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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-18 09:49:00

Former Impact Wrestling champion EC3 was at the WWE Performance Center this past Tuesday.

That should give provide great insight into his next plans, given everything works out.

EC3, real name Michael Hutter, 34 years old, deals with Impact was slated to expire towards the summer, but he received an early release and will be done by the completion of tonight's taping in Orlando, Florida.  The storyline nephew of former Impact Wrestling majority owner Dixie Carter,EC3 debuted for the company in 2013 following a long tenure in WWE developmental where he was known as Derrick Bateman, most notable appearing on a season of WWE NXT during its "reality-competition" era. 

Troubled with a number of injuries and setbacks during his WWE run, EC3 came into Impact with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove as a performer, hitting home run after home run during a strong initial push designed to make him a top name in the company,.  It succeeded to the point that an argument can be made that he was one of the few homegrown stars developed by the company beyond those made in its earliest era.  

With a great look and a great gift for gab, EC3  recently filed for a trademark on the EC3 name after Impact Wrestling made the decision to allow talents to retain the rights to their characters, so he can potentially bring that persona and its traits with him to WWE (or elsewhere). has confirmed he is free and clear to go anywhere he wants after having completed his Impact farewell appearances at last week's TV tapings.


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