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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-16 22:40:00

HOG Management representative Rob Blatt came to the ring.  He introduced the HOG Tag Team champions New York Wrestling Krew.   They said the last time, they were victorious, one of them got hurt. One of them was walking with a cane.  They thanked the fans for their concern and for reaching out.  He then said he was going to address this piece of crap in the ring, meaning Blatt.  He said on three or four legs, they will face anyone in the locker room but HOG management won't allow that and is making them relinquish the Tag Team titles.  They said they wanted to slap Blatt around.  Matt Ryan, their manager, cut a promo ripping on his own team for listening to the pieces of garbage (the fans),.  He said they went from being a beast to a b**ch. The Masons hit the ring and attacked the Krew before they could do anything to Ryan.  He told the Krew they were fired. 

TJ Marconi and Brian Burgundy hit the ring for the save.

Lucha Rules for vacant HOG Tag Team championship: EYFBO (aka LAX) vs. Private Party vs. House of Gangone vs. Brian Burgundy & TJ Marconi

This was absolutely GREAT, just all big moves and double team maneuvers and power spots and dives.  It was like the greatest popcorn move you ever saw on steroids.

Lots of hot moves early, way too much to type.  Private Party really shined.  Marconi looked the best I've ever seen him as a monster wiping out Party.  Marconi and Burgundy did a chicken fight with LAX.  They got the better of it. They did the same with House of Gangone.  Party whipped out some nice moves but were cut off and beaten down by LAX.    There is way too much to type here but it's filled with all sorts of great spots here.  Private Party are well on their way to be the next hot tag team.  Maroni whipped out some great power stuff and even hit a tope on everyone else that looked amazing. LAX was working over Burgundy with all sorts of moves but he kept kicking out.    Tons of near falls and guys breaking them out.  This was completely blowing the crowd away.  In the end, LAX scored the pin.

Your winners and new HOG Tag Team champions LAX!

Sincerely, this was absolutely great.  Not everything was crisp but it was a story of eight guys killing themselves and making themselves and the title important with a crowd that was absolutely eating every second of this up.

They had a feeling out process early with some nice back and forth wrestling before facing off and shaking hands.  Sabre began tying up Red and twisting him into all sorts of moves, using his height to his advantage.  Red made a comeback and hit a dropkick off the top that sent Sabre to the floor, the hit a tope suicida.   They fought on the floor.  Sabre forced Red's arm in between two of the guard rails and kicked at it.  They fired back and forth with hard chops and strikes as they circled the ring.

 Sabre locked an Octopus on the floor on Red (at least that's what it looked like from my vantage point) before Red escaped and took control.  He tossed Sabre back in the ring and took control until being caught while executing a leapfrog and being snapped down by his leg.   He cinched on a single leg crap but Red made it to the ropes, forcing a break.   Sabre stalked Red and worked him over as Red tried to fight from underneath, only to be silenced by uppercuts and strikes. 

Red fought his way out and went for a roundhouse kick only to be caught with a leg submission.  Red fought back and nailed a dropkick in the corner.  He nailed a pair of roundhouse kicks for a near fall.  The crowd began chanting for Red.  He drilled Sabre in the chest with a kick and then fired up for another.  Sabre caught it, slammed him down and nailed a harsh kick to the chest.  The crowd chanted, "This is wrestling!"   They battled to the top rope.  Sabre knocked Red back to the mat and tried to cinch in a hold.  Red kicked him to daze him and nailed a top rope rana.  Red went for a senton to follow up off the top but Sabre moved.  Red rolled through but was nailed with a big uppercut.

Sabre began beating Red with forearms and uppercuts.  Red was dazed in the ropes but didn't go down.   Red nailed a series of kicks and finally a spin around DDT for a two count.   Red went for a frog splash but Sabre snatched him in a triangle choke as Red was executing the splash.   Sabre continued beating down Red, who kept pulling himself back up.  Sabre kicked him down and turned him over into a Backlund Bridge for a two count, then another.  Red caught him with a Code Red for a two count and went to the top with a splash, scoring the pin.

Your winner, The Amazing Red!

For opponents who had never faced each other, this was a hell of a main event with all sorts of great action and submissions and big moments. 

Anthony Gangone came out on the stage with the House of Gangone and cut a promo saying he had someone with a message for Red.  On the screen, a video played with someone's hand holding a glass of wine telling Red that he has been hired by Gangone and Red should enjoy his holiday season, because it will be his last - it was Low Ki.

They announced Ki vs. Red on 2/3/18.   

Gangone cut a promo promising that he will take Red out on his time.  He told Red that he knows Red doesn't have a wife anymore, so to tell his kids a very Merry Christmas from him.  The House of Gangone walked out, leaving Red in the ring alone.

Sincerely, a really strong, fun show.

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