces and shoved each other back and forth.  They exchanged punches.  Kingston nailed elbows on James as he advanced in the corner and came off the buckles with an elbow.  James went to the floor, where Kingston nailed him with a dive.  When James returned to the ring, Kingston stomped him and caught with a stiff chop.  Kingston locked in an armbar and worked over James' arm.   Bull was worked over until catching Kingston coming off the ropes, nailing a suplex.  James nailed a splash in the corner and a clothesline for a two count.

Kingston came back ith several chops .  James fired back with right hands and they battled back and forth.  Kingston nailed several chops to the neck.   He nailed a STO for a two count.  James nailed a back drop driver for a two count, but Kingston got his shoulder up at the last second.   They battled into the corner. James powerbombed him out of the corner and nailed the Doink Drop for the pin.

Your winner, Bull James!

HOH TV Title Tournament: Super Crazy vs. Alex Reynolds (with MJF).

They locked up.  Reynolds tried to hook Crazy's arm but he outmaneuvered him.   They had a nice back and forth sequence that ended with Crazy nailing several armdrags and the two of them attempting pinfalls before facing off.   Reynolds flipped him the bird.  Crazy didn't like that and began chopping the hell out of him.  He clotheslined Reynolds to the floor and nailed an Asai moonsault to the floor on Reynolds and MJF.  The fans chanted "ECW!"

Crazy went back to the top to dive to the floor but MJF hooked his leg and crotched him.  Reynolds returned to the ring and stomped the hell out of him, scoring a two count after an elbowdrop.   MJF choked Crazy against the ropes as the referee was distracted by Reynolds.  Crazy fought back but was tossed to the floor, where MJF worked him over and slammed his head into the timekeeping table.   Reynolds locked on a side chinlock, working Crazy over.    MJF inteference backfired.  Reynolds was backdropped by Crazy.  Crazy nailed a twisting splash for a two count. 

Crazy was kicked off as he charged the corner.   Crazy nailed an over the knee backbreaker and a moonsault for a two count.  He went for another but Reynolds slipped under for a powerbomb.  Crazy rolled through with a rana.  Reynolds mocked him with a series of moonsaults, playing off Crazy's signature spot. Reynolds missed a third.  Crazy rolled him up for a two count.  MJF got on the apron.  Crazy nailed him but was rolled up and pinned as Reynolds hooked the tights.

Your winner, Alex Reynolds!

HOH TV Title Tournament: Crazzy Steve vs. MJF (with Alex Reynolds)

MJF was very much dominated by Steve's uh, crazy, style.  MJF cut him off and locked in a side chinlock.  MJF worked him over but was caught and nailed with a cannonball in the corner.  MJF nailed an evil looking double stomp off the ropes to Steve's shoulder.  Steve was sent into Reynolds, who was on the apron and rolled up for a two count. MJF argued with the referee, who shoved him into a rollup.  Steve scored the pin.

Your winner, Crazzy Steve!

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