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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-01-22 23:09:00

We are back and Elias is walking in the back.  He sees Chris Jericho.  Jericho says he wrote a song about Elias and he asks to use his guitar but Elias refuses.  Jericho says he has his own.  Jericho says he doesn't want to walk with Elias and he says that Elias just . . .  Jericho pulls out the list and he says he is not going to put Elias on the list, but Elias just MADE THE LIST.

Elias is in the ring and he wants to know Who wants to walk with Elias.  Twenty-five years of Raw.  It took them twenty-five years to find him but the WWE finally got it right.  The WWE that he is talking about is for Walk with Elias.  The Royal Rumble is a week away but tonight there are celebrities and legends.  Elias wrote a song and he wants everyone to silence their phones, keep silent, and shut their mouths.  Elias says if they are not going to listen, he won't sing his song.

Elias threatens to leave, but he won't do that because Jimmy Fallon is right here and he tells him how it is done.

Elias has a song that runs down the legends.  

John Cena interrupts Elias and makes his way to the ring.  

John tells Elias that both he and Brooklyn have balls (as a beach ball is confiscated)

Twenty-five years of Raw.  

Elias enters the ring and he tells Cena to shut his damn mouth.  No one wants to hear you.  They came to hear him.  You ruined it.  

John tells Elias to do something about it. 

Elias says that is not how it works John.  He says he doesn't take orders from John and he won't take any orders from these Brooklyn scumbags.  

Cena turns his back and Cena avoids Elias and hits two flying shoulder tackles and a Blue Thunder Bomb.  Cena with a five knuckle shuffle and he sets for an Attitude Adjustment but Elias gets to his feet and he connects with a low blow on Cena.  Elias gets his guitar and he hits Cena in the back with it.

Cena tries to get up and Elias hits Drift Away.

More people are at the poker game and pancakes are there with the New Day.  Heath Slater has a full house, but they say that Heath is cheating.  JBL and Ron Simmons tell them that they don't fight here, they fight in the ring.  Slater, Rhyno, Crews, O'Neil, and Dana leave as Ted wins with a Royal Flush.  Ron throws out a DAMN.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mark Henry is in the back and he sees The Godfather.  Godfather says Mark was not always known as Mark Henry, he was known as Sexual Chocolate.  Mark says that was a different era and he has grown up.  Mark starts to hit on Olivia but Godfather says that is his wife.

Match Number Four:  Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews (with Dana Brooke) versus Heath Slater and Rhyno

Rhyno chops Titus as Titus gets in his face.  Titus with a chop in the corner.  Titus with another chop in the corner.  Crews tags in and he kicks Rhyno and works on the arm but Rhyno with a reversal.  Slater tags in and connects with a forearm off the turnbuckles.  Slater with a running forearm and punch.  Crews with a drop kick.  Crews with a delayed vertical suplex.

We go to commercial.

We are back and all four men brawl and the referee has to call for the bell to stop the match.

No Contest

After the match, The Dudley Boys make their way to the ring and Titus, Heath, Apollo, and Rhyno get out of the ring.

Rhyno tells Slater to go in the ring and then Apollo and Titus help him into the ring.

Slater turns around into a slam from Bubba and a Wassup head butt.

Bubba tells D-Von to get the tables.  The table is set up and Slater is sent through the table with a 3D.

After the match, Rhyno, Titus, and Apollo celebrate with the Dudleys.

AJ Styles is in the interview area and he is asked about his title match but AJ stops Charly and he says he brought someone to do the interview with him and he brings out Mean Gene Okerlund.    Gene asks AJ about his title match on Sunday.  AJ goes full Hogan and he says LET ME TELL YOU MEAN GENE.  He says he always wanted to do that.  He says he will be facing Kami and they think that they are bigger than the Yes Movement and they think they will walk out of the Royal Rumble as co-champions.  He will have a small window and he needs to hit fast to remain the WWE Champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back with photos of some more Raw moments.

We are back in Manhattan and it is time for DX to make an appearance.  

Shawn Michaels and Triple H make their way to the ring.

Shawn says he has been asked about his most favoritist Raw moment but he cannot remember 25 minutes ago.  Shawn mentions the sausage segment but Hunter cuts him off.  Shawn mentions the Christmas segment and Hunter cuts him off too.  Shawn says he used to be the boss of this group, but now Hunter is the boss of everything.  He doesn't get to do anything anymore.  Shawn says that even though he can't talk about it, you can watch it on the WWE Network.  

Hunter reminds everyone it started here 25 years ago and you lit the spark and started the fire that became the inferno that became the WWE.  Hunter says they are here because of you.  Twenty years ago, they started something special in this ring.  They would walk to this ring every week with Ravishing Rick Rude and Chyna and they would do whatever they wanted to do or say whatever they wanted to say.  They were at the forefront.  

Whether it was driving a tank to the door of WCW to start a war or whether it was being here for the 25th anniversary.  They came here because the Manhattan Center is home for Raw.  

Hunter says they didn't come alone.

The New Age Outlaws make their way to the ring.  Road Dogg does their introduction.  He says they did not come alone.

X-Pac makes his way to the ring.  He says this is a DX reunion (as the crowd chants 1-2-3 for Sean), but they cannot have a 25th anniversary of Raw celebration without this guy.

Razor Ramon makes his way to the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back for a Hey Yo from Scott Hall.  He says you can't have a party on Raw without the Bad Guy.  He says he has been watching the show from both locations.  Everyone can agree that this show is too sweet.

Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson make their way to the ring.

We get a group Too Sweet.

The Revival interrupt and make their way to the ring.

Match Number Five:  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (with Finn Balor) versus Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Wilder and Dawson attack Gallows and Anderson before the bell and then Wilder works over Anderson and Dawson tags in and kicks Anderson and followed by a back elbow.  Dawson with a leg drop to Anderson.  Wilder tags in and Dawson with a punch followed by an uppercut and side head lock from Wilder.  Dawson tags in and he cuts off the tag and applies a side head lock.  Anderson with a leg lariat to Dawson and Wilder and Gallows tag in.

Gallows with uppercuts and a splash into the corner.  Gallows with a boot to Dawson and a round kick to Wilder.  Anderson tags in and they hit Magic Killer for the three count.

Winners:  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

After the match, Dawson grabs Hall and Hall throws his toothpick in Dawson's face.  X-Pac with an X Factor.  Road Dogg with jabs followed by a Fameasser.  Shawn with a super kick to Wilder followed by a Pedigree from Hunter.  Balor goes up top for a Coup De Grace.

We go back to Brooklyn for Kurt Angle.  He brings out everyone who was in the back for the next segment with the three men who will battle for the Universal Title on Sunday.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle reminds us of the Universal Title Match on Sunday.

Out first is Braun Strowman.  Out next is Kane.

Paul Heyman comes out and he introduces himself.  He says he came here to bring you something relevant.  Someone relevant.  There is nothing more relevant than the title and no one more relevant than the titleholder, who happens to be his client.  Paul says his client is not here for a nostalgia trip.  He is here for a fight.  Fighter, are you ready?  Fighter, are you ready?  Paul says his fighter is ready and he is the most relevant in the history of Raw. 

The people who were in the ring get out.

Braun clotheslines Kane and then Braun goes to the floor and Lesnar clotheslines Strowman on the floor.  Brock with an F-5 to Kane.  Strowman sends Lesnar to the floor and then into the ringside barrier.  Braun rearranges the announce table and he power slams Lesnar through the table.

Braun gets back into the ring as we go to credits.

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